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Trendy wall colors and color palettes for interiors from the Maison & Objet 2022 design fair in Paris.

At the Maison & Objet 2022 international trade fair for household goods and home decor, designers presented trendy wall colors and current color schemes. This year’s edition was held in March for the first time. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, it had been moved from its usual January date. Here are some of the key trends and latest tendencies that will shape future interior design.

Stylish and trendy wall colors for interior decoration

choose trendy wall colors in the living room according to the latest trends

According to interior design experts at the show, four color palettes will be quite popular both this year and in 2023. Moving away from uniform and monochromatic decor, combinations of contrasting hues bring fun to interiors.

Trendy colors inspired by pop culture

2022 trends in color combinations like blue and yellow for interior decoration

The first palette that caught the eye at Maison & Objet was undoubtedly inspired by pop culture. This is about a wave of nostalgia that takes people back to the 70s and 80s. This has encompassed decor, furniture and a variety of finishes. For example, the yellow color palette is easily recognizable and dares bright and tart colors. Thus, yellow, which has been somewhat forgotten in recent years, is clearly returning with sunny, almost fluorescent tones. Pop style is also famous for playing contrasts and daring combinations of vivid colors. Therefore, yellow, however radiant, is easily combined with shades as present and pronounced as Klein or Electric blue.

blood red or blue red as a trend color in interior design

Blood Red or Blue Red strides just as boldly into this color palette, becoming one of the protagonists of contrasts in interior design. After making a tentative appearance at the September 2021 edition of Maison & Objet, it is now clearly present in this year’s color combinations for walls.

mauve upholstered furniture with stone walls in modern interior design

Color decorations, furniture and trendy wall colors inspired by mauve also characterize this year’s style in interior design. Pantone chose Very Peri , a periwinkle with purple undertones, as the color of the year in 2022. However, mauve trends are also increasingly present in the current collections. Never used alone, such color palettes also mix well with other vibrant hues such as orange or yellow to create a pop decor worthy of the name.

modern color palettes for living room with combination of yellow and green

Nostalgia for the 70s has already emerged in this pop color palette, but it becomes even more evident in compositions that mix khaki and burnt orange. The latter creates a lingering retro ambiance that is associated with vintage furniture and iconic design pieces. The way these hues are combined in geometric color blocks with simple contours is also noteworthy.

Pastel shades as trendy wall colors for interiors

purple shades as trendy wall colors and decorative elements

Experts in trend monitoring, referring to the fair, informed that from the spring season there will be an increase in pastel colors. This trend starts from mauve colors and extends to the purple spectrum. In addition, the forays through the design fair this year confirm the strong presence of pastel shades. Purple is also everywhere among the new products on the stands this year, like a springtime iteration of the aforementioned mauve. It’s also still used in contrasting color palettes alongside pink and pastel yellow, though this time the combinations look much softer.

colorful interior design with various pieces of furniture and rustic wooden ceilings in white

Pink tones and violet also perfectly match with all shades of green, such as celadon green, lime green and sage green. Accordingly, these are some trendy wall colors that belong to this color spectrum. The French favorite par excellence, blue, obviously also works to calm the pastel color palette even more. However, at the Maison & Objet 2022 design fair, this color was mainly seen in icy hues like sky blue.

Choosing natural shades for interior design

natural color palette through trendy wall colors like orange

Not surprisingly, most people are still drawn to nature. What’s more, botanical and earthy hues remain among the most sought-after color palettes in interior design, as manufacturers clearly know.

retro style with brown and pastel furniture and trendy wall colors 2022

Ochre and terracotta, for example, are popular and trendy wall colors that feature combinations of earth tones. Accordingly, various shades of ocher or terracotta have been among the favorites for interiors for many years.

ocher and terracotta as color trends 2022

Khaki shades are also on trend. As natural as this palette may be, it also plays with the contrasts that are so in this year. For example, earth tones go perfectly with botanical greens like moss, sage, fir and lichen.

incorporate 70's style with retro furniture pieces and trendy wall colors in living space

As if to soften the connection of contrasts, sand, brown and beige tones fit perfectly between two bold colors. They are the last aspect of the natural color palette. Moreover, this is an allusion to the natural materials that have inspired so much from home decor and interior decoration at the moment. Such color combinations also have a calming effect in the dynamic and restless times.

Neutral color palette in the interior

neutral color palette of classic white and green tones in a sophisticated living space

A sophisticated and soothing decor in dark colors or made of neutral materials is currently ubiquitous in the design world. It is therefore not surprising that the latest color palette to be discovered at the fair consists of neutral and pleasant shades, suitable for a timeless ambience.

combine contrasting colors like red and natural white in modern ambiance

Thus, white was more present this year than in recent editions of Maison & Objet. Combined with other neutral tones or in blocks next to bright colors, designers have often used the white color in the new collections.

choose eggshell tones as trendy wall colors for interiors

The natural colors such as eggshell colors have stood out as another spectrum around ecru, in addition to white. These shades can add some depth to classy decors. Such a neutral color palette also works well as a base for natural materials and fibers.