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Cheap kitchen backsplash: 3 ideas for easy and affordable DIY solutions for your kitchen!

A kitchen backsplash is not only a splashback, but also a key eye-catcher. However, installing a backsplash is a costly affair, and due to the high effort involved, many people definitely do not consider this a DIY project. For those who want a decorative kitchen backsplash but don’t want to hire a professional tiler, there are now other options. Today, we’re going to show you 3 simple and inexpensive ideas for a kitchen backsplash that you can do yourself even with a little bit of handyman skills.

Cheap alternative for kitchen backsplash: self-adhesive tile stickers

Tile stickers in marble look for the kitchen backsplash

Tile stickers are made of various materials, such as waterproof vinyl with realistic-looking 3D images. There are also 3D wall tiles made of silica gel (silica gel), which have a textured tile surface and even mimic the aesthetics of natural materials like mother of pearl. They are available in a variety of attractive designs and look very similar to their natural counterparts. Plus, they’re 100 percent DIY-friendly: just peel off the protective film and stick on the wall covering. Stick-on tile films are also very easy to clean – to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Sticking tile foils yourself saves a lot of money

Cheap kitchen backsplash with light blue tile stickers

Applying a peel & stick tile foil to the wall behind a kitchen or bathroom sink is a quick way to change the entire look of the room. It’s also relatively inexpensive. A set of 10 self-adhesive 3D vinyl sheets costs about €30-40 and is enough for about 1 square meter.

The application is not difficult at all

Apply tile stickers for kitchen yourself

Most tile stickers can be easily cut with scissors or a box cutter. However, to achieve the best result, it is recommended to create a template that fits around a socket, cabinet or window molding. To do this, cut a piece of paper to the appropriate location. Make sure the paper fits the spot and then transfer the cut lines to your tile decal.

Tile stickers look confusingly similar to real tiles

Tile stickers in white for cheap kitchen backsplash

When choosing tile decals, pay attention to the colors and designs that are otherwise used in the room. There is a wide selection of decals in tile or mosaic look, as well as those in stone, brick or wood look. Make sure that the design you choose matches the other accents in your kitchen.

The tile foils are waterproof

Correctly apply tile stickers on kitchen backsplash

For best results, choose tile decals with staggered, interlocking edges that fit together like puzzle pieces, rather than tiles with flat edges that form a visible seam.

Tile stickers give a new shine to an old kitchen

Tile stickers in white for wooden kitchen with black countertop

Inexpensive solution: design kitchen backsplash with wallpaper

Wallpaper with rose pattern for kitchen backsplash in white country kitchen

Wallpaper as a long-lasting kitchen backsplash? You bet. Apply a durable, washable vinyl wallpaper to create a pretty kitchen backsplash. Even expensive material doesn’t cost much because you need very little.

High-quality vinyl wallpaper is washable, making it perfect for a kitchen backsplash

Vinyl wallpaper for kitchen patterned

Meanwhile, there are sturdy vinyl wallpapers that have a splash-proof surface, making them suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. Splash-proof wallpapers are resistant to moisture and humidity and can withstand scrubbing.

With a wallpaper kitchen backsplash becomes a real eye-catcher

Tile backsplash with wallpaper washable

The good thing is that vinyl wallpaper is easier to apply than other wallpapers because it is not as wobbly. For most vinyl wallpapers, you will need a special vinyl wallpaper paste (read the manufacturer’s instructions). Before you start wallpapering, treat your wall with a primer for vinyl wallpaper (also available at wallpaper stores).

Design kitchen backsplash with washable wallpaper

Cut the wallpaper in the desired strips and coat the back with the paste. You can use a short-pile roller to apply the paste. For small pieces, the paste brush is also an option. Let the paste dry on the wallpaper for five minutes before applying it to the wall. But do not wait too long!

Kitchen backsplash idea - sticking plexiglass on wallpaper

Do you want to renew your old kitchen? The space between the upper cabinets and the countertop usually doesn’t provide enough room to apply the wallpaper easily. In such difficult places, you have to bend and twist a lot to make sure that the wallpaper is applied straight, and then remove the dreaded bubbles. But in the end, everything can turn out well.

Wallpaper kitchen backsplash

You definitely need to have a helper with you. Whether it’s having a person hold the top of the wallpaper so it doesn’t slide down while you try to align it at the bottom or remove bubbles, you need a friend to help you.

Design kitchen back wall with wallpaper

Once you get a working system set up, it can take you about two hours to finish putting up the wallpaper. So it’s a DIY project that you can do in a day.

Kitchen mirror with wallpaper behind plexiglass

Want to protect your wallpaper from grease stains from splashing oil on the stove? Plexiglas is a wonderful solution because it’s easy to clean! In addition, the material is resistant to breakage and impact. If it is far enough away from the stove top, there is also no danger of it melting!

Vinyl wallpaper in wood look for kitchen back wall

The easiest way to mount the plexiglass is to stick it directly to the wallpaper with the help of transparent adhesive dots. In this case, you can apply Plexiglas either only on the wall behind the hob or cover the entire area between the countertop and wall cabinets with it.

A smooth transition from the cooking to the dining and living area can be ideally realized with wallpaper and Plexiglas

Living kitchen visually connect with seating area by wallpaper

In an open kitchen-living room, this simple back wall can work wonders

Wallpaper with birch motif for kitchen back wall

The wallpaper motif fits wonderfully with the white kitchen with black countertop

Wallpaper and splashback combo for modern kitchen

The height of the kitchen back wall varies depending on the kitchen

small kitchen counter in purple with wallpaper for kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplash with laminate

Laminate for kitchen backsplash in country kitchen

Laminate is not only a popular floor covering, but also a very interesting wall covering. The material is particularly robust and can be cleaned easily, which is of course very important for a kitchen backsplash. Most stains can be cleaned with a sponge and some washing-up liquid, and the laminate will look like new again in just a few minutes.

The higher the usage class, the more scratch and abrasion resistant the laminate is

Laminate tiles for kitchen backsplash

A click laminate is basically laid floating on the floor. But for a wall installation it is recommended to use mounting adhesive . Alternatively, there are rail systems on the market, with which the laminate can be mounted on the wall.

Thanks to modern click systems laminate can be installed quickly and easily

Kitchen back wall from laminate make yourself

Another advantage of laminate is that it is very easy to cut, for example, to adjust the length of the laminate planks or make cutouts for sockets and light switches. Use a pencil to mark the place where you want to cut the laminate, and then use a jigsaw to saw it to size. It is the universal tool that almost every DIYer has at home.

Laminate kitchen backsplash cheap

If you choose laminate as a kitchen backsplash, you can match the design to your kitchen decor. On the market, you can find both sleek, modern-looking laminate planks and rustic versions. By the way, many manufacturers also offer laminate floors in different colors, as well as those that look like stone or metal. With so many aesthetically pleasing options, you can easily add a stylish and unique touch to your home.

Cover kitchen back wall with laminate

If you already have wooden cabinets, a wooden kitchen backsplash might be too much of a good thing. But for white kitchen fronts or kitchens with open shelving, a laminate backsplash will bring just the right amount of rustic texture to your modern kitchen.

A wood backsplash harmonizes perfectly with white kitchen cabinets

Kitchen backsplash from laminate do it yourself for white kitchen

A tile floor covering goes best with the laminate backsplash

modern gray kitchen and laminate panels for kitchen backsplash

You can also cover only part of the wall with laminate

modern kitchen with laminate backsplash