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Stylish interior in boyfriend style – interior design idea for men


Even with an apartment interior sometimes there are prejudices. For men, it is generally true that they do not attach importance to the interior. The appearance of a typically masculine apartment is mainly associated with a bachelor lifestyle. This is dominated by thrown-together furniture, dirty laundry lying around everywhere and maybe a few empty pizza boxes and beer bottles. Today, we’re dispelling that stereotypical notion. Modern men are definitely into cool design and comfortable furniture. The motto “less is more” usually applies there and there is a lack of superfluous frills. Straight lines and neutral, dark colors are part of the masculine interior style. Polish architectural firm “Metaforma” has designed a beautiful apartment, where stylish furnishings and boyfriend style take center stage.

Stylish interior for modern men


The masculine apartment is located in the fifth largest city in Poland – Poznan. The concept for the design breaks the stereotypes and the clichés and becomes a model of how a modern male apartment should look like. The apartment is spread over two floors. On the first floor there is the living area with a dining table for four people and the open kitchen. An internal staircase leads to the second floor, where the home office is located. The color palette throughout the apartment is limited to two shades: dark gray and a cozy wood tone. Black, linear contours set accents and provide an even more structured appearance. The interior, designed exclusively in neutral tones, looks elegant and – thanks to the use of natural materials – decidedly cozy. The only colorful detail is a Ferrari model car collection, with all miniature models in the striking Ferrari red. It is precisely this personal element that enlivens the atmosphere and conjures up a playful flair.

Stylish interior in a masculine style of living


Thanks to the large wall of windows, the apartment looks inviting and bright, despite the fact that it is predominantly decorated in dark tones. The focal point of the living area is the interior staircase to the second floor and a TV console. There the red model cars are arranged in a representative way and add an individual touch to the whole apartment design. In the middle of the room is a gray couch and next to it is the dining area and open kitchen-living room. All the materials and looks that are used in the design of the entire apartment are also very elegantly put together in the design of the kitchen. Thus, this area functions as a chic connecting element in the interior.

stylish-furnishing -boyfriend-style-men-stairs-wood-model-cars-collection

Namely, the boyfriend style includes robust materials and dark tones. The design language and the mix of materials create a masculine appearance, which still makes a first impression when you enter the apartment. Another accent is the interesting wall design made of rectangular concrete slabs of different sizes, which stand in connection with the other gray elements of the interior. For lighting, the designers opted exclusively for indirect lighting. Narrow, elongated LED lights are incorporated between the concrete panels, providing a pleasant diffused light. Leading to the second floor is a modern interior staircase without railings with treads in the same wood look as the floor throughout the apartment.


On the first floor there is also the bedroom, which is also designed in wood and gray. There, at first glance, you can see only the double bed and the playful wall design made of concrete slabs and LED lights. A floor-to-ceiling closet with matte black sliding fronts remains barely visible along the entire wall. The relatively small but functional bathroom with shower convinces with the same cozy flair that the natural wood gives to the rest of the apartment.









*Design by ZONA Architekci