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Dulux Color of the Year 2022: Which shade will dominate interiors next year?

Iconic color brand Dulux has announced the hue that will dominate interior design trends in 2022. It is a cool blue color called “Bright Skies” that embodies renewal and optimism at the heart of the home. But why exactly this shade and how to appropriate it? Here’s more about the Dulux Color of the Year 2022 and its four wonderful palettes that will enliven our living spaces in the coming year!

Here’s why Dulux color experts named “Bright Skies” the Color of the Year for 2022

Trend color of the year 2022 Dulux light blue shade.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the home had to take on many new roles in everyday life: from classroom to gym to office. All while maintaining its original functions. Admittedly, our lives have been turned upside down in the last 18 months. The Dulux Color of the Year 2022 is literally a breath of fresh air waiting to take hold in your home. While last year’s color focused on keeping us grounded, this year’s is all about spreading optimism in your home and looking to the sky.

Greenhouse color palette combined with Bright Skies

The trend color chosen by the experts for 2022 is called “Bright Skies” – a light, airy and optimistic blue that is good for the soul. After the bold hues of the last two years, the return to a light blue hue is a welcome change.

“Bright Skies” is the 19th color to be named Dulux Color of the Year. A number of experts from the fields of design, fashion, interior design, social science and architecture participate in the selection process. They awarded this shade for its “soulful” qualities.

What is the Dulux color of the year 2022

The color was also recognized for its flexibility, especially at a time when people are moving into hybrid workspaces and adapting to new travel conditions. To complement this, the color brand has developed some palettes of related colors. They can be easily integrated into your own home to freshen up your living spaces with trendy combinations!

The color palettes that go hand in hand with Dulux’s color of the year.

Bedroom inspiration with Dulux color of the year Bright Skies

Four color palettes have been developed around the versatile “Bright Skies” color – Greenhouse, Studio, Workshop and Salon. Each palette is distinctly different from the others and shows how well the Color of the Year 2022 can be adapted to different spaces.


What is the color of the year 2022 according to Dulux

The Greenhouse palette showcases fresh greens paired with beautiful blues and earthy hues. If you are a fan of houseplants, Bright Skies is a surprising but perfect background shade that will beautifully show off your green favorites. By using this color combination, you will easily create a zen atmosphere in your own home.


Salon color palette with Dulux Bright Skies in the bedroom.

This color palette features a combination of bright whites and neutrals that, when combined with Bright Skies, have the ability to create an open space that is ready for anything. Whether in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, this color combination will blend harmoniously into probably any room in the home.


Dulux color of the year studio color palette stripe pattern on the wall

Do you want to create a calming atmosphere in your home that will inspire you every day? Then the Studio color palette is just the thing for you. With these soft, airy hues, you can escape from the daily grind while adding a sense of comfort to the space. If you choose stripes as a pattern, you can create an accent wall that will create an unparalleled modern decoration with its dynamism. Geometric wall patterns are a resurgent trend that is becoming increasingly popular among home design enthusiasts.


Dulux color of the year 2022 Bright Skies color palette workshop

While Salon and Studio take a grown-up look at blue with more muted tones, the Workshop color palette is particularly eye-catching with its bold colors. Combining the bright blue of Bright Skies with reds, oranges and pinks is an unexpected and modern color choice we can’t get enough of.

Bright Skies by Dulux combined with vivid yellow in the living room

The Workshop palette includes bold hues that you can use to create a fun multifunctional space. If your living room needs to incorporate several different functions throughout the day, you certainly need a color scheme that can separate these areas. Workshop offers vibrant and cheerful shades that you can use to design a trendy living room 2022.

Here’s how to use the Dulux Color of the Year 2022 in your home.

How to integrate the color of the year 2022 by Dulux in the kitchen Salon color palette

Blue shades are very popular for the study and bedroom, because they exude calmness and serenity. However, the light blue hue’s connection to nature also makes it the perfect color choice to enhance your mood at home. But how can you use the trendy color in different areas of your home?

Dulux color of the year 2022 interpreted as a ceiling color

Marianne Shillingford, creative director of Dulux UK, recommends that Bright Skies be applied to the ceiling rather than the walls. “It just melts the ceiling and fills the room with a breath of fresh air,” says the color expert.

Color of the year Bright Skies color combination in the nursery

However, the Dulux Color of the Year 2022 adapts to any room and can therefore be adopted anywhere in the home. Whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or home office – there are simply no limits to this color shade.

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