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Cool interior design ideas for the apartment – 17 amazing home ideas

Cool interior design ideas room double room height net hammock library

Within your own four walls you can be yourself and relax after the busy day. However, in order to feel really comfortable at home, the interior of the apartment plays an essential role. In this regard, every little detail can have a great impact on the overall atmosphere in the interior. If you want to decorate your rooms in an interesting and original way, then you have found what you are looking for. In this article we have collected a lot of cool interior design ideas that will turn the apartment into a real oasis of well-being.

Cool interior design ideas with hammock in the living room

hammock indoor living room cool idea home decoration

If you find the conventional living room with a sofa or a few armchairs too boring, you will surely fall in love with this idea. Because the hammock is not only suitable for relaxing in the garden, but can also be integrated into the interior design. Especially in front of the TV or in the reading corner, the indoor hammock offers itself as an excellent interior design idea.

hammock living room relax cool home decorating idea

This alternative to the usual armchair gives the living area a pleasant vacation flair and immediately transforms the room into an oasis of calm. You can choose between three different types: Bar hammock, net hammock or cloth hammock. With a few small pillows and a bedspread, you can decorate the hammock while providing more comfort.

black indoor hammock living room wood beams ceiling

If your living room has a wooden beam ceiling, then you can easily attach a hammock to the beams. All you need is a ladder and you’re done. A simple net can equally act as a hammock, as seen in the post image. However, in this case, the room should have a higher ceiling or even double the room height.

Cool interior design ideas for the home library.

cool interior design ideas home library round ladder

When you furnish the home, you can incorporate your own hobbies and favorite activities into the decor. Below, we’ve compiled cool interior design ideas for all you bookworms who want to showcase your book collection and turn it into an indoor highlight. For example, how about a home library in the attic? This way, the room can be transformed into an original and at the same time practical area.

interior design ideas home library wall shelves floating staircase

For those who own a lot of books, but live in a small apartment, bookshelves for the wall are the best choice. This way you can put the unused walls to use. In addition, the books give a very special flair in the room and thus also serve as a kind of decoration.

cool interior design ideas apartment small bookcase niche reading corner seat bench

In many homes, there are niches in the interior that seem impractical and usually remain unused. However, these areas can be rearranged as you wish and thus provide some extra storage space. For example, you can design a small bookshelf in the wall niche to successfully showcase a small collection of books.

Cool interior design ideas for the wall shelves

cool interior design ideas storage wall shelves colorful living room

When decorating the apartment, you should pay as much attention to the decoration, otherwise the interior will somehow not look complete. A beautiful way to show off the decorative objects are wall shelves in various forms . On them you can not only put decorations, but also store books and other items.

storage deco ideas apartment wall shelf wood metal

Whether a single shelf with elegant design, or a set of several small shelves depends on the available space and the need for storage. Wall shelves in different sizes and shapes offer cool home decorating ideas and are considered real gems for the walls. Wood is an excellent material for them and can be wonderfully combined with other materials such as metal or copper.

wall shelves original design triangles wood copper

At the moment, shelves in various geometric shapes, such as triangle, hexagon and combinations thereof, are particularly popular. With this small piece of furniture, you can also create great color accents in the living area and spice up an empty, boring wall. To do this, choose a shelf in a contrasting, fun color and attach it to the wall on which you want to accent.

Cool interior design ideas with bench by the window

window seat living room furnishings storage reading corner

Sitting by the window and looking outside has a very relaxing effect for many, especially in winter. Therefore, the space by the window is wonderful for a comfortable bench, where you can not only look through the window, but also read a pleasant book. The window seat is a cool interior design idea for the living room and can be much more than just a bench.

window seat room slope cozy reading corner

You can use the area under the seat as a storage space, and store books, the seat cushions or other items in it. As a rule, bay windows are best for this purpose, because they are located in a kind of niche. Even if you don’t have a bay window, you can still plan a bench by the window as long as the available space is enough.

Cool interior design ideas with vertical garden indoors

green wall vertical planting dining room wood natural

Bringing nature into your home is more popular than ever. The best way to do this is with a planted wall. Vertical gardens are very trendy and present many cool interior design ideas. The natural plants at home not only provide beautiful green accents, but still have a positive effect on air quality.

vertical garden interior cool interior design idea dining room kitchen

Vertical gardens indoors combine wonderfully with furniture made of wood. This combination creates a particularly natural atmosphere in the interior and contributes to one’s sense of well-being. However, green walls indoors require a lot of maintenance to keep looking beautiful.

vertical garden indoor living room hanging plants natural atmosphere

Hanging houseplants offer an alternative to a whole green wall. With pretty hanging baskets, they can be beautifully staged and quite conveniently maintained. Whether a classic macramé flower hanging basket or a more modern design is completely up to you.

Cool furnishing ideas for the bedroom: four-poster bed for sweet dreams

canopy bed interior design ideas bedroom boho style colors motifs dream catcher

Are you looking for great ideas for a modern bedroom decor ? If so, then you can certainly create an enchanting atmosphere in the room with a beautiful four-poster bed. This one you can even easily build yourself, if you install four posts in the corners and attach a light canopy. Bamboos are perfect for the posts and still provide a great boho feel.

cool interior design ideas bedroom canopy bed metal frame black

However, the canopy bed should not necessarily be made of wood. Bed frames with extended bed posts offer a modern alternative to the classic four-poster bed and look beautiful even without a canopy. They are reminiscent of the popular industrial style and are equally perfect for rooms decorated in a minimalist style.