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Green sofa on trend: 18 interior design ideas & tips on what goes with it!

Although lounge furniture in shades of gray is still very popular, green is appearing more and more often. This is hardly surprising, because the color is natural, effective and fascinating, and can change the ambience of a room in an instant. A green sofa in the living room is an expressive element that makes the interior more interesting and elegant.

small green sofa and light wall color

In 2021, green , which refers to nature, is one of the hottest colors – so it’s worth thinking about how to use it in the interior. How does a living room look with a green sofa? We have prepared 6 inspirations depending on the interior style that will help you match the sofa model to the character of your home.

1. japandi style living room

living room furnishings green sofa

Japandi living trend is characterized by simplicity, elegance and openness. What does it have in common with the Scandi style? Both rely on natural materials, functionality, neutral and warm colors, and cozy lighting. Japandi style is minimalist, casually elegant, but also cozy and calm.

green sofa in japandi living room - which rug

The interior does not disturb with too many decorations or furniture and focuses on a few details. Therefore, a living room reminiscent of the Japanese aesthetic looks clean, calm and refined. Is there room for color? Yes, of course! A striking green sofa replaces all unnecessary decorations and creates a harmonious contrast between the simple, bright colors of Scandi style and the dark shades of Japan.

green large sofa combined with gray rug with leaf pattern

2. Scandinavian modern living room with a hint of green.

scandinavian furnishings and green sofa as an accent

Nordic interior style is a combination of beauty, simplicity and functionality. A Scandinavian living room usually has white or light gray walls, which form the basis for a neutral color palette with individual accents in more vibrant colors. The furnishings use natural materials such as wood and stone, which bring a touch of nature to the living room. The incidence of light through the windows also plays an important role in the feeling of the room, which is why curtains or drapes are usually avoided. When in doubt, choose light gray curtains without patterns. They always fit.

green sofa scandinavian

How does the green sofa match the Scandinavian living room decor? Perfectly. While it’s an eye-catching piece that’s in keeping with Scandinavian functionality, it’s also a comfortable resting place for reading, watching TV or taking a nap in the afternoon. Yellow and gray are the best combination partners for green and, together with white, create a particularly harmonious ambience.

green sofa what goes with it

3. a cozy living room with Scandi Boho ambience.

interior design ideas green sofa and black and white

Scandi-Boho style is a skillful combination of Scandinavian simplicity with elements of boho style. The rooms are bright, open and functional, but they do not lack bold colors, ethnic accessories and crazy patterns. Snow-white walls and light wooden floors should be complemented with wicker accessories, decorative vases made of clay or earthenware should be placed on shelves, as well as impressive flower pots – for example, popular pots in the shape of a head. The interior should be full of greenery and soft textiles, including patterned pillows with interesting textures, decorated with tassels or decorative pompoms.

green sofa matching rug

Boho loves everything original, exotic and connected with nature. The modern version of the style usually relies on white, gray and beige as basic colors, but colorful accessories look great against this background. If you want to make a strong accent in your boho living room with a sofa, choose a piece of furniture in a rich emerald tone, which will perfectly harmonize with potted plants . Olive and lime green sofas also look great. If you don’t want to create such strong contrasts, choose covers in lighter colors, such as mint green or sage green.

Scandi boho style living room with dark green sofa

In a boho-chic style living room, the cover of a green sofa should be made of a high-quality material with a distinct texture. For a more extravagant effect, choose corduroy. As for the model, anything that pleases is allowed – the more versatile, the better. A green sofa from grandmother’s time will look just as good as a sofa with stylish quilting or a spacious corner sofa, where the whole family can sit comfortably.

green sofa decorate with pillows

Decorations play an important role in the boho living room with green sofa. Bright pillowcases made of natural fabrics, fancy pillows with ethnic patterns and strongly contrasting pillows in red, mustard or pink will look good on a green sofa.

green velvet sofa combined with scandi rug

4. retro living room with green sofa.

green sofa in retro living room

Retro style usually refers to the design of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s – what distinguishes it? Bold colors, fascinating patterns, interesting fabric textures and distinctive furniture. The easiest way to give the room such an atmosphere is to choose the right colors – the best is bottle green, which perfectly reflects the slightly crazy and original aesthetics of retro style. Impressive green wallpaper with floral patterns will be a fantastic base, to which you just need to add the right accessories – a great idea is to combine different motifs and use original trinkets from the flea market and lots of green plants.

dark green sofa combine wall color light gray

Interiors furnished in retro style are characterized by exceptional coziness and warm character. The furniture plays the main role here, so the sofa of your choice will become the focal point of the interior. It should be wide, long and upholstered with the right fabric – to emphasize the retro character of the living room, it is best to choose stylish and soft velor.

5. green sofa in the loft living room.

green sofa decorate with yellow pillows

Loft style is based on minimalist design and sparse colors, but that doesn’t mean that green sofas are out of place in such a living room. After all, interesting accessories look good on a raw background, and a sofa in a rich color can be one of them. You can opt for an interesting vintage sofa or a high-end piece of designer furniture – a dark green Chesterfield sofa made of eco-leather is a hit right now.

industrial living room decor green sofa

Functionality is important in a loft-style living room. Therefore, a large green corner sofa with a sleeping function is perfect – choose a model with a simple, geometric shape and perfectly show off the color against a brick wall.

petrol green sofa combined with light gray curtains and black and white kitchen

6. green sofa in an art deco living room.

green velvet sofa combine with cushions in animal prints

The design of the interwar period, which is currently making a comeback , loves refinement, luxury and a bit of craziness. In an Art Deco living room, a green sofa has a chance to become a real star of the interior. The most spectacular effect will be achieved if you choose a large, streamlined sofa, which is extremely trendy in 2021. The second option is a small, extravagant-looking shell sofa.

green velvet sofa combine with gold elements

Green sofa in art deco living room should be covered with beautiful velvet. On the seat you can put two or three decorative pillows in a contrasting color. For a glamorous effect, place a geometric table made of glass, metal or marble next to the sofa. A living room with a green sofa also needs atmospheric lighting, for example, an elegant floor lamp or a fancy chandelier made of glass and metal.

green sofa gold and black