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What can make an apartment look more expensive? – Interior tricks for a noble effect in any room!

From choosing gorgeous fabrics to adding window decorations, there are ways to make an apartment look more expensive. You don’t necessarily have to spend too much money to do this either, with the secret lying mainly in tasteful decor. But why actually make a home look more classy in this way? The reason is not only the look itself, but also the cozy feeling you can create as a result. Whether you’re looking for luxurious ideas for living rooms, bedrooms, and beyond, the following interior design tips will help you achieve a valuable aesthetic in any space.

Make an apartment look more expensive on a small budget

apartment decorated in vintage style can look more expensive with modern wooden sofa and armchairs

Not all home improvement projects have to prove costly, in fact, it’s often the simplest changes that can unlock the potential for how a home can appear to be classy on a limited budget. Much like the wrong paint colors can devalue a home, the right interior design features add value. Even small styling tricks can help to figuratively increase value by making a home look more expensive. This depends primarily on the materials you use and how you dress your living spaces. Accordingly, any interior design project should begin with decluttering. There are many methods for decluttering a home that can help you do this. In addition, it is also important to avoid anything that makes it look cheap.

gray shades for wall covering in a modern living room with flat screen tv and coffee table

From here, you can redesign your apartment or house with some high-end ideas in mind. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to spend a lot if you want to achieve the desired effect. Sometimes it’s the finer details and small changes that make all the difference. From introducing a range of gorgeous fabrics to reconfiguring furniture and decorating with gray, it’s easy to find the right solutions.

Decide on suitable furniture pieces and their proper positioning.

the right positioning of furniture can make an apartment look more expensive

Gone are the days when a matching furniture group was a hallmark of great interior design. These days, it’s all about texture, visual appeal and character. Decorating with antiques, especially wood pieces, for example, is a great way to spruce up a living space. In addition, you can mix antique and newer finds to curate a space that is truly unique to you. Additionally, when decorating with wood, resist the urge to choose furniture in the same style or shade. After all, this can sometimes make a room feel flat. Instead, opt for pieces with slight color variations for a more refined and polished look.

living room decorated in the same color scheme bright and stylishly furnished with corner sofa and coffee table

Another extremely cost-effective way to improve the appearance of a room is to reconfigure the layout of the furniture. Thus, you ensure that you maximize the potential of the room. This is ideal if you want to add a sense of grandeur. Change the position of sofas, armchairs or chairs, pull your furniture from your walls or use any artwork as a focal point. This will create a more interesting, expensive-looking space without spending a dime. For example, a central coffee table is synonymous with expensive looking homes as it provides a central point to position furniture in a more formal setting. It’s also the perfect place to showcase floral arrangements and coffee table books that look just as valuable.

Add more texture and character with wall paneling

modern and classic looking wall covering in dark blue according to home trends 2023

Originally used in historic homes as a method of insulating walls, wall coverings are now loved for the way they enhance a space. In addition, they add a sense of seriousness to the color scheme that immediately screams “expensive.” There are ideas for this that would suit any room in a home, from living rooms to bathrooms. Plus, this is a surprisingly inexpensive way to decorate, often cheaper than wallpaper. While wall paneling is by far the more traditional option, why not consider ceiling paneling? One of the most popular ideas in the upcoming 2023 home trends, this adds architectural interest to what can be an overlooked part of your interior design, and also emphasizes the height of the room. So this is another technique that can make your apartment look more expensive.

Installing classy lighting and making an apartment look more expensive

high quality chandelier as a highlight in a large living room with antique dining chairs

A home exudes more grandeur when different areas are accentuated with the right lighting. The quickest way to modernize any room on a budget is to light these living areas in a tasteful way. Not only is this one of the most important things to consider from a practical standpoint, but it can also completely change the feel of a room. No expensive looking interior is complete without a chandelier, which in itself doesn’t have to be expensive. However, these are not reserved for homes straight out of a historical drama. Both modern and traditional homes can benefit from the instant elegance of a chandelier. In this regard, there are many variations for living rooms from which you can choose.

modern exterior with concrete wall as part of an apartment look more expensive

Possible options to enhance the living room include statement pendant lighting, which can be both affordable and add visual appeal. In addition, a more thoughtful lighting scheme adds a layer of soft elegance to any room or décor. Layering can be the key here. Adding a simple table lamp with a decorative shade not only provides a decorative flourish, but also introduces a softer, low light, making the corresponding area feel cozy and more intimate. Similarly, wall sconces are a great way to add softer light while highlighting architectural features, which helps with zoning. Pairing them with a dimmer switch offers more control so you can create the right atmosphere.

Add window decoration

window decoration like curtains or drapes in the bedroom creates a cozy atmosphere

Windows look lost without curtains, and even those with blinds do not feel so well dressed if they are not covered with the right window decoration. Even though curtains are purely decorative next to functioning blinds or shutters, they help add a touch of opulence, especially with fine fabrics like velvet or silk. What’s more, they can make a big impact in any room without breaking the budget. So why not opt for some eye-catching curtains or drapes to frame your windows? Just don’t forget to decorate in full length when doing so. If they are simple curtains, you can enjoy colors and patterns. Also, don’t be afraid to hang sheer curtains in front of them to overpower the effect.

Invest in quality art and position it properly

modern and high quality art can make an apartment look more expensive and unique

Decorating with art can seem like a daunting task, from choosing the right colors and textures to size, shape and position. Bare walls make a room look empty, but huge prints of a cityscape are certainly not the best choice. Taking the time to invest in pieces of art that you really like and also fit into your space will make a big difference to the overall look and feel of any room. Thus, you’ll create something that feels authentic and meaningful, while not rushing into anything, as building a collection is part of the fun.

antique wooden furniture as centerpiece in an old apartment with modern design

So there’s no denying that artwork helps dress up walls, but how you place it and where can also be a simple win to make your home look more expensive. Do this by carefully considering how you hang and light the pieces to give it more attention. Also, use what you already have, but part with decorative items that either no longer fit your home or you just don’t like anymore. Opting for a large piece of art for your wall is a great way to express opulence. Try to find one that fills 70 percent of the wall space. But if that’s not quite in your budget, get some matching frames and make a mural out of smaller artwork. Use picture rails to add an extra touch of elegance to your chosen artwork.

Upgrade the flooring and make the home look more expensive

retro style hallway with discreet decoration and classic wooden elements

Timelessly beautiful wood floors are a coveted finishing touch. Loved for its authentic, natural look, durability and warmth underfoot, it adds an expensive look to any room in which it is installed. Moreover, classy flooring is the key element when it comes to setting the tone for any interior. If you do this right, all the other details will result. There are many options to choose from. Natural wood floors that age gracefully show a distinctive differentiation of hues between each plank. Try this for a bedroom.

choose the right picture frames and flooring for any living space

Reclaimed wood flooring is steeped in history and character, which is almost impossible to emulate for newer planks, but it is poorly suited for a kitchen, as there are more durable kitchen flooring ideas to choose from. If you love the look of wood but want something more budget-friendly, luxury wood-style laminate floors achieve a similar finish at a fraction of the price. Lighter colored planks provide a fresh element throughout the year. They add wonderful character to the home and are ideal for those who prefer to walk on the fresher, lighter side of interiors.

Add luxurious rugs and fine home textiles

combine rustic interior design with modern elements like built-in fireplace

Last but not least, a valuable carpet is one of the most effective design elements that can transform any room in an instant. This can be customized for any budget. Whether you want to add a touch of accent color or highlight a neutral scheme with patterns or texture, carpet is a practical option. The key here is to choose oversized varieties. This way, you’ll give rooms a sense of grandeur. Look for soft materials that welcome a touch of luxury underfoot.

a high quality carpet can make rooms in an apartment look more expensive

When considering home textiles, there are also certain fabrics that look more sophisticated. Such would be velvets and silky textures, for example. There are a few design techniques that you can incorporate into your interiors to make your space feel more luxurious. One of the easiest ways is to incorporate sumptuous fabrics with an exquisite feel into your home textiles and accessories. Velvet and bouclé are both great examples of fabrics that make your home feel more high-end. Focus on enhancing your sofa with a selection of throw pillows in a variety of hues. This adds depth paired with a soft throw in a similar hue or pattern. The same rule can be applied to your bedroom by adding these smaller details to your bed.