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Combine dark blue sofa: Tips and ideas for different styles of living

A dark blue sofa fits well only in rooms decorated in Hamptons or maritime style? Actually, no. The blue sofa is a practical, timelessly beautiful piece of furniture that will easily fit into any living room. It gets along with both light and dark colors, adding character and depth to the room. Navy blue is such a versatile and elegant color that it goes with almost any interior style. Looking for an idea on how to combine a blue sofa? Then get inspired by our interior design ideas!

Dark blue sofa in a modern living room

dark blue sofa interior design ideas for modern living room

Dark blue has been totally in trend for a few years now. After Pantone chose Classic Blue as the color of the year 2020, sofas and accessories in blue are currently even more popular.

In the modern living room, a dark blue sofa with comfortable, adjustable headrests and relax function fits perfectly. Such a model promotes relaxation and allows you to loosen your daily tense neck and shoulder muscles. A blue corner sofa with a reclining surface and a sleep function also offers comfort and elegance in one!

dark blue sofa in front of a beige wall with wooden legs matching green cushions

A dark blue sofa in front of a white wall initially evokes maritime associations. But it doesn’t have to be that way – it’s enough to skillfully balance these two colors and complement them with matching accessories to create a whole new feeling in the room. To add some variety to the white-navy composition, reach for furniture and decor made of wood or metal, such as a coffee table or a bookshelf. A modern effect is also created by combining navy blue with dark colors like black, gray or anthracite.

dark blue sofa in front of a gray wall

Decorate the walls with modern art, framed posters and carefully selected photos. A navy blue sofa in the living room can be decorated with a few pillows in surprising colors. Fuchsia, gold or green will provide the perfect contrast and skillfully complete the look. If the upholstery is smooth, pillows with an interesting texture or an eye-catching pattern are a good idea. To find out what other colors go well with blue, check out this article .

Dark blue sofa in Scandinavian living room

dark blue sofa in scandinavian living room with parquet floor in chevron pattern

Scandinavian living room with a dark blue sofa – it must work! Dark blue furniture is a great accent that harmonizes perfectly with light wood, white and gray. In a Scandinavian living room, a model on legs looks best. Such a simple shape makes the sofa look light and not oppressive in the room. With subtle decoration and cozy home textiles, a Scandinavian ambience is quickly created.

Dark blue velvet sofa for elegant glamour living room

dark blue sofa with quilting and golden rivets and accessories

This navy blue velvet look sofa is a great choice for a glam, retro or classic style interior. Elegant quilting combined with deep navy blue create a beautiful, classy looking interplay that makes the piece of furniture the focal point of any living room.

blue chesterfield sofa in xxl variant in glamour living room

Furniture with velour upholstery is a real hit in recent years! Navy blue corner sofas look very elegant and feel so comfortable that they invite you to take a short nap. Meanwhile, the classic Chesterfield sofa is already available as a corner version and in XXL size.

Blue sofa in front of a blue wall? It is possible!

blue sofa blue wall living room glamour style

If you want to use blue as a wall color as well, go for a lighter shade of blue like dove blue to contrast with the blue couch. If you decide to put a navy blue sofa in front of a dark gray wall, make sure the living room has a light-colored floor. A medium-colored parquet floor in oak or chestnut or light gray wall panels would work well. The rest of the furniture can have elements of natural wood or gold-colored metal. Luxurious, bright metallic shades look especially nice in interiors based on dark color combinations. So don’t be afraid to add some golden details, such as an openwork coffee table, a mirror in a radiant frame or an elegant lamp. Dark colors will be brightened up by green potted plants.

Navy blue sofa in an industrial-looking loft

modern living room with kitchen and dark blue sofa

If you are looking for furniture for a modern loft with an industrial character, a dark blue sofa will be a real eye-catcher. The navy blue color of the upholstery will look great against the backdrop of both a rust red brick wall and a gray exposed concrete wall.

blue chesterfield sofa in a living room with industrial flair

For an open living area, it is worth choosing a large modular sofa, where the arrangement of individual elements can be changed. On the other hand, an industrial living room with a navy blue Chesterfield sofa will get a subtle retro touch.

Blue sofa in eclectic living room

blue sofa in a classic old building apartment

Are you looking for expressive furniture that will look good even in a small room? Choose a navy blue sofa and combine it with light colors that will visually enlarge the interior space, such as white, gray, beige or why not pink! Romantic powder pink is a perfect companion for the serious navy blue. Their combination will help you create an interesting, eclectic arrangement – perfect for a small living room.

blue sofa combined with blue curtains and blinds

When choosing a sofa for a living room that combines different design styles, you have a lot of leeway. You can reach for a classic 2-seater sofa with soft cushions, whose rounded silhouette will look great against the pink wall. A navy blue Chesterfield will create a light retro atmosphere, a shell sofa made of velvet will become a glamorous style element, and the living room with blue Scandi sofa on wooden legs will get a cozy and casual character.

Dark blue sofa in Japandi living room

blue sofa decorated with cushions

Japandi, one of the biggest home trends for 2021 , combines the Japanese love of order with the relaxed casualness of Scandinavian design. Although the style’s color palette is based mainly on gray, white, black and wood tones, a touch of navy blue certainly doesn’t hurt. Warm wood, ceramics and natural materials create a sense of arrangement in harmony with nature. The navy blue color of the sofa here is associated with the element of water. A blue sofa in the living room will bring variety to the interior without disturbing its harmony. A simple sofa with slightly rounded shapes or a plain model with wooden legs, reminiscent of retro-style furniture, will go well with a Japandi living room. Decorate the sofa discreetly with a few pillows in beige or hand-dyed linen covers.

blue sofa scandinavian with white wall color and white plank floor

Blue sofa – which carpet?

dark blue corner sofa blue wall and yellow pillows

To give the sofa a colorful accent, we usually use matching pillows. That is why the carpet is often kept in subtle natural tones such as white, beige and gray. Used-look carpets are very popular right now and go just as well with the vintage look as they do with a modern ambience. Geometric and abstract patterns as well as interesting carpet structures also set themselves off very skillfully.

Sofa and armchair in navy blue are real eye-catchers in any living room

blue sofa matching wall color is light gray

Quilting goes well with velvet – such a duet exudes style and class!

dark blue corner sofa with wide seat and wooden legs

Yellow and gray go wonderfully with dark blue

blue sofa in modern living room combined with cushions in gray and yellow

Living room in industrial look with blue sofa as a focal point

living room with brick walls and black elements in industrial style

In combination with forest green and anthracite creates an atmosphere of refined elegance

japandi living room in dark green wood and anthracite with sofa and armchair in jeans blue

The accents in pink look interesting and unobtrusive at the same time

dark blue sofa combined with pink cushions

The combination of blue, gray and white looks airy and light

dark blue corner sofa with light gray wall color and cushions in gray and white

The blue sofa looks beautiful in front of a wall covered with wooden slats

blue sofa with upholstery in jeans look and matching cushions

The copper-colored accessories harmonize with the red brick wall

blue sofa combined with cushions and accessories in copper