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Beauty Influencer Hatice Schmidt: “Make-up can act like therapy

Tikbow now has its own talk format, in which we talk to experts and influencers about skincare, makeup, hair and well-being. It’s sometimes provocative, sometimes funny, but above all one thing: informative. Our first guest on “10 Beauty Minutes” is Hatice Schmidt. She used to be a nurse and is now one of Germany’s most successful beauty influencers. She told us in the talk how she achieved this and why her business is sometimes a shark tank.

Hatice Schmidt is 34 years old, lives with her husband Sebastian and their cats in Berlin and is an entrepreneur. Her business? She gives make-up tutorials, does product tests or simply talks about her everyday life. She has over 710,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 270,000 followers on Instagram. In 2020, she and her husband founded their own beauty brand, Hatice Schmidt Labs, under which they sell eye shadow, bronzer and highlighter. She financed everything out of her own pocket without any investors or external financial support. She is particularly proud of this, but also had her reservations: "The pump still went to me every night. I put all my savings aside for it", she reveals in our talk "10 Beauty-Minutes."

Hatice Schmidt in an honest Tikbow interview

Her husband gave up his job for her business, and together they now run the beauty brand. "We work together 24/7 and it works very well", says Hatice Schmidt. In the video, she reveals the hurdles she had to overcome when setting up the company, the insults the influencer has to put up with in her job, and why she sometimes lies down on the floor to get bored. 10 minutes left? Then watch the video now!