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“Aidan” from “Sex and the City” – then and now

Aidan and Carrie almost got married in the cult series “Sex in the City,” but then everything turned out quite differently. The furniture designer could not beat Carrie’s great love Mr. Big. In real life, “Aidan Shaw” actor John Corbett has written his very own great love story. With whom and how he looks today, we reveal here. Attention, spoilers!

That Aidan Shaw did not become Carrie’s "Mr. Big" in the end, some "Sex and the City"fans have not quite gotten over until today. The ever-radiant and animal-loving designer with his unconventional, sometimes boyish manner was ultimately so very different from the aloof, sometimes far too smooth guy with whom Carrie was to become happy at the end of season six. In the "SatC"-sequel "And just like that" he will also be seen.

Twice the two were together, even to a marriage proposal it came. But then the final separation took place and Aidan met another woman, with whom he finally founded a family. This closed the Sex and the City chapter with him once and for all. Almost 22 years have passed since then, the first episode of the cult series flickered on TV screens more than 23 years ago. How has John Corbett alias Aidan fared in the meantime and what does the actor look like today?

This is how Aidan ticks off "Sex and the City" privately.

Scandals and missteps? Not a thing. In real life, the actor seems to be just as clean as his series alter ego. With the role of Ian Miller in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (2002) and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" (2016), Corbett tried to emancipate himself from the "Sex and the City"universe. But in fact, with the young man who marries into a Greek family, he again embodied the fundamentally sympathetic type – a role he couldn’t quite shake off. What only die-hard fans know: John Corbett is also a country singer. He has two albums to his credit, and his single Good to Go made it to No. 43 in the U.S. country charts in 2006. Together with horses and dogs, the actor lives on a ranch in California.

John Corbett and love

The woman at his side is 80s star Bo Derek, both met on a blind date in 2002 and have been happily together ever since. The two always spoke consciously against own children and marriage. All the more surprising when Corbett revealed in the US show "The Talk": "We decided to get married after 20 years. We didn’t want everyone to look back at 2020 and hate it. We thought: ‚Come on, let‘ one beautiful thing come out of it."

John Corbett and his wife Bo Derek
John Corbett and his Bo Derek married in 2020 after üover 20 years of relationship.Photo: Getty Images

He experiments with his looks

As far as his appearance is concerned, Aidan Corbett from Sex and the City is a man who likes to experiment, and changing looks is one of his trademarks. Thus he appeared to an event he sometimes with gray Hipstervollbart and Schmalzlocke. Or just a few weeks later, shaved and with a short haircut.

He also lives out his penchant for country in his clothing style, one of his favorite looks: shirt, leather shoes, leather necklace.