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Set large door in the living area as an accent – ideas for interior design according to the current trend.

For modern apartments, more and more people prefer the large door for the interior to drastically exceed the usual dimensions. Although this is generally custom, requires a larger investment and is generally associated with luxury, it can be a bold statement. Excessive interior doors automatically attract attention and emphasize the height of a living space. As a result, any interior space will appear grand and elegant. Without a doubt, such floor-to-ceiling room doors will continue their dominance in the architectural market. So, discover some examples that can inspire you in interior design.

How a large door can transform the interior space

rustic large door to slide in a living room designed in this way

Interior doors serve several purposes, such as providing security and privacy, separating rooms, and dampening noise. However, in addition to these obvious functions, they can also set accents, enrich the aesthetics of the room with their beauty and become expressive design elements themselves. Moreover, they certainly should not be taken lightly when designing interiors. Given these implications, architects must consider every factor when selecting a door, including color, material, style and swing.

ceiling-to-floor large door set as accent in colorful living space

Dimensions are also important, but are usually standard, as they are limited by the size of the door frame. Usually they are not higher than 20o cm and range from 70 to 90 cm in width. Recently, however, this has taken a turn in modern design. It is not only about creating a stylish effect. Oversized interior doors can be extremely functional compared to smaller, narrower alternatives.

retro style apartment with oversized room door and designer furniture

They provide larger access points that can be useful for entertaining or moving large furniture. When open or closed, if the large door is made of glass, this promotes an open, airy feeling that can be very appealing in modern designs where spaciousness is highly valued. At the same time, this also means more exposure to natural light and a better visual and physical connection between rooms.

Choose from various materials

folded glass doors offer more light penetration in living area

Like any other room door, oversized interior doors can be made of a myriad of materials, but in greater abundance and larger sizes. For example, a large door made of glass often requires a correspondingly custom glass panel, while a wooden door may be made of heavier board with non-standard dimensions. Depending on the material and finish chosen, different styles can be achieved.

huge wooden doors as a modern design element in interior design

Wood, for example, features a warm, nature-inspired look that can be rustic or sleek. Although it expands and contracts with temperature, wood doors can be very durable with advanced manufacturing methods and regular maintenance.

stylishly designed apartment in gray with white and black elements highlighted by biophilic design

On the other hand, glass and fiberglass are great for views and let sunlight in while still providing privacy. You can also combine such doors with a steel frame and choose from colored, frosted or reflective.

living room with built-in kitchen in industrial style separated by large door in rusty look

Steel is known for its cost efficiency and versatility. This material also offers good insulation, design flexibility and more durability than wood and glass, and withstands various climatic conditions. In addition to all these widely used materials, oversized interior doors can also be made of aluminum, stone, marble, and leather, among others, all of which can be combined in virtually endless configurations.

Install a large door as a meaningful design element.

single and large door in gray color as a trend in interior design

Apart from their material properties, oversized doors can be divided into four main groups according to their type of opening movement: Hinged, sliding, single-hinge and double doors. To inspire homeowners and architects, you can check out a selection of beautiful oversized doors below. Choose from a variety of material compositions that are sure to make a statement in modern living spaces.

Revolving doors

minimalist living room with oversized door in white and gray floor

Hinged or swinging doors rotate around a vertical axis with nearly invisible hardware. These are characterized by clean lines, modern style and smooth movement. When combined with oversized dimensions, this elegant aesthetic is further enhanced, evoking a grandeur that is unparalleled when compared to other options.

Large door for sliding

oversized wooden sliding door separates bedroom from living room in modern apartment

Oversized sliding doors feature easy side-to-side movement and provide a great transition between rooms, while saving space and being ideal for confined spaces with high ceilings. Of course, since they are heavier, it is important to keep the door track in good condition to ensure smooth movement. Accordingly, this allows for regular maintenance against dirt, moisture or normal wear and tear.

Opt for single-leaf interior door

room separation with single door in light color contrasting with dark colors in the living room

For normal hinged doors, the hinges are attached to the side of the door and the adjacent wall. However, when they are oversized, they are no longer regular and take on a unique, strong character that sets them apart from standard-sized options. Although oversized single-leaf doors typically open inward, others may open outward. You can also use traditional flat hinges or flush hinges, which, unlike the former, allow the doors to sit completely flush against the frame instead of remaining in the regular offset position.

Large double door in living room

minimalist design for living room with huge double door and wooden wall paneling

If a large door isn’t enough, double doors are also a great solution for interiors. Commonly known as French-style doors, these consist of a pair of single doors. Accordingly, they can be hinged or revolving doors. These can open from each other, which is useful for larger access points and implies greater light exposure and view when opened. In essence, oversized double doors provide the double effect and maximize the feeling of spaciousness in any room.