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Lighting with pendant lamps: to which premises suits a pendant lamp?

A very decisive factor of the effect of an apartment or a room is the selected lighting. This applies not only to the light itself – is it particularly bright in color? – but also for the shape of the lights. Here it makes sense to plan the lighting properly in advance . But this also requires the appropriate knowledge: In which rooms do pendant luminaires fit at all? For this, certain findings have emerged, to which one should adhere, if one does not want to create an unsightly effect with his pendant lights.

Very high rooms require a pendant luminaire

Room with high ceiling and pendant light

A pendant light fits especially well in large rooms with high ceilings. These do not necessarily have to be part of an apartment. Such large rooms include hotel foyers, or any type of foyer, meeting hall or even stairwells of larger institutions. However, the pendant luminaires should not only visually fit well into the composition and help define it. Of course, they should fulfill their actual purpose, namely to provide good lighting for the room. Whereby “good” here is a matter of definition depending on the desired effect. A bar with a high ceiling needs a different intensity of lighting than an auditorium. In the best case, you can regulate the strength of the lighting with a pendant luminaire, in the optimal case even continuously.

Staircase lighting high ceiling multiple pendant lights

A great tip is to hang several pendant lights in a row in particularly high rooms. This is not only generally exceptional, but really makes a difference. It also causes the existence of several cones of light in one room at the same time, which always makes for interesting effects.

Also very attractive in private apartments

Pendant lights for lighting in apartment above dining table

In a private apartment, the use of pendant luminaires is especially recommended if you want to give a room a special eye-catcher or also have high ceilings there. This is usually the case in real old apartments, where the ceilings can be four meters high. What initially sounds like the dream of every apartment hunter, then often turns out to be quite bare and not very cozy after a longer look. Here, pendant lights – especially larger ones – help to visually reduce the space. The use to which such a room is put in an old apartment is of secondary importance. If there is a high ceiling, a pendant luminaire always fits in well, whether in bedrooms, living rooms or rooms used for other purposes.

Pendant light as a decorative accent in the room

Depending on the interior, a pendant lamp can of course be used without high ceilings, if it is also particularly integrated into the living image and can set an unusual highlight.

Pendant lights in the kitchen?

Pendant lights in kitchen over kitchen island

Whether a single pendant luminaire or several in a row: illuminating the dining table by means of a pendant luminaire is a good idea even with lower ceilings and is therefore widespread. The distance to the dining table should be between 70 and 85 centimeters, then the people present feel comfortable and the luminaire does not hang too low. At the same time, of course, care should be taken to ensure that the table is sufficiently illuminated, so that no one sits helplessly in the dark and can hardly recognize their food.


Pendant lights with elegant design in living room

A pendant luminaire is always a good choice when there are high ceilings or when a room needs to be given special charisma. In addition, it has established itself as the optimal solution for the dining area in the kitchen or living room.