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Cheap vs. expensive – which beauty products are better?

Do good cosmetic products have to be expensive or is the cheap alternative enough? That’s what we asked beauty influencer Hatice Schmidt in our talk show “10 Beauty Minutes”. After all, she should know, makeup is her business. She compared various beauty products from the drugstore with the high-end variety – with surprising results.

Beauty products can sometimes be extremely expensive or extremely cheap – what are the differences? And does more expensive mean better? I don’t like this categorization, everyone acts according to their personal needs and their wallet,” stresses beauty influencer Hatice Schmidt on the Tikbow talk show 10 Beauty Minutes;

For example, eyeshadow brushes do not necessarily have to be expensive. In the show Hatice Schmidt editorial Daniela exemplary shows the differences between a product für under ten euros to one in the 30-euro segment. "They both look pretty much the same", says the entrepreneur. "I find the cheaper one better here because it is more firmly bound. But you also have to be careful, because some brushes are produced so cheaply that the hair quickly falls out or the head falls off." The environmental aspect should also be taken into account when buying beauty products.

Cheap vs. expensive – which is better when buying beauty products?

Hatice herself has even developed a passion for collecting make-up brushes, owning around 500-600, mainly Japanese, hand-tied brushes. "One can cost up to $500 there", Hatice says. "I even have a brush comb that I use to brush through the brush hairs as if I were a doll. " According to Hatice, however, this is more of a meditative activity than an investment.

In any case, the 34-year-old has remained true to her cosmetics for a long time; she still has fake lashes from her early days as a YouTuber eight years ago. "If you take good care of your eyelashes, you can use them 20-30 times", says Hatice. Which cheap beauty products she would still prefer to expensive ones and which not, you can see in the video.

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