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Combine shelves or sideboard with fireplace – stylish ideas for interior design with storage space in living rooms.

Nowadays, to tastefully optimize the space in the living room, you can create classic and modern shelves or sideboard with fireplace. Thus, such a cozy living area can not only beautify, but also become a characterful and practical focal point. In addition, you might consider units around an existing mantel to create a custom, built-in look. Here are some examples for inspiration.

Good reasons for wall shelves or sideboard with fireplace

combination of modern and classic on one wall with built-in shelves and sideboard with fireplace

Often the fireplace wall is the central focal point in a living room . Such fixtures not only add visual balance to the side of the fireplace, but also serve as a design element and additional storage space. So, if you want to improve the look of your room, stylish and creative options for installing shelves or adding from the sideboard with fireplace are available.

classic and modern elements in living room by sideboard with fireplace as tv cabinet

Moreover, fireplaces in the interior are the epitome of coziness and warmth. They act as a natural focal point in any living area. Adding additional storage space on either side of a fireplace enhances this focal point by framing it in a design way. This acts like a proper frame for a painting, enhancing it. Proper storage can also further help create a clean and calming aesthetic that makes it much cozier to curl up by a gently crackling fire.

Possible variations for extra storage space

built-in cabinets and buffets on both sides of a fireplace with a flat screen tv above it

Want to grab a little more storage and display space from your home? Try fireplace built-ins. They’re often easier to incorporate than you might think, and provide a great place to showcase favorite accessories. After all, it can be difficult to find storage space in your home, especially when space is at a premium. The options listed here provide much-needed storage space while keeping style at the forefront.

colorfully placed accessories and white built-in furniture with fireplace in a living room

Whether you’re looking for enclosed storage to hide cords, toys or electronics, or open shelving to display your collection of memorabilia, these options can solve both. For example, they can also be recessed or flush, symmetrical as well as asymmetrical. In addition, they feature a variety of styles, depending on your vision for interior design.

70s style living room with retro furniture and built-in white shelves next to fireplace

Increase your home’s storage potential as a result, including some ideas for updating existing fireplaces as well as solutions for building and installing new fireplace cabinets and shelving. From built-in shelving to custom cabinets, there are countless ways to add storage around a fireplace. Doing so will add flair and function to your décor. The hardest part is choosing the storage that best fits your space, budget and style. For example, if you want to add something warm and inviting, freestanding wood shelves offer plenty of design options. If there is no space next to your fireplace, you could optimize the space upward for a creative and stunning solution.

Identify and customize the storage needs you need

modern wooden floating shelves and sideboard with fireplace for living room design

Before adding a built-in fireplace, consider the rest of your home. Do you only need a few key places for books, or does your home already feel cluttered? Are built-in cabinets around a fireplace essential for storage? This could help you decide how much storage to add and whether it should be floor-to-ceiling units or a simple, low bookcase or bench.

modern fireplace installed at the corner with sideboard with minimalist design

Instead of using the same type of storage on both sides of the fireplace, you can mix and match them in your living room to create a captivating look. This way, a fireplace shines in the middle of your room. If you want the whole thing to look rustic, you could still surround it with bricks. This radiates warmth and stands out against an elegant white overlay. The shelves on one side of the fireplace can also be styled white and with warm brown accessories to tie everything together nicely. On the other side of the fireplace, for example, a cozy bench with drawers underneath would be a perfect fit and allow for a reading nook.

Integrated sideboard with fireplace and built-in furniture.

gas fireplace in dark gray reaching to the ceiling as an accent on a wall with wooden cabinets

If your living room used to have a small, brick fireplace, you can modernize it by equipping it with modern units. To give the room the right size, you can create a high surround for a new gas fireplace. This can reach the ceiling and follow the same angle as the curved lines. In this example, the strong vertical line celebrates the height of the room, with shelving adding needed storage to this formerly drab living room. The almost black border of ceramic tiles attracts even more attention.

modern and stylish room with living wall and built-in sideboard with fireplace

Moreover, such a balancing act of a perfect centerpiece can be completed by strong horizontal lines, built-in storage cabinets and floating shelves. The colors also add dimension to the look. A set of cabinets can have hidden outlets where you can store gadgets and games.

Modern fireplace with brick or stone facing and cabinets.

stone fireplace surround as a focal point in a rustic style living room with modern interior design

Cultured stone is a nice option for a fireplace surround if you want a more natural look. This adds depth and visual accents, and stone is available in a variety of colors and sizes. In this stunning living room, a horizontal and almost monochromatic cultured stone is accented by channels of raw steel around the gas fireplace. The striking asymmetrical design of the built-in cabinets combines with the sideboard with fireplace in a visually unexpected way. The steel channel directly above the gas fireplace extends to the left cabinet, while the steel below extends to the right cabinets. To further unify the look, raw steel inserts adorn the front of the natural maple cabinets. The combination of rustic and modern elements segments the mass of the stone wall with two more horizontal bands of raw steel, emphasizing the straightness of the overall look.

Keep the interior design simple and classic.

minimalist interior design with lots of storage space using wooden shelves or sideboard with fireplace

Sometimes simplicity is the best among fireplace design ideas. Accordingly, when remodeling or renovating a home, there are simple ways to modernize your living or family room. This can be achieved with a massive fireplace that dominates the room. However, it could pose challenges to the layout and use of the room. A new, smaller fireplace that still serves the space would be the appropriate solution. To do this, choose a cultured stone surround with a simple mantel around the perimeter.

simple yet stylish interior design combines sideboard with fireplace in living room

Above the mantel, you can create a drywall, on which you will mount a TV. This could also be visible while cooking in the kitchen. To further enhance the open look of your remodeled living room, you can add custom floating shelves and low benches, flanking each side of the mantel. The benches in this example have deep drawers for blankets and pillows, and also serve as additional seating for guests and family members.