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Drive a car and save money: Is it possible? Tips for savings in everyday life

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t cost a lot of money; on the contrary, it can also help keep finances in order. We owe many diseases of affluence to excessive consumption and a general lack of exercise. Driving a car not only harms our health, but also costs a lot of money. Those who move by their own muscle power increase their fitness and save expensive fuel.

Drive a car and save money: Bicycle vs. passenger car

Bike riding in the city tips and advice

Many people drive every kilometer by car. Even short distances of a few hundred meters are covered in this way. But it would be healthy to get on a bike or walk to your destination at a brisk pace. Especially when the weather is nice, it’s a lot of fun. We breathe fresh air and fill our lungs with oxygen. In addition, we strengthen our muscles and the sunlight encourages our bodies to produce the vital vitamin D.

Drive a car and save money: Change car insurance

Driving a car and lowering transportation costs possible savings

Another advantage is saving money, because even short distances cost fuel, and fuel is becoming more and more expensive. Leaving the car parked therefore also makes sense from a financial point of view. But there are other ways to save money with regard to the vehicle. Changing car insurance, for example, is one of the options. The insurance policy can be changed either at the end of the contractually agreed term or in consideration of the special right of termination, for example in the event of a premium increase or a change of vehicle owner or vehicle.

Driving a car and lowering the cost of fuel tips

The special right of termination also applies after a claim. The normal cut-off date is November 30. It is best to compare the conditions of the individual insurance policies directly online to get a quick overview of the currently available offer. In addition to the price, the benefits are also decisive. Depending on whether the owner of the car wants partial or fully comprehensive insurance, the costs are adjusted accordingly.

Live healthy and save money:  Small cars are cheaper

buy small car and save money for fuel

Even though large cars are currently all the rage, it can be worth switching to a car that is as small as possible. Small cars are not only generally cheaper to buy, they also often use less fuel and are therefore more economical. But if you think that the smaller the car, the cheaper the insurance, you’re wrong. First and foremost, the frequency of accidents plays a role here. The more often a particular model is involved in an accident, the higher the car insurance rating will be in the future. In short, accident-prone vehicles are more expensive. For example, the cheapest and arguably safest model in terms of insurance in 2021 was the Lada 4×4 SUV and the Lada Taiga, respectively.

Car insurance for car how to save

The cheapest model in 2022 is the Porsche 911 Cabrio . However, buying a Porsche for the sake of cheaper car insurance makes little sense. Be that as it may, the most economical cars are always those with the lowest possible fuel consumption and low purchase costs, although buying a used car can also be worthwhile. Those who live in the city with a well-developed public transport network could perhaps even do without their own car. Another option is car sharing . In this case, several car drivers use one vehicle at specially booked times. Many cities already have car-sharing providers.

Drive a car and save money by car sharing an option for transportation

Conclusion: Who walks or gets on the bike and leaves the car, saves fuel and does his option is car sharing . In some cases, it is even possible to do without your own car altogether.