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Planning interior design and saving money in the process: Tips on sensible investments in interior design

In order for you not to waste money when planning your interior design, it would be wise to focus on the key areas that are worth investing in. There are some basic areas of the living space where you can spend more on certain parts. In addition, it is advisable to save in the right place instead of holding back from something more worthwhile. To be able to create a balanced budget, here is some advice and useful information about interior design.

Investing in durable upholstered furniture and planning the interior design

interior design trend 2022 in 70s style with light gray sofa and wall decorations

Upholstered seating is all about the main sofa in the living room. This can be a settee or other comfortable seating areas. In doing so, make sure you invest in quality products because this formula usually requires a larger investment. High quality fabrics with tightly woven natural fibers or high quality synthetic fibers feel more comfortable against the skin. Most of them are also stain resistant, even in lighter shades.

renovate old apartment and plan inexpensive interior design

Often cheating on durability, inexpensive fabrics may look stylish in the showroom but won’t survive the wear and tear of real life. If you don’t want to replace your seating in five years, spend a little money up front to get a well-constructed piece from a reputable manufacturer. If your beautiful sofa is the star of the show, don’t hide it behind clunky tables. Long-legged versions, such as a side table, give you a place to set down a drink or a book without taking up much space or much of your budget.

Invest wisely in high-quality kitchen furniture

modern and stylish kitchen furnishings in open space

Above all, choose durable kitchen cabinets when planning your interior design. A good kitchen remodel can add value to your home, but not if it’s falling apart at the time of sale. If you skimp on your kitchen cabinets, and especially the cabinet doors and drawers, you may find things looking rough around the edges sooner than they should. This is true no matter what style or finish you choose. Even white cabinets should be made of a durable material that can withstand repeated use. If possible, avoid laminated surfaces that have significant seams at the corners, as this is where materials can begin to separate. You can refinish or refinish real wood cabinets, so these are always a good choice.

qualitative kitchen cabinets in interior design plan and invest in materials

The area where you can save on kitchen cabinetry is the kitchen backsplashes. These don’t have to be the most expensive to serve well. Tile or other functional porcelain tiles arranged in a geometric pattern with a carefully chosen grout color is an affordable way to liven up any kitchen. Another smart and inexpensive option for splashback is to use a short strip of your countertop material, often made from scraps of the same slab. This will cover the wall enough to catch splatters, allowing you to leave the rest of the wall blank.

Plan the dining area during interior design

lush dining area with ornate decor and sturdy wooden chairs

A well-made dining table is always a good choice. In addition, like your sofa, the dining table is also an important piece of furniture that is used a lot and spills a lot. Tables made of white laminate are trendy, but depending on how they are treated, they quickly show signs of wear. An elegant dining table made of wood or stone will match any decor and can last for decades.

high quality dining room chairs and kitchen countertops as a long lasting investment

Sturdy wooden dining chairs are also worth investing in. Such wooden chairs are available in a variety of price ranges and look timeless, matching any decor style. They also stand up to dropped food better than upholstered chairs because they are so easy to clean. This is definitely an area where you can look for cost-effective options without a significant loss of quality. To get the best of both worlds, mix some wooden chairs with upholstered seats at each end of the dining table or use a bench seat on one side.

Invest in quality bathroom fixtures

luxurious bathroom furnishings with bathtub in the middle and black faucets in front of gray wall paneling

When it comes to your plumbing, cutting corners is risky. A low-quality fixture, for example, can be responsible for a leak whose repair costs far exceed any upfront savings. Therefore, it is definitely best to invest in a quality piece. Essential fixtures like toilets do not change as quickly with trends as some other household items. For this reason, there is no risk of not choosing a well-reviewed model from a reputable brand that has stood the test of time. Ask for personal testimonials and recommendations rather than looking for the lowest price offer.

wooden vanity unit combined with black bathroom faucets and radiator as a modern variant of bathroom design

Also invest in elegant vanity cabinets. Most bathrooms are fairly small, so you often only need one such fixture to bring the space to life. Use an airy, floating vanity cabinet to keep the space open as a result. Free up more of your budget for something eye-catching, too, such as floor tiles. If you want a vanity with more personality, you still don’t necessarily have to spend a lot. Look in refurbished furniture stores for wooden cabinets and chests that can be transformed into a vanity by adding a sink. This will cost a little more than a pre-made unit, but if you shop creatively, the result will look more luxurious than the sum of its parts.

Plan interior design and invest in better quality of sleep

modern retro style bedroom with oversized lamp and white and gray dressers

There is nothing like a cozy and comfortable bed. As is often said, people spend about a third of their lives sleeping. So it makes sense to treat yourself to a bed that properly supports your mattress, and a headboard that helps you read comfortably while anchoring a focal point for the room. With that said, it’s easier to fill in the rest of the decor with ordinary accents like wall paint or a single wallpaper wall.

industrial style pendant light on both sides of a bedroom bed

Moreover, nowadays you can find all kinds of fancy nightstands with built-in chargers or stunning decorative features, but an inexpensive nightstand in a simple shape does the trick perfectly.

set emerald green as an accent color in the living room and furnish according to the trend

In fact, a boxy or rectangular nightstand can provide a pleasant counterpoint to soft bedding and other soft accents, so why not choose something simple and functional? Find an option with an open shelf and you can easily style it with a few books to create a casually elegant look.

Choose the lighting cleverly

choose the right lighting for living room and save money

Pendant lights such as pendants and chandeliers are natural eye-catchers. They hang close to eye level and emit light, so they attract attention. Digging deeper into your pocket for these can enhance the look of the entire room. Table and floor lamps are less important accents when you’re planning your interior design.

elegant and minimalistic interior design in living room with open kitchen

What’s the first thing you notice in a room? It’s probably not the pair of table lamps flanking the sofa. You’ll find plenty of ornate and eye-catching table and floor lamps on the market, but if you already have other points of interest in the room, all you really need is a light source that can blend in nicely. Simple table lamps with classic drum or cone shapes are timeless and blend seamlessly into any living space.

The right window decoration as a sensible investment

plan comfortable postlter furniture and sofa as part of interior design

Whether you opt for fully custom curtains or pre-made panel curtains, you should invest in tailoring. This way, you’ll ensure that the length of the panels is just right. Floor-to-ceiling curtains make a room look polished, but that effect disappears if the fabric is excessive on the floor or hangs several inches above it. Making the effort to have your curtains professionally hemmed will ensure the right fit for a priceless, sophisticated presentation.

stylish interior design plan and invest in important areas of the living space

When it comes to decorative items like pillows and blankets, it can feel like you can never have enough. Be on the lookout for deals on pillows and other trendy accents to update your look with minimal investment. Don’t be afraid to choose pieces that don’t “match” perfectly. Instead, reach for matching shades or add an entirely new design element. If you want to change the look later, you can move those pieces to another room.