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How to use emerald green for your living room – design ideas for cozy and inviting living spaces.

The appropriate color decoration of the interior can be a big undertaking, but if you choose emerald green for your living room, you’ll be right on trend. Thus, you can create a living space that is both open and inviting, and calm and relaxing. Often the different color schemes come into conflict, especially when it comes to design. This is because softer colors often evoke a peaceful atmosphere, while bright colors create a sense of energy. Emerald green decor, however, is quite current and versatile, according to designers and homeowners. Discover here some great ideas using the trendy color to add unique color accents to your own living space.

Why your living room should look emerald green

modern design by wall color emerald green set as accent

The emerald green hue is not only for its versatility and ability to complement diverse designs and decor, but also because the color can create a home that is at once warm, calming and inviting. In addition, emerald green is still a color of the year chosen by Etsy for good reason. You can use it for a plant oasis, or an inviting place for family and social gatherings. So decorate your living room emerald green for a home that exudes calm and peace. Here are some suggestions on pretty design options with the trending color and why you should think about adding it.

Add emerald green color accents to your living space

decoration elements in living room emerald green design

If you’re choosing this color for the first time, interior design experts say it’s best to start small. Instead of using emerald green as an eye-catching wall color in the beginning, you could simply incorporate it as a decorative object or even a rug emerald green. Moreover, emerald green is wonderful for accenting any room in your home. Accordingly, you can highlight them only as an accent wall or as an eye-catching decorative element in the room.

bedding emerald green deco as a contrasting color in the bedroom

The rich green shade harmonizes especially well with natural wood tones and monochrome patterns. Thus, it ensures a stylishly designed ambience. Moreover, the color concept still encourages decorating with green furniture as well as accessories. Opt for something unexpected to make a unique statement with it. For example, choose an emerald green lampshade in your bedroom, or decorate your bedroom with bedding emerald green. Such a throw on the sofa will also fit perfectly if you use emerald green in the living room for a sophisticated and high-end look.

Combination with other shades

natural retro style living room and emerald green couch with orange cushions

If you want to create a relaxed feel-good atmosphere, then you could add emerald green to other dark colors in the room for more depth and richness. Many designers nowadays like to work with this when they implement their design projects with emerald green color combinations. They usually use many additional bold colors for their design ideas, and emerald green is quite a popular choice. The way this hue blends in great as a complement to blues and browns brings a richness to an interior, from the feeling of being in the woods during the day to romantic coziness in the evening.

Here’s how emerald green can become a wall color in the living room

trendy interior design in living room emerald green trend color of the year 2022

While some design experts encourage keeping up with this 2022 trend color and going slow, others believe the opposite should be true. According to them, if you want to design with emerald green, it is best to proceed holistically. Moreover, fully colored emerald green living spaces are all the rage right now. This design concept is both dark, atmospheric and mysterious, as well as cozy and luxurious. These are all terms that designers claim describe the emerging trend.

integrate emerald green color trend everywhere indoors

The key to successfully creating an ambiance with this regal color is to use it throughout the room. This can be done by painting several surfaces in the living room emerald green. This can be doors, walls, trim and in some cases even the ceilings. At the same time, you should not limit yourself to just painting. For example, if you use emerald green for your sofa, or opt for an emerald green couch, the room will still look good with it.

use brass lamp in combination with pink sofa for living room emerald green

As an accent, the color can be highlighted, for example, by cushions with a leopard pattern and rich velvet fabric in jewel tones. Antique brass decorative elements or dark, moody paintings could equally balance the color scheme. Rich antiques made of mahogany wood could round it all off.

Design living spaces with emerald green on a neutral base

stylish living room emerald green trend color 2022

If you’re not quite ready to go all out, interior designers recommend using neutral hues and furnishings to center emerald green rather than making the color the focal point. In addition, using a neutral base for large items like sofas, rugs, and the chairs that go with them could make for a stylish combination. However, to make a big impression, you can put in some emerald green velvet chairs. You can also repeat this color throughout the room with smaller decorative elements like vases, etc. This way, the whole thing will still look neutral, but definitely won’t look boring.

Replace black with emerald green

emerald green wall color as an accent in living spaces

Another way to start small is to use emerald green as a darker shade and/or as a substitute for black. This allows you to use the trendy color in place of black shades as a neutral substitute. Accordingly, deep shades of green go wonderfully with warm white, blue-green and pink. This allows you to make grandma’s favorite jewel tone fresh and modern again.

rustic backsplash and emerald green blanket with same color pillows in bedroom

The concept also encourages bringing in elements from nature. Plants or other earthy greens will thus create a sense of connection throughout the living space. Emerald green is just a classic color that creates a visual connection with nature. Unlike the trends of the past season, this shade is not shy or reserved, but rich, saturated and absolutely fabulous.

Layering shades of color in the living room emerald green

combine modern and natural green tones in living room

One of the most effective ways to decorate with emerald green is to intentionally bring the hue into the room through layering. Designers try to mix the hue with other shades of green to create a skillful layering effect. In this way, emerald green contrasts with other greens, yet doesn’t feel at all out of place or overwhelming. In a home bar or lounge area, for example, a layered effect is appropriate, as it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Accordingly, a lighter, muted green on the cabinets can be perfectly combined with bold emerald green shades of upholstered furniture.