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Timeless home trends: how to combine classic interior styles with modern interior designs

Although many interior trends come and go, there are some classic interior styles that are always popular with designers. They use different color variations that can be adapted to seasonal hues by adding new accessories. So instead of choosing to adopt home decor trends in your home, the fabulous thing about these interior styles is that they represent the history of the interior. These range from Victorian era influences to iconic Art Deco and mid-century modern shapes. The details of each design are varied and shape the interiors of today. Here are the most common interior designs that will continue to trend in the years to come.

Current classic interior styles for every taste

timeless and classic interior styles with colorful accents and iconic 50's retro style furniture

Of course, not all tastes are the same and you may, for example, like only one of numerous design styles. Moreover, living spaces can be equally well designed with the same design, unless you love eclectic style and want to include a couple.

minimalist design as interior trend 2022 with light shades and classic furniture pieces

So how can you incorporate some classic interior design styles into your home decor without having to make any compromises with your personal taste and contemporary designs? The following tips and examples can certainly help you make the right choice for your interior design.

Industrial look for the interiors

industrial style living room with leather sofa and minimalist wood and metal shelves

Industrial style for interior design was mainly inspired by converted factories and warehouses. Open living room floor plans and exposed architectural features like metalwork, brick and endless windows are the key elements. The color palette include cool shades of gray, brown-gray and stone gray. The overall look is minimalist, with Edison-style light bulbs, low sofas, and metal and wood furniture.

brick wall as an accent in a modern kitchen in industrial style with kitchen furniture in dark gray

For example, the raw and exposed feeling of an industrial-style kitchen harmonizes with the functionality of a special room in such designed apartments and houses. Typically featuring striped materials such as concrete, brick and metal, the key to successfully implementing industrial style is to carefully consider the combination of different materials . By doing so, you’ll ensure that the overall finish has a softer aesthetic with plenty of character and depth.

Incorporate traditional and classic interior styles like découpage.

large living room with designer furniture and comfortable seating on huge carpet

Classic, good looks and beautiful details in the living space are what you can get with a traditional style. Moreover, such a design can be timeless and full of character, and it can fit ideally in a historical building. However, you can also use this in a new construction by adding trim and architectural details.

decoupage and classic interior styles with traditional patterns on wallpaper and art pieces

For example, add such wallpaper or use découpage like the professionals. In fact, decorative aesthetics have been experiencing a major resurgence lately, and découpage fits the bill perfectly. It’s a delightful decorating technique with a lot of history. The main goal is to create a foolproof way for any beginner or expert to bring creativity, craftsmanship and character into their home and transform their interiors into works of art.

Furnishing according to Mid-Century Modern from the 50s

modern kitchen interior with blue sea style furniture contrasting with white walls

Classic interior styles such as Mid-Century Modern or MCM date back to the 1950s and are considered major trends in interior design. Here, it is mainly the furniture that defines the style. Tapered legs, clean lines and curved corners can be observed in it. In addition, such a design can be simple, but very effective and work as part of the modernist movement of the time.

50's functional and classic interior design styles as a home trend 2022

Namely, functionality was especially important at that time, with ornamentation considered unnecessary. Even fabric prints had a very graphic feel to them. The beauty of mid-century modern ideas like this is that they work in any room of the house and are still incredibly popular today. So if you see an original piece at a flea market, grab it immediately.

Incorporate modern design styles into traditional interiors

open living room with high ceilings and eye-catching designer chandelier above stylish upholstered furniture

Some classic pieces are contemporary and usually luxurious. They always exude style. Such a modern look tends to be clean and understated, but the details are what matter. Think beautiful tactile fabrics like bouclé and velvet combined with curvy shaped furniture and subtle designer style lighting. Colors are often muted, with accents of black and gray. The timelessness of such interior styles lies in the fact that contemporary design is constantly changing. In addition, modern interior design is currently widespread, being much more strict and elegant, as well as extremely minimalist, with heavy use of metal finishes and a linear, sterile atmosphere.

Country style with a contemporary look

modern country style kitchen with integrated cabinets for practical storage and large windows

This is a relatively new look in the classic style and has the characteristic elements of the country style, but with a more streamlined approach. Bring the outdoors in with lots of natural materials like wood, natural stone, sheepskin and linen. Such modern remodeled classic interior styles are authentic and thoughtful, keeping the color scheme light and neutral but with some darker tones. You can also use subtle patterns in the process to bring in warmth. Stripes and checks with some graphic prints would look great, for example.

Combine rustic and classic interior styles

rustic style bedroom with green wall and several pictures over white bedroom bed

Design ideas for rustic and charming farmhouses can be used to create a warm and cozy atmosphere with deep colors. For example, the soothing green in the bedroom would be an ideal choice, which you can combine with white-painted furniture and rust-colored blankets, as well as slippery linen pillows and a pleated lampshade. Create a gallery wall with authentic paintings and drawings in subtle green, gray or black tones. Round out the design with handcrafted home accessories and pieces, such as hand-designed pitchers, vases and bowls.

classic interior design styles for bathroom with tub and wooden furniture in vintage look

Think exposed beams and rugged beauty with the rustic decorating style. This design style is relaxed and casual, practical yet natural. It is not boring, however, keeping the color palette earthy with ochre, rust, cream, white and stone. This also works well with reclaimed and eco-friendly materials and furniture combined with a contemporary shaped tub, as seen in this stylishly designed neutral bathroom.

Interior design in marine style

inviting living room in a beach house with furniture in sand colors and sea blue walls

What would classic interior styles be without the typical design of a beach house? With interiors in blue and white, as well as sea motifs and wooden accessories, this look is loved by many and it’s easy to see why. Even if the ocean is thousands of miles away, you can still incorporate this home decor trend into your home. Create a relaxing atmosphere with coastal colors, walls that overlap in color, driftwood pieces, comfortable sofas in sandy yellow and fluffy textured rugs.

Art deco style home trends

popular and classic interior styles of the 20's are in trend and become more beautiful with time

This is another trend from the past, but one that is coming back better than ever, with a more contemporary twist. The Art Deco interior style is certainly full of glamour and could be a suitable choice if you love metal objects, colors and symmetry. Originating in the early 20th century, it was a few short years of fun and frivolity that led to this ornate style that became so iconic. The color palette includes both eye-catching and pastel shades. For example, a bold electric blue can be combined with a pink or apple green and mixed with primary yellow.

Classic interior styles with minimalist design

contemporary and minimalist design with marble accents in a white kitchen space

Last but not least, minimalism might be just the thing for those who prefer a tidy lifestyle. Only the most necessary things are seen in this design style and it should look beautiful and modern. The concept combines built-in storage with everything in its place and the philosophy of having only what you really need. The colors are neutral and often white. Marble, for example, offers a sophisticated pattern and helps create a cool, pared-down atmosphere.