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Interior Trends 2022: How to design and creatively furnish your interiors according to the current trends.

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to the overall aesthetics and well-being when designing their interiors. For millennia, interior trends have been used as aesthetic tools in attempts to find some kind of inner peace. After two pretty difficult years, it’s important to create a home where residents feel comfortable. Accordingly, the current home decor trends of 2022 reflect this pleasant feeling. Here are some inspiring examples from the world of interior design that can help you transform your home in the best possible way.

Create new designs using colors and materials for atmospheric interiors

interior design trend 2022 in scandinavian style by creating minimalist furnishings for the interiors

This year’s interior design trends are shaping the way many style-conscious people decorate their homes and design their interiors. Take, for example, the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, in which spatial positioning corresponds with energy flow. The Japanese practice of Wabi Sabi, embracing imperfections, or ancient Rome’s preference for using earth-tone colors and geometric patterns to mimic nature’s harmony are also trending.

add emerald green as an accent color 2022 for a relaxing feeling to the living space

As for furnishings, there are some new colors, textures and materials , but especially new moods. The way people live and spend their time at home has changed subtly. First of all, everyone craves a better perspective, and to achieve this, you need to condition your own brain to think more positively. You can do this by surrounding yourself with things that make you happy.

70s style and interior design following interior trend 2022 and create cozy interiors

In 2022, some interior design trends of recent years remain. Perhaps because most people want to hold on to the calm they created during the chaos of 2020. Trends like Scandinavian-style minimalism, as well as neutral colors and Japandi, remain very popular design choices for interior design lovers around the world. In addition, this year’s interior design trends serve as a metaphor for growth, resilience and innovation from the past two years.

combine curved upholstered furniture as living room trend 2022 with artistic tables and rugs

The possible designs are varied and almost endless, with attention to detail expressed with colors and decoration. However, some newer trends are coming into play that are the complete opposite of minimalism. They encourage designers to embrace a more versatile lifestyle like maximalism, with TikTok partly responsible for this takeoff. Just read on to learn more about the new trends in interior design.

The new kind of nostalgia called newstalgia as a home trend

wallpapers and ceilings in striking patterns and combined with retro upholstered furniture

Newstalgia is already popping up everywhere in 2022. For those who don’t know, the look combines vintage and retro furniture with luxurious finishes and furnishings in a way that feels current and impressive. For example, combine your great-grandmother’s oak buffet with a modern marble dining table. By and large, this0 is a mix of interiors that fluctuate between the nostalgic vibes of the noughties and the use of more minimalist and eco-friendly styles. Basically, if the sets of “Clueless” and “Kevin – Home Alone” had a baby with “Ex Machina”, this would give the so-called newstalgia.

Choose sculptural lighting for the living rooms

striking interior design with natural materials like wood and extravagant wall lighting

The most common design elements you can do to your home this year include sculptural lighting. Etsy’s 2021 Trends Report revealed a 27 percent increase in such lighting fixtures, ranging from spider pendants to abstract sconces. The whole thing is meant to add character and eccentricity to a space.

sculptural lighting and patterns on walls influenced by trendy home decor and suitable for any room

Just like the newstalgia described above, this year’s lighting trends take their cues from the past. There are designs from 20th century movements like Art Deco , Early Modern, Bauhaus and Atomic Age. Think lights with industrial metal accents, antique finishes and frosted glass.

Follow the trend with cocooning furniture

follow interior trends 2022 and use cocooning furniture for more comfort and well-being in the room

In terms of home decor trends, cool cocooning has been gaining momentum for some time and is growing rapidly for 2022. Comfortable armchairs and sofas, curvy shapes and cozy fabrics are all the rage right now. In addition, there is a shift in what customers are looking for – more homey comfort seating with deep cushions and more curves in general. Thus, creating a living space where you can lie, relax or just sit. So comfort, cocooning and creating your own world, whether La Dolce Vita of the Italians or Hygge of the Danes, is a key theme in 2022.

Use green tones as accent colors and use them to design interiors

create stylish and comfortable seating in your home

By now, you’ve probably noticed that shades of green are the trend color of 2022. However, the most interesting thing about this trend is that it stems from biophilia and holistic well-being. A clean home means less cluttered environments, and the color green, chosen by five major paint companies as their official color of the year, speaks to well-being.

design interiors and accentuate green tones with the help of living room trends 2022

Garlands, ferns, vertical walls, privacy screens, planter ceilings and indoor gardens are definitely trending right now. Overall, the look combines vibrant greenery and decorative tones for open, airy spaces infused with relaxed 70s styles.

Fill the living spaces with sea colors

paint walls in living area in sea colors and floral patterns and design interiors

Aquamarine, which reflects the calming color of the sea, is also one of the hottest shades of the season. Opt for larger pieces of furniture wrapped in oceanic hues, or dress up smaller accessories if you just want a cooling shot of teal brilliance. This is a new curated selection for interiors, with eye-catching hues that fit perfectly into an elegant style. Such a design for wallpaper or wall coverings offers an eye-catching striped pattern. In addition, you can choose between botanical green, gray/silver and anthracite/gold. Special surface inks make the wallpaper shimmer in the light and offer eye-catching color for the wall.

Furnish living room with eye-catching furniture

choose noble pieces of furniture in eye-catching colors for living spaces following the current trends 2022

In 2022, designers are still obsessed with jewel tones in furniture. Warm jewel tones are seen in rich hues, such as burnt orange pillows on the sofa and bedding with deep blue and green accent patterns. They use rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts and luxurious gold-colored pieces that can enhance a room with dramatic, accent colors. In short, it is the easiest way to create a moody atmosphere in a bedroom or living room.

Add contemporary illusion painting

apply illusion painting or mock architecture to your home according to interior design trend 2022

In mock architecture, trompe l’oeil literally means “to deceive the eye” and is an artistic device or conceit that has been found in the artistic landscape for centuries – part demonstration of an artist’s skill, part delight for the viewer. Thus, you add a bit of unexpected humor to your home, which can be a topic of conversation that will amaze both you and your guests. Moreover, this style fits well into the current living room trends. It plays with depth and perspective, creating the illusion and leaving the interpretation of the space to the imagination of the observers. Such lines, with which you can design your interiors, are drawn freehand directly on the reflective surface. They naively reproduce an additional environment than the reflected one.

Decorate walls with plates

plates and dishes as design elements for walls in kitchens or dining areas following the trend 2022

Another trend in interior design is walls that you can beautify by adding plates or other design elements. Even before the pandemic broke out and many people were stuck at home entertaining, dinnerware developed a new kind of cultural cachet. Tastemakers who love tabletops have been taking plates out of the cabinets and putting them on the walls, of course. While the trend focuses on showing off dinnerware, many designers are complementing the look with baskets and glassware to add more dimension.

Designing sustainable interiors

use natural materials and colors and design bedrooms and interiors in a sustainable way

Sustainability is a home decor trend that has also been around for a few years. In 2022, the design trend for sustainable interiors continues as well. Upcycling, for example, allows you to take old furniture pieces and waste materials and create a new product from them. So in terms of sustainability, upcycling is an interior design trend that everyone can get behind. You can also find this trend in popular chain stores. For example, IKEA uses a lot of upcycling materials. Curtains are made from PET bottles and new rugs and pillows are designed from fabric scraps.

Using natural materials for interior design

living trend 2022 with upcycling of wooden furniture pieces and natural interior design in the kitchen area

One of the overarching themes of home decor trends for 2022 is nature. This can be seen in the color trends for 2022 and also in the way people decorate their homes. Furniture and decor made from natural materials is an easy way to give your home a natural look. However, when doing so, make sure to choose items where the materials are ethically sourced.

Add plants and biophilic design

bright bathroom with sea blue tiles and artistic decorative elements as interior design trend 2022

Biophilia is the human desire to connect with nature. And this is reflected accordingly in the 2022 interior design trends. This connection to nature can be made in a number of ways. The easiest way to bring nature into your home is to add plants when you design your interiors. In addition, there are many books that will help you create an oasis of indoor plants. This love of nature continues in your personal life. Therefore, it is likely that in the coming years there will be more living both indoors and outdoors.