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Roof conversion ideas – practical design options for your attic

Turning a dusty attic into a functional living space may not sound like one of the easiest attic conversion ideas. Such a project allows for a practical option for small homes that don’t have enough other rooms. However, while doing so, keep in mind that the attic often lacks natural light, which can make it dark and cluttered. However, with the appropriate ceiling in light shades and the right lighting , this problem can be easily solved. It is best to try to make the most of every millimeter of space with the help of built-in cabinets, small shelves and practical furniture. Discover in our article some great examples and useful tips that can help you realize such a project.

Stylish and space saving attic conversion ideas.

developed attic binoculars game room

You can expand the space of a house equipped with attic, for example, by adding an attic staircase. This is a practical option that is not only a functional element of interior design, but can also act as a natural decoration. For this reason, you need the right design for such a project. Different stairs have their advantages and disadvantages. However, there are also sufficient common features and materials that you can use to design.

spiral staircase with black iron banisters and wooden steps in minimalist design living room

For example, you can further increase the living space by using high-quality prefabricated Fontanot stairs and also install them as a highlight in the room. Since you have a huge selection at this manufacturer, you can even install spiral spiral staircases inside for optimal use of space, which are even more space-saving. This can be practical and look stylish at the same time, regardless of whether a large family or just one person occupies the space.

Turn attic into a children’s room


Every child needs their own room to play and study from early in the morning. However, in small houses this is rarely possible. Some parents decide to tailor the attic into a nursery to give their little ones the privacy they need. Pay particular attention to the insulation of the room. Choose light tones to make the area feel more spacious, and finally, opt for complete furniture, for example, which can solve the problem with the furniture at once.

Bedroom under the roof


Why fold out the sofa in the living room when you can create a comfortable bedroom in the attic? The main problem you will encounter here is the need for a closet. However, you can compensate for this by furnishing a sleeping area with lower furniture such as dressers. Before you embark on a real change, consider the size of the attic and whether this is a suitable option for bedroom design in terms of lighting and heating needs.

Attic remodeling ideas for bathrooms


You will certainly need the help of a qualified technician to make this idea a reality. He will first advise you on the specifics of the room, heat and waterproofing, as well as the construction of plumbing. All this will inevitably make it more expensive to integrate the attic into your home, and insufficient height can make it practically impossible to install a shower. So in this case, seek advice only from experienced professionals to avoid any mistakes and unnecessary costs.

Create a cozy reading corner


This proposal is suitable for those of you who prefer to spend a rainy autumn weekend with a book in hand. Thus, create a special place for your literary collection. Instead of collecting dust, this can be a great attraction for your guests. Enrich the appearance of the library with decorative elements or combine it with the idea of a home office .