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Design living spaces: How to create a feel-good ambience!

“Hygge” is the name of the living trend from Denmark that aims to make a home as cozy as possible. But what determines whether a person feels comfortable in a room? Whether it’s a study, a bathroom, the living room or bedroom, the following factors determine how comfortable people feel when they work, relax or want to be with others in that room: the light, the furnishings and the temperature or indoor climate. With these tips, you too can design your living spaces like the pros!

Designing living spaces: Light from multiple sources

Living rooms design in berry tones furnish for a cozy ambience and combine multiple light sources

In the study, just like in the bathroom, a mixture of direct and indirect light sources should always be used. A warmly lit background creates a pleasant atmosphere, while the well-lit desk makes for a pleasant working atmosphere. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to use at least three light sources in living rooms. In addition to a dimmable ceiling light, floor or wall lamps and candles create a sense of well-being. Anyone who has ever vacationed in Denmark or another Scandinavian country will have noticed that there are candles on the tables and windowsills in almost all rooms, even in cafés and stores. This not only looks romantic, but also helps to banish the winter blues.

Designing living spaces: Furnish skillfully

Design living rooms and regulate humidity cozy bedroom with wooden furniture

There are endless interior design styles that come into fashion for a few years and disappear just as quickly as they appeared. The fact that clear forms and functionality became permanently established in interior design with the Bauhaus is no coincidence. The clearer the furnishings, the easier it is to design a room according to one’s own taste with a few stylish home accessories. Therefore, when buying furniture, the rule is to hold back on the purchase of extravagant pieces of furniture. The more timeless the furniture, the more freely curtains, living rugs, candlesticks, pictures and vases can be arranged into an artful ensemble, in the midst of which you immediately feel at home.

Designing living spaces: The perfect room climate

Living rooms design room climate in the home office regulate tips

Anyone who has ever worked with other people in an office knows that disputes regularly break out over how often and how long ventilation or how much heating should be used. In the living room, a room temperature of 21° to 23° is usually recommended. How high the room temperature should be in the office is a matter of opinion.

Humidity is decisive for well-being

Furnish bedroom in modern country style and heat with infrared heating

In addition to the pure temperature, the air humidity determines the well-being. Structural conditions are decisive here: Old buildings that are not perfectly insulated usually have higher humidity than low-energy houses. Anyone planning to build a house has a choice of different heating methods. From pellet and gas heating to fireplaces and infrared heating, there are numerous options to choose from. Anyone with questions should not be afraid to go to the experts for the respective types of heating and get detailed advice. In this article, we have already detailed why infrared heating is a pleasant alternative to conventional heating, especially in bathrooms.
Specialized in this type of heating are, among others, the IR experts, who offer on their site an overview of the various infrared heaters, which also create a feel-good atmosphere outside the bathroom. Also here you can find , if you first want to thoroughly inform yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of infrared heating. Unlike underfloor heating, infrared heating in the bathroom is also safe for people who suffer from vein problems or varicose veins.

With the heating it depends on the good planning

Design living rooms bedroom timeless furnishings in gray and pastel colors

Infrared heating is discreet, does not require any unsightly radiators and produces a warmth that many people find particularly natural. Infrared mirror heating can be used not only in the bathroom, but also in larger rooms. Depending on the size and power of the boiler room, the range of these heaters is now relatively high. Not the air in the room is heated, but walls, people and objects near the heating surface. Anyone considering using an infrared heater in larger living spaces or even in offices should plan the installation of the heaters well.
The size of an apartment or house does not play a role in the question of whether a home will be comfortable. If you plan your furnishings, lighting and heating system wisely, you will create an atmosphere in any environment that will make people feel completely comfortable.