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Design walls – top trends from Pinterest for colors & decorations

wall design ideas trends pinterest colors textile metal

Pinterest is not only a trendsetter, but also shows already existing trends all the searchers for interesting interior design ideas . This is also the case in terms of interior wall design, for which, by and large, there are countless variants. However, some particular ideas are particularly eye-catching and should be mentioned for this reason, so that you do not miss them. Find out below what interesting and attractive ways you can use to design the walls to give the interior the finishing touches, and at the same time comply with the latest trends. So, how can you design the walls? Just take a look for yourself:

Wall design ideas – designing walls with gold

wall design gold wallpaper idea modern elegant dresser

Gold on the wall has a special effect. The color, which is on the one hand discreet and on the other hand at the same time extravagant, creates elegance and with the right furniture also looks modern at once. A creative wall design with this color can be achieved in various ways. If you do not want to paint entire gold walls, simply rely on interesting accents that can be designed on any background color. Different techniques can be used for this purpose. Sponges, for example, can be used to add beautiful dabs. But also with more original brush strokes, fancy patterns are achieved quickly and easily. If you want to design the walls with plaster, this in no way prevents you from adding gold accents. In this case, the wall will be even more effective.

wall design kitchen wallpaper chinese koi tiles white

If you would like to design the walls even more simply with gold, look for a wallpaper. Here, more complicated patterns can then decorate the walls, which is advantageous for those who are not too creative or talented, or simply looking for a quick solution. The wide range of models available from various wallpaper manufacturers also allows you to choose between a larger amount of accents on the wall or more discreet variants.

design walls picture frame accent gold fireplace decoration

And if you don’t necessarily want to design the walls with such permanent design options, you can simply resort to other decorative elements. How about gold picture frames that also showcase your favorite moments with your loved ones or any pictures at the same time, providing the necessary glamour in gold? Also other gold decorative items like hanging vases or flower pots or but homemade things can be used as wall ideas in gold.

design walls wallcovering panels metal plates gold industrial

Absolutely, we would also like to mention this unusual, yet interesting idea, with which you can bring gold to the wall. Namely, it is a wall covering made of metal plates. You are welcome to choose other metal colors if you want to design the walls in this way, but gold in particular is in vogue. Especially for facilities m Industrial Style this idea is super suitable and can be combined with other golden accents and decorations for the particular room.

Wall design with color – dark wall colors instead of accents

wall design dark wall color blue modern light laminate

If you have decided on striking colors and want to paint a room and thus design the walls with color, this Pinterest trend can also be used. This refers to darker and bold colors like this shade of blue, which allows lighter home accessories or furniture to stand out especially well. Although such colors make a darker room quite mystical, the ideas for designing walls is probably more recommended for brighter rooms with large windows, so that a too dark atmosphere is avoided.

design walls olive green modern wall shelf sofa minimalist scandinavian

Besides blue, many other colors can be used in this form. So you can use a dark shade of green, or the trendy petrol blue, and even purple. Just choose your favorite color and then find the desired shade and paint an accent wall. Of course, should you dare, you can paint all the walls the same color.

wall design trends petrol blue wall paint yellow bedding accent bedroom

The home accessories, textiles and decorations can then be chosen in a bold contrasting color. With this petrol blue wall, for example, the yellow bed linen looks really good. In this way, both colors come into their own and enhance the room without a doubt. You can also leave the wall itself bare, because the striking hue is already sufficiently decorative in itself. Nevertheless, you can also play with other decorations, but they are best chosen rather discreetly. A small wall shelf is suitable, but also murals.

Design walls with creative watercolor

wall design trends water colors green wallpaper diy inspiration side table

Would you like to paint a wall with pattern, then try a new trend. After all, everyone can do the classic stripes or zigzag patterns, and they’re not all that original anymore. Instead, trust this Pinterest trend with which you can design the walls. It means an attractive watercolor that is applied to the wall in the form of wallpaper. And, admit it, it looks simply stunning!

design walls watercolor picture do it yourself wall decorating ideas

If you do not really find the right wallpaper, as an alternative, it is possible to create a mural . On a large piece of paper or canvas of any size, you can do it yourself and design any pattern in different colors yourself, and then attach it to the wall. Again, you always have the option to easily remove the decoration one day. You can choose an irregular pattern, but also certain motifs. Plant motifs such as flowers or leaves, for example, are well suited. A skyline can also be designed or how about silhouettes of forests? There are no limits to the imagination.

Design walls without wallpaper – ideas with woven home accessories

wall design trends kilim wall decoration idea wood cladding scandinavian rustic

In addition to murals, wall decorating ideas can also be implemented with materials that are rather atypical for the wall in our culture. Yet they look so great! How good that Pinterest has not deprived us of this trend for designing walls. Just use woven decorations for the wall! Yes, you read that right! Why shouldn’t something that decorates the floor nicely be usable for the wall as well? After all, laminate being used to cover walls is nothing new either.

wall design trends textile weaving wall decoration colorful colors eames

Whether you use a smaller kilim rug for this purpose or a motley design like in the picture above, it doesn’t matter. You may even feel like creating such a product yourself. If necessary, such a thing can also be found in stores, and we think the idea is just wonderful and original.