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After misogynistic remarks! Wolfgang Joop apologizes

He naturally rejects violence and the abuse of power against women and models, emphasizes fashion designer Wolfgang Joop. His statements in an interview had previously irritated many and caused criticism.

"My statement regarding the sünde in the fashion world was out of place in context", wrote the 76-year-old on Instagram and Facebook. For the choice of words in the conversation with the news magazine "Der Spiegel" he wanted to apologize to all those who were upset or hurt by this. He said it was important to emphasize that he "deeply rejected any form of abuse of power and violence then as well as now".

What happened?

In the interview, Joop had said that he had cried at Karl Lagerfeld’s death because at that time a Ära had come to an end and "this world was so wonderfully frivolous and frigid. Everything was frivolous. The agencies gave the keys to the rooms of the models, who did not bring so much money, to rich men. And when a girl complained, they said: “We can do without you;

In response to the rejoinder that this was a terrible thing, Joop replied: "Yes, but the fashion world is only really nice if there are also sins." In his apology, Joop now explained that he had used drastic words "to point out the corruption and frivolity of the seventies and eighties in the industry". Of which part had been "regrettably also the disrespectful and abusive treatment of models".

Wolfgang Joop: "The things I am talking about happened"

The "Bild-Zeitung" Joop also said: "The models wanted to earn money and belong. It was better to have contact with rich men than to have to sit at the supermarket checkout. The things I’m talking about happened. I do not condone these incidents!"

For around four years now, there has been a greater sensitivity in the öpublic debate, especially against abuse of power in professional contexts. In October 2017, revelations üabout American film producer Harvey Weinstein kicked off the #MeToo debate üabout sexual üassault and sexism.

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