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Living trend 2021: ideas on how to design open kitchen shelves.

When it comes to kitchen design, open kitchen shelves are the living trend 2021. In the past, they were a stopgap solution for lack of space, but nowadays they have become an important element of the living kitchen. Because on the open kitchen shelves have long found a place not only functional utensils and dishes, but also vases, home accessories, colored glasses and home-made plates. How to decorate them so that everything looks calm and yet stylish, we tell you in the article.

Living trend 2021: decoration for floating kitchen shelves.

Deco for floating kitchen shelves with ceramics and pictures

Floating kitchen shelves are a real eye-catcher, if they are properly staged. On it may everything that has a decorative value: From vintage vases to wooden bowls and paintings in small format. Those who still have great ceramic or porcelain dishes can also display them on the kitchen shelves.

Open shelves decorating ideas with art and rattan and ceramics

To make the decoration look calm, consider the color palette in advance. A neutral warm wood color along with white and dove blue is perfect for vintage style kitchen . The trio of colors will bring a touch of romance from the past times into the kitchen. Perfectly match small oil paintings or retro photos of the beach and sea.

floating kitchen shelves decorating ideas for small kitchens

Modern presents a decoration in copper, gold and terracotta. True to the motto “opposites attract”, you can combine decorative objects with matte and shiny surfaces. The end result is exciting contrasts that attract the eye. A wall in anthracite or another dark color will create the perfect background for the chic ensemble.

Floating kitchen shelves with lights decorating ideas and home trends 2021

For the kitchen in industrial style offer plant pots made of glass and metal, illuminated letters made of wood and decorations made of natural materials in jars. To make the floating kitchen shelves look charming even in the evening, you can illuminate them with a string of lights. Simply drape the string of lights between the decorative objects.

Country style decoration with open kitchen shelves

For the wall shelves in shabby chic style, choose bottles made of frosted glass, decorations with sea glass, drawings with nature motifs in wooden picture frames and cups with floral motifs. Several white pillar candles and ceramic dishes with scratches and traces of use add the finishing touches.

Open kitchen shelves decorating ideas and home trends 2021

Playful and charming presents a decoration in pink, white and gold. Motifs such as butterflies, birds and flowers as well as real potted plants bring a touch of nature into the house and give the decoration that certain something.

Decorate open kitchen shelves with ceramics and copper cookware

The next arrangement also gives the kitchen a lovely touch. Copper dishes, a painting with a gilded frame and a simple concrete vase with laurel branches create a charming trio. Perfect for kitchen with white fronts, which would otherwise look too sterile and boring.

Deco for floating kitchen shelves in vintage style

Old, new and homemade harmonize perfectly in the vintage kitchen. Combine ceramic dishes with floral motifs from the flea market with plain white plates and homemade decorations in jam jars. Simply remove the jar stickers and fill the jars with shells, sand or spices, coffee and salt. At the end, stick a number on each jar. Seasonal meadow flowers in a ceramic vase go great with this.

Living trend 2021: Decorate open kitchen shelves with clay plates

Home trend 2021 plates of clay arrange on open kitchen shelves hanging

Handmade earthenware adds a charming touch to modern country kitchens. Whether homemade or from the local pottery, each clay plate is unique. The tableware captivates with a brown hue and can also be hand-painted according to preferences.

Home trend 2021 in kitchen open shelves hanging and tile backsplash and home pottery plates

So much for old-fashioned: colorful clay plates not only look decorative, but also cut a fine figure as dinner plates. Clay dishes with a wavy edge bring a touch of nostalgia to the table and fit perfectly with the casual chic of the country kitchen.

Open kitchen shelves design ideas with plates made of clay

Plates in dark colors give a special character to the modern French-style kitchen. You can put together a colorful mix of light and dark shades, or still opt for the monochrome look.

open kitchen shelves decorate plates from clay

Clay tableware with color gradients is definitely in trend and lends itself to modern Japandi style kitchens. The natural material together with wood forms a natural duo and loosens up the clean lines of the kitchen cabinets with its attractive colors.

Pottery plates and use as decoration in the kitchen Wohtnrend 2021

In the retro kitchen it can be really colorful. The white cabinets and white tile backsplash create the perfect background for the collection of precious earthenware. Big, small, painted, shiny or still matte – everything is allowed to stand on the open kitchen shelves.

Open kitchen shelves hanging ideas for decorating with clay plates

Round monochrome plates, cups and bowls always look elegant. Group the tableware by color. The slight sinuous shape and matte finish are the unifying element between the groups.

Living trend 2021 open kitchen shelves hanging in the kitchen

By the way, in recent years another trend has crept into the hearts of kitchen designers. In the UK, more and more kitchens are built completely without cabinet doors. There is room for dishes, cutlery and accessories on shelves. Such kitchens have one advantage: the cook always has an overview and can quickly find everything he needs. However, so that it does not look too chaotic, you should choose cookware made of the same material.

Organize open kitchen shelves hanging in front of window with dishes

Not only earthenware may be displayed. You can also arrange ceramic or porcelain sets on open shelves. However, it is important that they look like handmade. Even if they are actually mass-produced.

Open kitchen shelves made of natural stone and plates made of earthenware

Home trend 2021: Colorful glassware as an accent and possible combination partners.

Living trend 2021 colored glassware arrange on open kitchen shelves

Colorful glassware brings a touch of luxury and sophistication to everyday life. Glassware with a patterned surface or beveled goblets show a particularly great deal of character. Create soft color gradients by juxtaposing glasses in multiple shades from the same color family.

Open kitchen shelves and colorful glassware living trend 2021

Proceed similarly to the clay plates and arrange the jars by color, shape or size. Grouping the glasses by color will create an exciting “rainbow” decoration that can spice up the white shelves of the minimalist kitchen.

Glass dishes and clay bowl and ceramics on open kitchen shelves

Colored glassware can also be grouped with clear glass, ceramic, metal or porcelain. Our tip is to try different variations. Make sure that all glasses, mugs, cups and plates are clearly visible. Otherwise, the shelves will look crowded and chaotic.

colorful glass bottles and jars and porcelain ceramics on white minimalist kitchen shelves

For the purist or Scandinavian kitchen, it is best to choose a neutral color palette of earth tones and blue sea tones. Sand color, copper, turquoise, dove gray and sky blue will make you dream of empty beaches with golden sand and give the interior a maritime touch.

Colored glassware on open shelves in retro kitchen

Living trend 2021: Copper cookware

Cookware copper to show off in the kitchen

Copper cookware is definitely on trend. If you don’t have pans and pots from your grandparents, you can easily find them in stores these days. And now even at a reasonable price. Copper pans, pots and teapots are not only very helpful in preparing food and drinks, they are also an absolute eye-catcher.

Show off copper cookware in the kitchen

Pans made of copper fit in the kitchen in a modern industrial style particularly harmoniously. The metal turns out to be an absolute multi-talent and can be easily combined with gold, brass, antique silver and even rose gold.

Living trend 2021 cookware copper to hang over stove

In the backdrop of the classic kitchen with its white marble countertop, white fronts and tile backsplash, the copper tableware always looks stunning.

Cookware copper in modern kitchen ideas

Glamorously, the copper tableware moves back onto the open shelves. Discreetly dosed and together with high-quality marble bowls, the pots and pans make the kitchen look especially classy.

Cookware copper as decoration in vintage kitchen among home trends 2021

The pots, teapots and pans in a reddish-brown copper tone also look great in the vintage kitchen. The copper tableware helps to highlight the open shelves. Combine accessories made of untreated wood with it. This will give the kitchen a nostalgic touch.

Cookware copper Pinterest trends for kitchen ideas for open wall shelves

The white kitchen looks too sterile and boring? Reach for copper, because the material can warm up any interior and make it look cozy.

Living trend 2021 copper cookware on floating wooden shelves

In order for the copper tableware to keep its attractive shine after each use, proper care is crucial. If you clean and polish the pan thoroughly, you will enjoy your tableware for a long time. But even if time is short and you simply skip polishing once in a while, the copper pots will continue to look attractive. In this case, a slight patina forms, the metal loses its luster and becomes darker.

Living trend 2021: Plate rack in the kitchen

Plate rack in kitchen for decoration ideas

Old-fashioned my ass: plate racks are more up-to-date than ever and the living trend 2021 par excellence. If you want to give your kitchen an individual touch, but unfortunately don’t have the space for open shelves, reach for the space-saving alternative.

Pinterest ideas and home trends for 2021 plate shelf compact

By the way, not only plates look good on the plate rack: small plants, books and even the new cutting board made of solid wood will also find a place there. The end result is a charming, eclectic ensemble that automatically draws the eye. As for the plate shelf, the rule of thumb is that the more eclectic the decoration, the simpler the shelf itself should be. It’s best to opt for shelves in neutral colors with a simple design.

Pinterest home trend 2021 plate rack in the kitchen

In order for plate shelves to fit harmoniously into the interior, they should be matched to the style of the kitchen. For example, in the purist kitchen, even a plain wooden strip will do.

Plate rack for country kitchen living trend 2021 on Pinterest ideas

In the vintage kitchen with adjacent dining area, a plate rack can be hung above the dresser or next to the breakfast bar. So in the morning you will always have the dishes within reach.

Plate rack integrated in kitchen from wood ideas

If you are just designing a kitchen, then you can also plan space for a plate rack. To create a coherent kitchen look, you can have it made of the same material as the kitchen cabinets.

Plate rack in kitchen retro style ideas

Open shelves give the kitchen more character and offer numerous decoration and design options. The most important thing is to match the shelves with the color of the kitchen and arrange the accessories so that the ensemble looks harmonious. You can show off not only your favorite set of dishes, but also family pictures, cookbooks, vases and homemade items. The possibilities are simply endless. So let your creativity run wild.

Purist plate racks in anthracite gray arranged with white plates, cutting board and green branches

Plate rack compact on Pinterest trends for 2021

Space-saving plate rack on a kitchen cabinet

Plate rack with box letters and plates for the kitchen

Rustic plate rack in a vintage or country kitchen

Plate shelf romantic for country style kitchen and decoration ideas

open kitchen shelves design ideas