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Home trends for spring: colors, fabrics and spring decorations that create a cheerful mood.

Slowly the weather is getting warmer and the days – longer. Then the winter decoration is out of place. Instead, colorful bedspreads with floral patterns, pictures with dried flowers and accessories in pastel colors decorate the apartment. We give you an overview of the latest living trends for spring and explain which materials, colors and decorations are particularly trendy at the moment.

Home trends for spring: Biophilic interiors

Interior design ideas for spring decorating with fabrics and colors

The term biophilia stands for the need for contact with nature. Rooms flooded with sunlight and well ventilated, furniture made of native natural materials, lots of indoor plants and a color palette of earth tones create a relaxing atmosphere. Very important is the seamless transition between inside and outside. For this purpose, rustic, organic and sustainable elements are incorporated into the interior design. Sideboards made of recycled wood, tree trunk tables and sofas with linen covers create a charming ensemble. Muted wall colors like cream, camel and olive green exude tranquility. Seasonal flowers and ornamental grasses create a connection to nature.

Living trends for spring: upholstered furniture with curves

Upholstered furniture with curves sofa in white

Gone are the days of furniture with jagged tips and edges. Instead, this spring we’re furnishing our homes with sofas and armchairs with curvy arms and backs. The furniture fits harmoniously into the biophilic interior. They score not only with functionality, but also provide the highest seating comfort.

The interior trend is currently enjoying increasing popularity. Numerous magazines have already reported on the style of living. One finds this new living trend in the councellor magazine KulturPixel , a new German on-line magazine. The portal offers useful information about living, gardening, health, beauty and fashion trends, and also reports the novelties in the economic field.

Living trends for spring: textiles for a natural feeling

Furnish and decorate with fabrics in spring 2022

High-quality textiles such as merino wool and linen have important properties such as feel, warmth and odor resistance. Textured fabrics create a homey ambiance and can completely transform a room. Coarse-fibered bedspreads, hand-woven rugs and decorative pillows made of organic cotton set accents in living and sleeping areas.

Living accessories in ethnic look

The so-called ethno-elegance is currently very trendy. Home accessories such as Berber baskets, wooden objects and lampshades with striking patterns bring a touch of exoticism from faraway lands into your own four walls. They also bring color to plain interiors and loosen up the austere look of purist furniture. They go especially well with other decorative pieces made of wicker, sisal or leather, which also stand for the earthy charm of the style of living.

Glazed ceramic vases

Vases as decoration on the coffee table

The vases made of glazed ceramics, which look sculptural and puristic, are currently very trendy. If you want to bring variety to the interior without spending big, you can opt for a cylindrical vase in muted colors. Perfect for arranging bouquets in the spring! Alternatively, you can arrange individual flowers in several small vases from a series.

Dry flowers from your own garden

Spring decorating with dried flowers in a picture frame

Spring bloomers look good not only in the garden or on the balcony. Also dried, on the wall in the living room , they make visually something. Pictures with dried flowers give the room character and create a spring-like ambience. If you have some time on the weekend, you can create a picture yourself. For this purpose, simply dry crocuses, pansies and other spring flowers, and then arrange them as desired.