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Modern tapestries will make your room cozy: your walls will look so beautiful with them!

The fact that carpets belong not only on the floor, is no secret at all. For centuries, woven and hand-knotted images decorate our walls. However, the modern wall hangings do not have much to do with the wall art from the past times. Modern wall hangings are made of lightweight fabrics and are usually characterized by geometric patterns and abstract motifs. With a modern style tapestry, you can decorate the walls in any room. Whether in the bedroom, living room or hallway, these stylish wall hangings always create a cozy atmosphere that invites you to linger.

The tapestries then and now

Tapestry modern for living room abstract art

The woven picture, also called tapestry, has a long tradition, which was still known in ancient Egypt and Persia. The production of tapestries was a highly valued craft in those times and the finished pieces were called real treasures. However, the tapestry did not have a purely decorative purpose . It was popular mainly for its practical function of covering draughty corners and thus retaining heat in rooms.

During the Renaissance in Europe, tapestries were very popular. They were considered a sign of high social status and decorated mainly the walls of rich families. Also in Eastern countries the kilim was a real status symbol and the carpets (both for floor and wall) were considered luxury goods.

modern living room with tapestry with nature motif

A look at the fairs in the last few years is enough to notice that modern tapestries are gaining popularity again. Unlike the opulently decorated, handmade wall hangings of the past, the modern versions are more abstract and lend a certain lightness. Macramé are equally popular and are perfect as small accents in the room. They are usually knotted from bright cords and make great wall decor for Scandinavian or Boho style rooms.

modern tapestries are the best decoration for bedroom walls

Another beautiful variant of modern tapestries are also cloths, which are printed with beautiful patterns or even batik. These give the room a very special charm and can be wonderfully combined with fairy lights in children’s and teenagers’ rooms.

Just like the classic carpet for the floor, the tapestries are made in different sizes. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to decorate the whole wall with it, or only a part of it. Now we would like to show you some great examples of decorating with a tapestry in a modern look. Because this is exactly the decoration your walls need.

Modern tapestries decorate the walls in the living room

Tapestry as art for the wall in the living room

Tapestries are often called carpets, which are simply too beautiful for the floor. They can completely change the effect of the room and should be chosen with care. For example, if you choose a tapestry in large format, you should count on the fact that the room is spacious and characterized by clean lines. Only in this way the tapestry can be shown off to its best advantage.

The tapestry is usually more eye-catching than a mural. Therefore, it should stand on its own and have no counterparts. An exception is allowed in cases when the tapestry is small and paired with a similar hanging as a balance. In the image gallery, we have compiled a few inspirations for decorating with tapestries and hangings.

Tropical patterns for wall decor are in right now

Tapestry instead of mural in the living room

Beautifully hyggelig: modern tapestries create a cozy atmosphere in the room

modern tapestry for living room heavenly design

Modern wall carpets you can also make yourself from different fabrics

make modern tapestry yourself from colorful fabrics

A runner also makes an incredibly good figure on the wall

modern tapestry for the hallway

Macramees provide more coziness in the modern furnished room

modern tapestry macramé wall decoration

The macramé as a knotting technique has its origin in the Orient. The macramé tapestries were also popular in the 70s and are now celebrating a comeback in connection with the Danish Hygge living concept. And the best thing about these wall hangings is that they fit almost any interior style.

Small macramé wall decor in the living room for a boho flair

modern tapestries macramé small wall hangings

A large macramé tapestry adds an exotic touch to the decor

Macramé tapestry in modern living room

Modern tapestries with a touch of boho chic

modern tapestry with mandala motifs popular in the bedroom

In addition to the living room, the bedroom is also a perfect place to showcase a beautiful tapestry. The wall hanging can be placed either above the bed headboard or on the side wall. This not only looks visually beautiful, but also retains heat in the room. So no more cold wall next to the bed!

Modern tapestry with mandala motif is in vogue

The beautiful motifs on the wall also create a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Boho style, for example, is totally in right now. It exudes a certain lightness and therefore enjoys enormous popularity, especially in the bedroom. Modern tapestries can beautifully complement the boho chic style. Motifs like mandalas are just perfect for this.

Boho tapestry in youth room curtain with fairy lights

Fairy lights offer a great addition to the tapestry in boho look. They can be hung either above or directly behind it to create beautiful light shows. In order to show off the lights well, the boho tapestry should not be too thick. Tapestries made of light fabrics, such as printed cloths, are best for this effect.

Beautiful interior ideas for bedroom with tapestry

Youth room idea with modern tapestry and lights

A large mandala in white and pink is perfect as a wall decoration for a teenage girl’s bedroom

Wall tapestry modern for youth bedroom combine with fairy lights

Modern tapestries with inscriptions are popular in teenage room

Modern tapestry for youth room with good vibes inscription

Small tapestry with flowers to hang above the bed headboard

modern tapestries with floral motif hang over bed

Abstract motifs on the wall look modern and perfectly match plainly decorated rooms

modern tapestries with abstract motifs are trendy

The banana leaf motif is trendy right now

Tapestry modern with tropical pattern for bedroom

Set accents with textiles: combine tapestry and bed runner in the bedroom

modern bedroom with tapestry as decoration