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8 beauty and life hacks with conditioner

Conditioner makes hair easier to comb after washing – but it can do much more! Tikbow reveals what else you can do with your conditioner.

After shaving, conditioner ensures that the cuticle on the surface of the hair closes again, making it easier to comb. It also provides the hair with nourishing active ingredients. So it’s good to always have a bottle of conditioner in the house – and not just for your hair. 8 practical life and beauty hacks with conditioner!

Conditioner for shaving

You’re standing in the shower with your razor and realize that you’re out of shaving cream? No problem, the conditioner is handy. If you rub your legs with it, the blade glides all the more smoothly über your skin. Razor burn is then – conditioner hack thanks – no longer a problem!

Bathing with conditioner

The nourishing ingredients of your conditioner will not only benefit your hair. So when your bathöl is running low, feel free to add a good dash of hair conditioner to your bath water. Your skin will become so supple that you won’t even need to apply lotion afterwards.

Manicüre hack with conditioner.

Hair conditioner is ideal for soaking the cuticles a bit before you push them back with a stick. Simply spread a few blobs of it on the nägels or put a slightly larger one in a bowl of lukewarm water and put your fingers in it for a few minutes. Then the manicüre goes much easier by hand.

Against flying härchen

Conditioner helps with electrostatically charged hair. Simply put a small drop of it on the palm of your hand, rub it in and smooth it over dry hair. Flying hairs are so gebändigt. But don’t put too much product on your hair, it will weigh it down and make it look greasy.

Shoe hack with conditioner

It is well known that shampoo is the best gentle alternative to detergent for sensitive clothing. And when you’re already in the hair care department, it’s best to add a dab of conditioner on top. This fabric softener substitute cares for the textile fibers and leaves behind a pleasant scent.

To save shrunken clothes

If you have put your fine clothes – in the washing machine despite the warnings on the wash label – and they have shrunk as a result, you can try to save them with conditioner. Dilute it with lukewarm water and soak your lost piece in it for about 30 minutes, the bath will loosen the fibers of the clothes. Now all you have to do is let it air dry, preferably on a drying net, and hopefully the piece will be back to its old self.

Conditioner against jamming tissues

You jerk it around, and realize: The harder you try, the less the stuck zipper obeys? Then just put a little hairspray on it. After that, it will run like clockwork again.

Shoe care hack with conditioner

No imprägnier spray in the house, but the weather seems plenty unpredictable? Then put a walnut-sized dab of conditioner on a cloth and rub it into your shoes before you go out. This will protect them from moisture and give your leather shoes a new shine.