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6 useful WhatsApp features and cool app tricks you (maybe) don’t know yet

Are you also a fan of the messenger service WhatsApp? It offers free cross-platform text, multimedia, and voice messaging, as well as free voice and video calling – what’s not to like? You’ve probably been using WhatsApp on your smartphone for a long time, but maybe you haven’t spent time getting to know all the features to make WhatsApp the best it can be. We’ve taken the time to take a closer look at the app to find its special tips, tricks, hacks, and secret features to help you become a WhatsApp expert. Here are 6 great WhatsApp features and interesting tricks that you may not have heard of, but will surely love.

1st WhatsApp features: Make messages disappear automatically

Enable self-deleting messages in WhatsApp

While we wouldn’t recommend enabling this feature for chatting with your partner, the ability to make WhatsApp messages disappear automatically after a certain amount of time is useful for keeping noisy chats manageable.

It is possible to change a setting that will cause all future messages in a particular chat to be automatically deleted from your phone after seven days. However, this doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t taken a screenshot or shared a message in the meantime.

To enable this feature, go to the WhatsApp chat for which you want to change the settings and click on the name of the person or group chat at the top of your screen. In the menu that appears, scroll down until you see the “Self-deleting messages” option and tap on it to turn it on.

This means that the messages will disappear for everyone. Note, however, that you can only enable this option for group chats where you are the administrator.

You can also make pictures & videos disappear.

The one-time view is also one of the coolest WhatsApp features there is. So you can already send media messages such as videos and pictures that disappear after the first view.

To do this, select the selected file via the “+” symbol or take a new photo or video via the camera. Then tap on the small number 1 next to the “Caption” field and press the “Send” icon.

WhatsApp tricks make pictures and videos disappear

2. change the background of your WhatsApp chats

Do all your chats still have the default WhatsApp background? It’s actually quite easy to swap it out for a more interesting choice.

To do so, go to WhatsApp and click on the gear-shaped Settings icon. In the next menu, select Chats and then tap Chat Background. After that, your other options will be displayed.

You can use one of the pre-installed images from the WhatsApp gallery (it’s worth taking a look, there are some pretty cute images), change the background to a solid color, or use an image from your own photos. Really cool, isn’t it?

When you select one of the WhatsApp images, you will be prompted to choose whether you want the image to stay still or move slightly by selecting the “Background Motion” view.

How to change background in Whats App chat

3. Fix a WhatsApp chat to the top of your chat screen.

This is a really useful hack to keep a chat thread visible at the top of your chat screen. If you want to display one of your chats at the top, simply swipe from left to right across the chat and tap the thumbtack icon that appears.

This will move that chat to the top of your chat screen so that it is always immediately visible. It also adds a thumbtack icon to the chat so you know it’s been pinned. To undo this, simply swipe the chat again to unpin it. You can pin up to three chats at once.

4. cool WhatsApp features: Use bold, italic and strikethrough text in chats.

You can make your WhatsApp text messages more interesting – and get your point across better – by using bold text, italic text, and even strikethrough text.

For bold text, simply add an *asterisk* on either side of the word or phrase. Adding an _underscore_ on either side of the word or phrase makes the text italic. To strike through text, add a ~tilde~ to each side of the word or phrase.

Another font trick: use the secret WhatsApp typewriter font.

Did you know that WhatsApp has a secret font that you can use to make your messages stand out from the crowd? You can use a special sequence of symbols to activate a font in the style of an old typewriter.

To do this, all you need to do is add three slanted apostrophes “` before and after the message (see example below).

Note that on iOS, this is not the default apostrophe you see in your main keyboard view. You’ll need to hold down the apostrophe character to see the correct symbol – you’ll want to select the first one, which slants down from left to right.

Cool WhatsApp features use different fonts

5. Send a personal WhatsApp message to multiple contacts.

In WhatsApp, it is possible to send the same message to multiple contacts without them being in a group chat or being able to see who else has received the message. Useful if you want to share important news with an announcement or send a Christmas greeting to everyone. It’s quick and easy.

From your chat screen on iOS, tap “Broadcasts” at the top right, then “New List” at the bottom, then add the recipients you want to receive the message. On Android devices, you’ll need to select “New Broadcast” from the “Chats” menu.

All messages you send using this method will be received as individual messages in WhatsApp chat threads.

Useful features and hacks for WhatsApp

6. WhatsApp Features: Select individual tones for different chats

You can customize the sound you hear when you receive a WhatsApp message from any contact or group. This is very useful because it allows you to distinguish between group chats, which you don’t necessarily need to follow in real time, and important direct messages from your loved ones.

To give a custom tone to a WhatsApp group or contact, go into the chat and tap on the name of the person or group at the top of the screen. Scroll down to Backgrounds and Sounds and click on Hint Tone. You can then change the default tone so that you know you can either ignore it, or so that you know to reach for your smartphone quickly.

Tip: From this menu you can also select a custom background for each chat.