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Graffiti art for the apartment: tips for modern wall design!

When most people hear the word “graffiti”, they immediately think of either painted walls, trains and public spaces or vandalism. However, graffiti art has continued to evolve into a trend over the past few decades. The chic decorations transform empty and bland walls in the apartment into beautiful eye-catchers and create a unique ambience. You can see more and more often houses or office buildings decorated with dynamic and eye-catching images. Are you looking for ideas for a cool and modern wall design ? In this article, we will show you great ideas with graffiti for home and still give helpful tips.

Modern wall design with graffiti art wall decorating ideas

Whether directly on the wall, as an original picture or just to spice up old furniture – modern graffiti art gives you the opportunity to brighten up your home in a spectacular and unique way. From photorealistic, large forest landscapes to elegant graffiti canvases, the artworks will make your everyday life more colorful and create an unforced and inviting atmosphere. Due to the ingredients it contains, graffiti is more durable than, for example, wallpaper or wall tattoos. You have already decided on a particular motif or theme? Then all you need is the right graffiti artist , who will implement your ideas and finally bring them to the wall.

Graffiti art in the apartment – directly on the wall or rather as graffiti canvas?

Graffiti art wall design ideas for living room

After you have decided on a motif, you should think carefully whether the image should be sprayed directly on the wall or rather on a canvas, which they then hang in any room. Whether the walls are made of brick, normal concrete or plasterboard, it does not really matter. Graffiti can be wonderfully sprayed on any material. However, in some cases, an appropriate primer might be necessary. The biggest advantage of graffiti canvases is that you can always take them with you when you move.

In which rooms will the artwork look best?

Graffiti Wandgesltung trend living room walls decorate

The most beautiful thing about graffiti art is that you can use it to spruce up the walls in absolutely any room in the apartment. The realistic images change the appearance of the room and that’s why you should make sure that they match the rest of the decor. For example, if there is a chic Scandinavian touch in your home, then you can go for beautiful and delicate artworks that will complete the whole look wonderfully. Even black and white is a chic combination that could work.

Modern wall design living room graffiti art ideas

However, you can use graffiti artwork to decorate far more than just the walls – it can also be used to give old furniture a new lease of life. Whether an old closet, a chest of drawers or wardrobe – with the spray can any piece of furniture becomes a real eye-catcher.

Chic and modern – graffiti for the children’s room

Graffiti in the apartment tips modern wall design living room

Especially popular lately are graffiti for the children’s room. Colorful and colorful wall design stimulates the creativity of children and always ensures a good mood. Popular motifs for boys are superheroes like Batman and Superman or cartoon characters. Your little one is a big soccer fan? So why not use the crest of his favorite team as graffiti art? Soft and soothing landscapes, unicorns and princesses will transform your daughter’s room into a magical, fairytale place.

Modern wall design graffiti as art in the apartment