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How to find the perfect sofa table: The right coffee table is a real star space miracle

For practical storage near the sofa, a coffee table is very clever. Alternatives such as stools or a small side table will do, if only a place for the remote control or a drinking glass is needed – but a classic sofa table offers many more possibilities. It is a stylish accessory and can be a real storage miracle at the same time. But what is the maximum size it can be and what kind of rug will go well with it? Here you can find out how to find the right coffee table for you.

Choosing the perfect sofa table: What size?

Coffee table which design choose tips

When choosing dimensions, the sofa table should fit both the size of the sofa and the size of the room. It should not obstruct any walkways in a small room. If you have a corner sofa , a table longer than the sofa sides would be much too large and the proportions would no longer be correct. Even with a single piece of furniture, the coffee table should not be wider than the seat itself.

Coffee table in the living room decorate matching guide

While it’s all a matter of taste, many feel a third to half the length of the sofa is a harmonious size for a coffee table . With a suitable restrained lighting and a carpet, which is at least 30-50 cm wider than the table, the furniture is also pleasantly set in scene. Whether the table should be more filigree or solid, also depends on the existing sofa.

Find the perfect sofa table: What height?

Plants and fruits on the sofa table

Since you often watch TV or read comfortably while lying on a sofa, the table must not be too high, of course. As a rule of thumb, the top should be slightly lower than the seat, so that you can easily look over both the sofa table and objects lying on it to the TV. Low seating surfaces and therefore low tables have become fashionable.

Coffee table in the living room choose correctly guide

Seniors who have difficulty standing up, however, should definitely look for higher sofas with rather firm upholstery and then also choose an equally suitable higher sofa table. Alternatively, there are also height-adjustable sofa tables or versions that can be extended at short notice when visitors arrive.

Which design?

Living room furnishings with two coffee tables

Sofa tables come in all shapes, colors and materials. Those who are rather young and cheeky, for example, furnished with a green sofa, can choose an equally unusual table for it, as well as a very clear and purist to emphasize the special couch. Those who have a clear interior design style will find it easier to find the right table in the great variety of options. Possibly the old designer saying “form follows function” helps in the selection. Is the table only to be used as a storage surface for a few things or is storage space needed for a TV newspaper, card games, pens, handkerchiefs or even pillows or a wool blanket? Then drawers or folding compartments in a wooden table are immensely practical. A solid concrete table, on the other hand, is less likely to be an option.

Select coffee table: Conclusion

A sofa table is often the focal point of the living room and should therefore look good. If you want to accommodate many things, you are better off with a variant that offers a lot of storage space. In any case, the coffee table must be of a suitable size and height for the sofa. If you choose a design that matches the rest of the interior style, the table will act as a harmonious eye-catcher. The infinite variety offers a lot of design freedom, depending on taste and budget.