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Planning apartment furnishings and avoiding common furnishing mistakes that make an apartment uncomfortable

When planning your home decor or remodeling living spaces, there are a few factors you should keep in mind to avoid disappointment afterwards. Furnishing can be difficult, especially if you are moving into your first apartment. Moreover, some of the most common mistakes and problems keep popping up when creating living spaces. However, these oversights can be prevented with a good understanding of design principles. Here is some useful information and tips that can help you avoid interior design mistakes.

Orientate yourself according to the interior design and plan apartment furnishings

avoid interior design mistakes that make an apartment uncomfortable

So, you are bound to make a mistake or two when decorating your apartment, although this is not uncommon. The good news is that most of these problems can be solved pretty easily. Even if you think you’ve identified all the mistakes, you might still have missed something. If you’re scratching your head about why you feel a little let down by the décor in your home, a remedy, or at least an improvement, may be just a few steps away.

follow home trends and integrate modern furniture pieces in living rooms according to interior design trends

It could be a flawed living space, an inappropriate color, or decorative elements that aren’t chosen correctly. A few tweaks could help you turn questionable choices into resounding successes. A good interior designer can also help you pinpoint problems and come up with creative solutions.

How poor lighting can affect decor

decorate sofa with colorful pillows and install matching lighting in the living room

Lighting in a room should really be one of the first things you consider when planning your home decor. This can actually make a big difference. Moreover, it works both ways. For example, if you have proper lighting installed, it can improve the room. Otherwise, there is a risk that the room in question will feel uncomfortable. The trick is to layer your lighting. This means having many different light sources that serve a different purpose and all work together to create a beautiful lighting scheme.

choose furniture that is not too boring and plan a better home decor

  • For example, start by making the most of the natural light in the room. Use mirrors to reflect the light, and make sure you let in an optimal amount of light through windows, doors, and any other glazing you have.
  • Then add the main lights. These will provide as little shadow as possible. When you install new light sources, you should also think about the plan in which they are placed. In doing so, determine which areas of the room need more light.
  • Then, add task lighting. This will allow you to perform your tasks better. For example, a desk lamp is suitable for a workstation so you can see what you are reading. Pendant light fit above a kitchen island to prepare food, so you do not accidentally chop off a finger along with the carrots.
  • Now is the time to add a little romantic, soft touch to your room with ambient lighting. These are floor lamps for a reading corner, sconces above a sofa or table lamps on a side table. These will add character and warmth to your room and provide a cozy finish.
  • If you want to add even more lighting, you can add some decorative light sources. Whether it’s fairy lights in the kids’ room, small lamps or candles in the living room, or chic LED strips on shelves and furniture, these will give your decor that extra WOW factor.

Align furniture according to feng shui

plan stylish home furnishings and arrange comfortable furniture pieces in the attic according to feng shui

Walls don’t have magnetic powers to pull furniture towards them, so you need to plan your home decor and position it correctly. In doing so, you will have all the space to furnish and should not feel limited to place furniture only against the walls. The room will feel bigger and more spacious if you create more walkways by centering your furniture pieces or creating a few zones with furniture and rugs, depending on the size of your room. This is especially crucial in open and interrupted spaces.

plan home furnishings with coordinated colors and accents

However, there are also many cases where furniture needs to be against the wall and looks best that way. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a central coffee table and one or two accent chairs that sort of float in the room. In this sense, the entire room will have a sense of space that would be good enough to be included in feng shui.

Hang art on the walls properly

hang wall pictures and leave enough space between the frames

Hanging pictures is a tricky skill, as there are no strict rules to follow when doing so. Moreover, in this area of interior design, you can really let your creativity run wild. However, whether it’s a symmetrical arrangement of frames, a versatile gallery wall or a statement canvas, you should have the right spacing and height.

create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom with home textiles and minimalist design

As a simplified rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to hang the mural in question at about eye level. Too high or too low can look a bit odd. If you are creating a gallery wall, it is recommended to have a minimum distance of 10 cm between frames. For artwork above furniture, such as a sofa or console table, make sure it is centrally located above or in balance with other furniture and the finishing touches in the room.

Plan home furnishings and design small rooms

plan minimalist or cozy apartment interior and choose the right upholstered furniture

If you’re looking to furnish a small room and think it’s too small to look nice, you’re wrong. Every room deserves to be designed accordingly, and small rooms are often the place where you can add the most accents. With that being said, the biggest mistake is struggling with the limited space and trying to make the room look bright and spacious when it’s actually quite dark and boring by nature. If this is the case, then just be clear with it.

decorate small bathroom and make it stylish with decoration

Paint the room dark or opt for a bold and visually appealing wallpaper. Don’t be afraid of patterns that may feel like too much for the room. These are fine as long as you don’t have patterned flooring, photo wallpaper and every other wall papered. If your small space actually benefits from a lot of light, then try your best to accentuate that. Use light furniture made of natural materials and large mirrors to reflect the light in the room.

Choose the right carpet for each room

choose the right carpet in the living room and zone the space

A rug should be a big part of your room decor, which is why you should make the right choice. Listed below are some simple rules to follow so you hopefully won’t make costly mistakes and get it right the first time.

  • In smaller rooms, the layout of your living room often includes a sofa against one wall, and the TV and/or fireplace are conveniently located against the opposite wall. Placing a rug closer to the wall with the sofa will make the seating area feel cozy and warm. Thus, you create a pass-through space between the fireplace or TV unit, thus not obstructing access.
  • A smaller rug (usually about 130 x 180 cm) can frame your coffee table and create symmetry. It also grounds the table, making the piece a focal point in the room. If you decide to go for this look, just make sure that neither sofa nor chair legs sit on either side of the rug.
  • Placing all of your main, central living room furniture on one large rug can make a room feel super cozy and also very spacious. The rug zones the living space, adds warmth, color and pattern, and pretty much creates the layout for you. Depending on the space, it can still be quite a large rug. Therefore, place the front legs of your sofas and chairs on the edge of the rug so that about half the depth of the sofa is above the edge of the rug. This still has all the benefits of the above design ideas, but you don’t need as much space to execute it.

Carpets for bedrooms and children’s rooms

carpet laid on the whole floor area in modern bedroom with large double bed

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to feel ultra cozy? Make your bedroom as cozy as possible by placing a large rug under the bed, right in front of your nightstands in such a way that most of the bed is above the rug. Ideally, you should have at least 50-60 inches of uncovered carpet at the end of the bed to feel the real benefits. For a standard double bed, a 200 x 300 cm rug would be a safe choice. However, what if your bed is not central to the room? No center point, no problem. A sheepskin, runner or smaller standard size rug (130 x 180) can be placed next to your sleeping bed. This will give you a gentle step when you pull yourself out of bed in the morning in a daze.

furnish a study and combine comfortable pieces of furniture such as office chair and desk with pieces of art

In addition, children’s rugs are often smaller. They are a great way to add color and fun to your child’s room design. It’s also still possible to create your own play area as a result. However, in addition to playtime, children also need time to relax. Place a fluffy sheepskin or deep pile rug next to their bed to make the nursery feel relaxed and comfortable as well. Just don’t let the rug get so soft that their little ones would rather fall asleep on the floor than in their beds.

Avoid over-saving and plan a home decor.

integrate bright colors into the living room and plan coordinated home furnishings

Extremely price-conscious shopping can have a bad effect on the whole concept. Everyone loves a bargain, and it’s amazing how luxurious and classy many low-priced purchases can look. However, sometimes more expensive items have that price point for a reason. While you can update most of your home on a pretty reasonable budget, especially if you’re a fan of flea markets, DIY, and upcycling old furniture pieces, you should treat yourself to a unique splurge every now and then. Moreover, a very special piece of furniture can really change the interior and enhance the entire space. Accordingly, a special purchase immediately attracts attention and, if it is a piece of furniture, can act as a centerpiece.

Follow home trends with care

choose the right color palette and plan home furnishings according to home decorating trends

Nowadays, it’s trendy to follow fashion trends and observe how interior design styles evolve over time. In addition, many people adapt interior design trends to their needs and desires. They are representative of what currently attracts more and determines the direction of how interiors will live with people in the coming years. However, be wary of common home trends that may turn out to be fads. For example, before you opt for a mint color on the wall or fill your home with biophilic elements, carefully plan your home decor. So, integrate what’s hot right now only when you really think it fits your style.

Do not plan too monotonous home furnishings

choose unanimous chairs and table for dining area and plan home furnishings

Of course, you want your home to look coherent and everything to fit together. The fear that a finished design won’t look cohesive makes many people fall into the trap of matching furniture sets everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with a dining table and matching chairs, just as there’s nothing wrong with a sofa and matching armchair. However, sometimes these sets would benefit from being broken up by a few different chairs or a sofa in the same style in a different fabric. This way, your home will look less like a furniture store showroom and more like your unique home, bursting with personality.