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Billie Eilish: “It makes me angry when someone denies their cosmetic surgery

Billie Eilish takes a critical look at issues such as body worship and sexism in her new album “Happier Than Ever.” In an interview with the Guardian, the 19-year-old revealed how she herself feels about her body, what she thinks of cosmetic surgery – and why she gets angry when it is concealed.

Billie Eilish is considered the pop star of Generation Z. But along with the fame the singer achieved as a minor, she also faced a lot of toxic attention early on: gossip about her figure, her outfits, her role as a young woman. Eilish works out how crushing this constant evaluation from the outside is in the song "Not my Responsibility", among others. In her song "Overheated" Eilish also deals with unattainable body standards that are propagated on Instagram and the like. In an interview with the "Guardian" the singer now told that it is difficult for her to accept her own body. Because the constant, subconscious comparison with others on social media also has a strong influence on her. Above all, says Billie Eilish, because ideals are glorified there that cannot be achieved without cosmetic surgery.

Billie Eilish thinks beauty surgeries are okay – as long as they are handled transparently

"It’s perfectly fine to have a cosmetic surgery – do what makes you happy", Eilish says in the interview. But it makes her "furious with rage" when people deny these very procedures afterwards. Because that would send the message that it was all quite natural and that if you tried hard enough, you could look like that. "It’s so bad for young women – and also for boys – to see that", the pop star thinks.

»I’m not happy with my body –.

Even she, who knows the business and knows that nothing is real on social media, would always be influenced by the cult of the body that exists there. "I see people online who look like I will never look", she says. "And immediately I think, oh my God, how do they do it?" The supposedly perfect bodies on Instagram would make her feel very uncomfortable right away.

I’m not happy with my body, but who is?" admits Eilish and appeals for not making the figure of a person constantly an issue. And for people to be more honest about cosmetic surgery and other beauty procedures, so as not to pass on unattainable beauty standards to teenagers. After all, "we really only need our bodies to &survive", says Eilish.