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A mother tells: “I have never waited so much as in Corona times”.

If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from the past pandemic weeks and months, it’s the feeling of waiting for something. It’s a strange state that runs deep and makes it hard for me to relax – even now, when the good news is becoming more and the incidence is steadily declining. An attempt to explain.

Waiting for new info from the Senate, waiting for assignments in the virtual school learning room, waiting for birthday presents ordered online, waiting for the result of the PCR test, waiting for the end of the Corona quarantäne, waiting for a vaccination appointment – waiting is a feeling that runs through the whole past year for me like a red thread. We lived in stages, from one to the next. Hang in there, get it over with, sit it out, check it off. And after each stage it was supposed to get better, but it only got better to a certain extent. So we had to wait again. And so days, weeks, months went by.

No real relief despite improvement

I felt this waiting physically, a pressure on my shoulders, loathsome and tiring. Unsatisfying, because it was superimposed on so many other nice things and somehow made everything harder. In the meantime, the children have long since returned to daycare and school, restaurants and cafes are opening their outdoor areas, and trips are being planned. Actually, everything is okay, but nevertheless, relaxation and relief do not really want to set in yet.

What is the reason for that? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because after last summer, things really got tough again. Because there is simply no strength left and because despite everything many questions are still open. Will we make it to the big vacations without any quarantine? Will the summer vacation go as planned? Will we be able to celebrate the end of the daycare center in June, and if so, how? Again, no one really wants to know, everyone is waiting.

Waiting for the Corona summer

"When does spring actually start?", my six-year-old daughter wanted to know from me in mid-May. "Mmmh, we’ll just have to wait a little longer," was my answer. A wait that now – two weeks later – seems to have paid off. And that so right.