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Ceramic marble tiles – What can the inexpensive alternative?

Noble, harmonious and luxurious, marble gives the bathroom or kitchen a unique look. As a real alternative to natural stone, more and more tiles made of ceramic are becoming established. They are in no way inferior to the original marble and even offer many advantages. In this guide you will get an overview!

Marble or marble look? It all depends!

Marble in the bathroom modern noble

In the most expensive hotels in the world, bathrooms and floors are tiled with marble. But natural stone not only has its price, it also requires special care that should not be underestimated. A good – and in most cases better – alternative are marble-look wall tiles made of porcelain stoneware, which can hardly be distinguished from real marble. Porcelain stoneware belongs to the group of fine ceramics and is particularly resistant.

Design shower with tiles in marble look

Meanwhile, marble-look ceramic wall tiles are also available in various colors with diverse marbling. In addition, these are particularly durable, hygienic, environmentally friendly and can also be laid on the floor. Also important to mention that marble-look wall tiles are perfectly suitable for underfloor heating and are easy to install – unlike real and heavy marble tiles, which often require a professional to install the tiles.

The timeless elegance of natural stone – why marble is so popular

Modern bathroom design with marble tiles

In the past, kings and emperors surrounded themselves with marble. Today, the noble and high-priced natural stone is known from the upscale hotel industry, where it is processed in SPA and wellness areas as well as in the bathrooms of exclusive suites. Marble is available in various grains and shades, with each tile being unique.

The luxurious sheen and warm, almost soft to the touch feel distinguish marble as the ideal natural stone for bathroom design. But today there are alternatives that make the feeling of a marble bathroom possible even for homeowners who plan their budget well and want to save only on cost, but not on quality.

Bathroom design with marble tiles

Marble as a natural product also has its disadvantages, because it has to be quarried with a lot of effort. Most often, this mining is not environmentally friendly or sustainable. This is one of the reasons why people are increasingly turning to an alternative. The comparatively lower price is a side effect that customers are happy to accept.

Decorative accents with durable properties

Marble tiles as kitchen backsplash modern

Bathrooms and kitchens are among the rooms that have to endure the most and where the highest humidity prevails. Like the floor and walls in the bathroom, the kitchen mirror in particular requires a lot of expertise in the selection of cladding materials.

Marble is quite suitable anyway, if you take into account some important factors. Any natural stone, including marble, without a special surface finish has porous properties. This, in turn, entails the irreversible formation of stains in the event of excessive wetness, exposure to acids and improper cleaning. A timeless, elegant and indistinguishable from the original alternative are kitchen backsplashes made of tiles and slabs in marble look. In addition, they are available in many different sizes, making them flexible in use.

Ceramic tiles in the fast lane

Modern small bathroom with marble tiles

It is impossible to imagine modern interior design without marble. Whereas some time ago the focus was still largely on natural stone, the alternative made of porcelain stoneware/ceramic is now in the fast lane. No wonder: marble is very maintenance-intensive and is mostly out of proportion to the benefits when the financial aspects are considered.

The elegant wall tiles in marble look have developed significantly in recent years, which is why there is no disadvantage in terms of quality and appearance. On the contrary, in terms of environment and handling, they are now the better choice.