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Furnish laundry room: Helpful tips and ideas for a practical utility room!


The laundry room – does it still exist? For those of us who live in a larger apartment or house, then yes. However, it involves much more than choosing the right washing machine or dryer. To make our lives and everyday housework easier, it’s important to know how to set up the laundry room. Which floor is best suited for it? How do we create more storage space and what furniture do we need? To help you get the most out of the available space, we explain in our article what to look for when decorating the utility room.

Measure the room

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Before you furnish the laundry room and get a new washing machine, you should first know exactly how much space you have available. Is it a separate room or just a small corner somewhere in the apartment? The most important thing is that the doors of the cabinets and appliances do not get in each other’s way. Integrate a washing machine cabinet , which will bring both machines to a height that is easy on the back. This will allow you to use the space above, as well as below the machine for more storage. If a clothes dryer doesn’t fit in the laundry room, it would make sense to make room for a clothes hanging rack. This they can install both on the wall, and on the ceiling. On the other hand, if the laundry room is narrow and long, it is also important to choose the right washer dryer cabinet, so you can make the most of the space and create additional storage space.

Furnish laundry room with the right furniture

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Yes, we know – every household is different and logically has different requirements. Still, there are some basics that are a must for any well-furnished laundry room. Freely lying around cleaning products, detergents, clothespins and co. quickly make the room look untidy. To avoid this, invest in a practical shelving system where you can store all that stuff. If space is at a premium in your home, a matching washing machine cabinet can do away with big help. It is especially important that you pay attention to the high quality and sturdy construction. But how big should the cabinet be? With the help of’s online configurator, you can put together your own washing machine cabinet entirely according to your individual needs. You can bring your washing machine and dryer to a height that is easy on your back or place them on top of each other to save space. Thanks to the various top and tall cabinets, you can effectively use the available space and create a lot of storage space.

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If there is enough space, also integrate a cabinet for a sink. Whether it’s for emptying the dryer tank, soaking stained clothes, or simply washing your hands, there’s no doubt that a sink is always an optimal household helper. Just because you are setting up the laundry room , it does not mean that you have to give up a few decorations or home accessories. Small wooden laundry baskets or even a small corner stool are practical and bring some fresh air to the otherwise “boring” laundry room. Or how about some decorative plants or pretty containers for detergent as a small but nice decoration for the laundry room?

What floor for the laundry room should you choose?

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If you want to furnish the laundry room and enjoy it for a long time, you should not underestimate the choice of the right floor. Just like the kitchen and the bathroom, the laundry room is one of the wet rooms in the house. So it is particularly important that the floor can tolerate moisture and water. Parquet or wood are possible, but then we recommend installing another MDF board in the place where the cabinet will be. Linoleum, PVC and tiles, on the contrary, are durable, easy to clean and perfectly resist moisture. When decorating the laundry room, you need to think about many things. With the cabinets of Waschtum planning is quite quick and easy. Washing machine and dryer are brought to a back-friendly height and stand safely in the cabinet thanks to the patented anti-tilt device. The cabinets are vibration-absorbing and at the same time provide more storage space. You can leave all the planning to the experts on the Wash Tower team. So any room can be transformed into an efficient and beautiful utility room, get a no-obligation quote now. Finally have fun washing!