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Cosmetic products and their empty advertising promises exposed

In our talk format “10 Beauty Minutes,” we talk to experts about skincare, makeup, hair and well-being. In episode four, skin influencer Nouha explains which ingredients to look out for when buying cosmetics, which advertising promises are misleading, and which products contain sheep’s secretions.

Nouha Labidi studies molecular medicine and works in dermatological research. On her Instagram account "letstalk.skincare" she educates her followers not only regularly ü&aerospace;about the right skin care, but also üabout the ingredients in cosmetics. What is good for the skin, what irritates it? In our talk show "10 Beauty Minutes" the influencer also debunks empty advertising promises in cosmetic products and seals.

»’Animal-free‘ is an empty advertising claim.

"You can buy them and that’s what the companies do", she says in conversation with Tikbow editorial director Daniela. "Basically, I have a problem with advertising promises that are commonplace anyway. ‚Animal-free‘ for example, all products that are available in the EU since 2013." And also "dermatologically tested" would no longer have to be explicitly printed as an advertising promise on the packaging, because all cosmetic products in the EU must be tested in the same way.

Also one should pay attention with the purchase of Kosmetikprodukten to the contents materials and the indicated materials best from behind aufschlüsseln. "There are usually the most critical substances listed"∞ so Nouha. But in the talk, she reveals what the influencer says is harmless for the skin and which substance, for example, the secretion from the sebaceous glands of sheep, is behind. In the video, she also shows drugstore products with irritating ingredients and introduces milder alternatives. Editorial director Daniela does the practical test – and checks everything for scent, consistency and skin feel. How does it look? Take a look now!

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