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Cell phone cases: Accessory or protection? This is why you should buy a protective cover

When you get a smartphone, what’s the first thing you want to go with it? For many people, it’s probably a case. After all, carrying a smartphone without a case is like driving a car without shock absorbers – and no one wants their new device to break, crack or dent. While the offer was very clear in the beginning, there are now countless of them on the European market and the choice is getting bigger every day. The cases are all unique and function very differently. Many phone cases also specialize in not only protecting your device , but also enhancing the look or adding new features.

Why you should buy a cell phone case

First and foremost, to protect against scratches and co.

Cell phone cases provide solid protection for the phone

Of course, the first reason most people own a case for their smartphone is the solid protection it provides for the phone. For example, if you own one of the many protective cases from Rhinoshield, your phone will be safe and will not suffer any damage even if you drop it on the ground. Scratches, cracks and dents, or even a completely destroyed display, are a thing of the past with a cell phone case.

The phone cases are all unique and work very differently.

But what exactly are cell phone cases? Some cases completely enclose your smartphone, while others only protect the back and offer little protection on the front. For comprehensive protection of your device, a case that covers the corners, edges and back of your smartphone is the best choice. A good case will protect your phone from scratches and absorb shock in these areas if the device is dropped. Since they are made of many different materials such as leather, TPU and plastic, each protective case is unique.

A case makes the device a little bigger and therefore heavier in the pocket

Cases and screen protectors have their drawbacks, of course. A case makes the device a little bigger and thus heavier in your pocket, and a protective film makes it thicker. If you only choose one accessory, a protective case is more important than a screen protector because the case covers more parts of the smartphone.

Second priority: cool designs make phone cases a stylish accessory.

A second priority for many people is also the appearance of the cases.

A second priority for many people is also the appearance of the cases. If you have a less beautiful smartphone, it makes sense to leave only the screen exposed while using the case to spruce up your device.

Cool designs make cell phone cases a stylish accessory

However, if you already have a phone that looks nice, a good case can often act as an accessory to further enhance the beautiful look. There is now something for everyone, from cool designs to animal patterns and funny pictures.

Cell phone cases also offer various fun features

Flip covers also provide extra space for cards and even money

When you think of a cell phone case, you often think more about the appearance and the protection it offers than about additional features. After all, there are enough extra accessories for them, right? However, this assumption is only partially correct.

For example, many flip cases often offer extra space for cards and even money in addition to a sturdy front. Slide-in sleeves also often have these extra slots for cards.

Sports wristbands are designed for working out or playing sports

Sports wristbands are perhaps the most unique type of cover. These are designed for working out or playing sports, making them ideal for use on the go as a place to store your smartphone. Just like a pocket, sports wristbands have an extra storage space that can hold almost anything. Do you like to do sports and want to be able to listen to music while you work out? Then a sports wristband is perfect!