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Colored contact lenses – what to consider?

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, it is said. The effect is correspondingly great when they suddenly shine in a different color – for example, through colored contact lenses. But what do you have to bear in mind? Tikbow clarifies all questions around application and risks.

These contact lens colors are available

The market for colored contact lenses is huge, from natural eye colors in numerous shades to extreme shades and motifs, almost any color is available. In general, the lighter the eye color, the easier it is to change it. Dark eye colors often shine through the lens, weakening its color effect. And: Depending on the provider, colors turn out very differently. If you want to keep your natural look and intensify your own eye color at the same time, you should get lenses in the same or a very similar color. This allows you to strengthen the tone and conjure up an intense glow in the eyes. When choosing a color, the main thing is how much you want the new color to stand out.

Who looks good with which contact lens color?


People who have naturally gray-blue eyes and want a more intense but natural eye color can go for a bolder shade of blue. People with brown eyes are lucky: blue lenses often look particularly intense on brown eyes. Kim Kardashian, for example, shows herself with gray-blue contact lenses.


Grün is one of the rarer eye colors and is relatively thankful when it comes to lenses. Those who have brown or blue eyes can usually wear grün well as long as the grün has a ähn similar strength to the natural shade. It is less effective if a dark brown eye color is to be overlaid by a light green lens.


Brown actually always goes. If you have naturally green or blue eyes, you can create a strong effect with brown lenses. Thus, a light, sometimes cool plötzlich become a very warm type. And even those who have naturally brown eyes can intensify the look with brown contact lenses.


Red lenses provide a stark effect – diabolical, feline, mysterious. Women with a very light skin and light hair, however, should rather do without it, quickly red lenses can make their Trägerin ill and pale look. An example für a successful look with dark red lenses showed actress Lupita Nyong’o.

Lupity Nyong'o mit farbigen Kontaktlinsen
Lupita Nyong’o combines her red sequin dress with eyes of the same color.Photo: Getty Images


Minimally suitable are lilacs for lighter skin types. Especially in combination with pale skin and dark hair, contact lenses in this shade can create an interesting effect.

Black and white;

No color or completely black eyes usually look irritating and extremely unnatural, for everyday use are usually too much. For the Halloween party, on the other hand, they work well – but then it depends less on the skin or hair tone, and more on the party outfit and make-up .

Tip: Some providers offer a service online where a personal photo is uploaded, which can then be tested for its effect with different eye colors. The optician also helps to find the individually suitable color.

Are colored contact lenses only suitable for people without vision problems?

Colored contact lenses are available both without and with power. As with the conventional contact lens, the right diopter value is crucial so that the contact lens not only looks nice, but also fulfills its purpose. The colored lenses – available as daily and monthly lenses – are available for both nearsighted and farsighted people who need to compensate for their vision.

Risks of colored contact lenses

If you do not wear contact lenses in everyday life, you should definitely consult your optician. If the lenses do not fit properly, inflammation or infection can occur. In addition, the expert can exclude incompatibilities and determine whether there is enough fluid and whether the eyes are suitable for lenses. In addition, contact lenses should never be worn overnight, otherwise severe corneal damage and subsequent visual impairment can occur.

In addition to proper fit, hygiene is also critical. Before using the lens, the hands should be cleaned thoroughly. For reasons of hygiene, lenses should never be exchanged with others. This prevents bacteria or infections from being transferred from one eye to the other. Also important: There are lenses that must not be worn in traffic. This is the case when strongly pigmented contact lenses or lenses with motifs restrict vision.

How to use colored contact lenses?

For people who have never used contact lenses before, the first insertion and wearing can feel unfamiliar – here it is important to keep calm and simply try again.

Here’s how it works: The lens is picked up with the index finger and the lower lid is pulled down with the middle finger. The index finger of the other hand holds the upper limb open. The gaze goes upward, the lens is placed on the lower part of the eye. The eyelids are released, the gaze goes down. The eyes can now be closed, this centers the lens. After insertion, test whether it fits properly by looking left, right, up and down. Removal works  similarly: hold the eyes open with the fingers, look up and remove the contact lens with the index finger pointing down.

How do you clean colored contact lenses?

Daily disposable lenses are thrown into the garbage after use, cleaning is not necessary. Monthly lenses, on the other hand, require thorough cleaning: they are removed in the evening and disinfected overnight. The appropriate agent for this is available from opticians or drugstores.