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Countertop for the kitchen: what materials are in this year?

Cook delicious food and enjoy the evening with family or friends – the kitchen is the central room in any house or apartment. Kitchen trends for 2021 are more versatile than ever and the choice of furniture, kitchen fronts and colors is really wide. You don’t buy new kitchen furniture every few years, and most built-in kitchens are of such high quality that they can easily last for several decades. From sharp kitchen knives to hot pots and splashing water, kitchen countertops in particular often face many challenges. Not only must it be sturdy, heat-resistant and easy to clean, but it must also complement the complete look of our kitchen. How to choose the perfect kitchen countertop and what materials are in vogue, we explain below!

Kitchen countertop made of natural stone

Quartz countertop kitchen advantages and disadvantages kitchen trends 2021

A lot happens on the kitchen countertop every day: On it is cooked, chopped and any kitchen utensils are constantly moved back and forth. But not only the material, but also the appearance plays a decisive role in the purchase. The countertop can strongly influence the atmosphere of the room and should therefore visually harmonize with the wall color, flooring and kitchen fronts. Countertops for the kitchen made of natural stone are heat and cut resistant, look very noble and also offer a wide range of colors. There is a choice between marble, granite and slate. However, kitchen countertops made of granite are the most popular, as they are not only very robust and easy to clean, but also look great. Whether a modern kitchen or country style, granite is unique and transforms the room into a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the special durability of natural stone, you will enjoy this material for a long time.

Kitchen countertops made of quartz stone

Granite countertop kitchen advantages kitchen countertops comparison

If you love the look of stone and do not want to sacrifice modern features in the kitchen interior, then a countertop for the kitchen made of quartz stone is just right for you! Quartz is one of the hardest, naturally occurring materials and thus scores with an easy-care and extremely robust surface. Another advantage of quartz stone kitchen countertops is that they are non-porous and therefore particularly hygienic. Whether you prefer natural colors such as black , brown and white or rather with patterns and fine details – the material is incredibly versatile and brings a special liveliness to your kitchen!

Ceramic kitchen countertops

Ceramic kitchen countertop advantages kitchen trends 2021

Aesthetic, durable and robust – countertops for the kitchen made of ceramics are becoming increasingly popular. The material visually resembles granite, but is produced artificially. The plates are made of different, very finely ground clay materials, which are fired at very high temperatures. The result is an extremely smooth, hard and durable kitchen countertop that meets the highest standards. In addition, ceramics do not absorb odors, do not absorb liquids and are very easy to clean – even a damp cloth is perfectly sufficient to remove traces of cooking. Unlike other materials such as concrete or granite, ceramic countertops do not require impregnation. Whether metallic shimmering or classic matt – the material is very versatile and can be wonderfully adapted to any style of living.

Pure nature: countertop for the kitchen made of wood

modern kitchen interior kitchen countertop wood advantages

Are you a nature lover? Then a countertop for the kitchen made of wood would be the best possible choice for you! Beautifully warm, sustainable and uniquely cozy – wood captivates with its naturalness and gives the room a distinctive and cozy atmosphere. Whether it’s classic oak, warm cherry or traditional maple – wooden kitchen countertops are available in every imaginable finish and are suitable for any kitchen interior thanks to the wide range of different brown tones.

Countertop kitchen wood rustic decor kitchen trends 2021

However, since wooden kitchen countertops are a natural product, you should pay attention to proper care. It is important to know that they do not tolerate heat. To maintain the natural grain and make the material a little more resistant to liquids, clean the top with special oils. To prevent the countertop from warping and the wood from swelling, regular maintenance is essential. Do you love the warm appearance of wood, but the maintenance is too time-consuming for you? Then you would be best advised with kitchen countertops made of laminate or laminate – they look incredibly similar to real wood countertops, but are much more robust and easy to maintain.

Ideas countertop kitchen granite kitchen countertops advantages