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Modern cat playground: an adventure land for cats made of wood and glass

Cat playground modern light wood glass

Domestic cats are naturally most comfortable when they have a safe resting place where they can hide or climb to get a high vantage point. So it’s not surprising that designers and interior designers are giving modern interpretations to scratching furniture and climbing walls , to integrate them more harmoniously into the interior. For example, Taiwan-based architecture firm INDOT designed this glass and wood cat playground for a family of four cats and a puppy. The cool design not only brings variety to the everyday life of apartment cats , but also can save the designer sofa from their claws.

Cat playground modern viewpoints cat tree

The box is supported by almost hidden metal tubes and attached to the wall. In the modern cat playground is built a scratching post and several vantage points and resting places. The design gives cats the opportunity to play or relax whenever they want. From this height, they can also see out the window and beyond the balcony.

Cat playground wood glass modern design apartment

There are many small viewing platforms and two boxes for the cats to explore. The vertical support in the box is wrapped with coarse sisal rope, creating a huge cat tree. There are two hinged doors on either side that allow access for the residents. The wooden slats and openings promote ventilation, while the glass walls and strategically placed glass box provide an unobstructed view of the entire home.

Cat playground wood glass view of the apartment

The wood and glass box is neither too small nor too large, so all four cats can feel comfortable there. What makes the cat playground even cooler is that it is very harmoniously integrated into the living space thanks to the choice of colors and materials. It’s almost as if the box is a 3D work of art or a small animal show, where the natural behavior of cats can be observed.

Cat playground glass box variety viewpoint

Cat playground light wood openings for ventilation

Cat playground modern apartment open

Living area light wood exposed concrete balcony

open living space light wood exposed concrete wall panels

contrasts light wood floor tiles slate look

Aquarium in living room blue light

Bedroom taupe wall color light wood

Bedroom walk in closet

Day night roller blinds floor to ceiling windows

Day night blinds pedestal with integrated drawers

Sliding doors access living area day night blinds

Apartment Taiwan entrance built-in wardrobe blinds

To learn more about the project or the designers, visit INDOT .

Images by Hey!Cheese Photography