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Combine office and dressing room: Functional furnishing ideas for optimal use of space

Why should you choose between a practical home office and the long-awaited dressing room, when you can have both? Today we present you the “Cloffice” – a practical combination of office and dressing room. What you should consider when decorating this room, as well as many beautiful interior design ideas for inspiration, can be found in this post.

Dressing room or office? Better to have both

home office with clothes rail on the wall

Today, many have to work from home. Therefore, the home office has become an inseparable part of our homes. Whether you have a whole room at your disposal, or just a small free corner in the living room, the variants for a home office are pretty much endless. The dressing room, on the other hand, with shelves and clothes rails full of clothes and shoes, is the dream of many women. Compared to the study, the dressing room usually requires a separate room, which you use only for this purpose. If you just have a room “left over” and can’t decide between an office and a dressing room, then with a “cloffice” you can have both.

Study and dressing room in one interior design idea

The word “cloffice” comes from English and stands for the combination of a closet (dressing room) and an office (office). Such a space is especially popular among fashionistas and beauty bloggers. These ladies usually work from home and need a lot of space for their enviable clothes, handbags and makeup. Meanwhile, in the year of the global pandemic, many people are looking for ideas on how to make the most of their living space. Living in the lockdown has inspired the design of combined spaces. Thus, the combination of home office and dressing room is already not a thing only for bloggers, but a practical solution for anyone who needs a workplace at home.

desk in the middle of the dressing room

You can also set up a similar space – all you need are plenty of shelves, a clothes rail and, of course, a great desk to work at! For inspiration, we offer you some interior design ideas for the office-dressing combo that are as pretty as they are practical.

Optimal use of space – office and dressing room in one.

Dressing room pink and white with carpet

Now let’s take a closer look at the individual parts of this great combination of rooms. What furniture comes into question? Where should you place the desk? What kind of lighting would be optimal? We will answer these and even more questions in the following sections.

These furniture and accessories should not be missing in the office/dressing room

dressing room with work area furnish with Ikea furniture

The closet

An open closet is typical for a dressing room. Usually, people rely on closets without closet doors for this room, but variants with sliding doors are also popular. However, if you decide to use an open closet, then you need to keep in mind that tidiness is a must. There is nothing worse in a dressing room than piles of clothes hanging from the shelves – especially if you plan to work in this room, as the mess is considered a major distraction in most cases.

open closet with drawers clothes rail and shelves

The variations for a closet in the dressing room are pretty much endless. If you do not want to invest too much money, you can create your own walk-in closet. For this purpose, shelves, baskets, rails and drawers can be used and assembled into a practical alternative to the closet. After all, the room must meet its own needs, so individual planning is recommended.

clothes rails open shelves instead of closet

The clothes rack

Granted, a coat rack is not a must-have, but it’s a great addition to your office/dressing room. It can be positioned anywhere in the room, and there are also variants on casters. In minimalist dressing rooms, a coat rack can serve as an alternative to a classic closet. Otherwise, the clothes rail can be used to hang the outfit for the next day, or store clothes that have already been worn, but do not yet belong in the laundry. But the biggest advantage of the clothes rack is that you can clearly arrange your clothes and accessories and always have them quickly at hand. Plus: the neatly hanging clothes give the room a stylish touch.

Office and dressing room furnishings shoe shelves dresser

Shoe racks

A woman can never own enough shoes. However, a problem arises when she doesn’t have a place for her shoes. With some shoe racks in the dressing room, this problem can be solved. Open shelves are recommended for all fashionistas – so they always have a good overview and can quickly find the right pair. Besides, the shoes are just so beautiful to look at!

which mirror for office study combo

Mirror – freestanding or on the wall/closet door?

Of course, (at least) one mirror belongs to the furnishings in the dressing room. In turn, you can choose between a few variants. If there is a classic closet with doors, you can choose mirrored doors. They have another advantage – this allows you to visually enlarge small rooms. The matter is similar with wall mirrors. However, for a wall mirror you should sacrifice a free wall.

wall shelves and mirror in dressing room

A practical and space-saving alternative is the free-standing mirror. Standing mirrors can be placed anywhere in the room and aligned according to the light. They still work as a design element, especially if you choose a model with a pretty frame.

work corner in dressing room desk with drawers office chair

The desk

Now we come to the office furniture for the combined room. In the first place, of course, is the desk. It must be large enough to accommodate all work utensils and, of course, adapted to the type of work. For example, if you only need your laptop to work, then a narrow table is also well suited as a desk. On the other hand, if you work with other equipment, such as a printer and documents, then a larger desk with drawers and more storage space is recommended.

Office and dressing room combine desk in the middle

As for the positioning of the desk in the combined office and dressing room, this depends on both the space and your own preferences. For example, according to Feng Shui teachings, the desk should be positioned in the center of the room, facing the window or the door. Sometimes such a room design is not possible, so you should find the best position with reference to the conditions in the room.

open closet and small desk at window in dressing room

The office chair

When choosing the perfect office chair, ergonomics and not design should set the tone. After all, you will spend a lot of time on this chair and your own comfort during work should not be underestimated. Of course, the desk chair does not have to be a great executive chair, but a backrest and a comfortable cushion should not be missing.

dressing room and home office in one closet desk


In principle, the lighting in the dressing room and home office differs. In the first is used mainly spot lighting, which you can adjust it according to your needs. For the office, on the contrary, ceiling lights with neutral white light are recommended. To decide on the appropriate main light source, you must first determine which room function you place greater emphasis on. If the combined room will serve more as an office, where you need to be concentrated for long hours, then a large LED ceiling light is recommended. However, if the room should be stylishly decorated and accentuate on your clothes and accessories, then opt for ceiling spots or for an elegant chandelier.

Tip: Do not do without a matching desk lamp or floor lamp, especially if you read or write a lot while working.

design workspace in dressing room desk by window

Furnishing ideas for the office-dressing combo

Office and dressing room furnishings shoe rack clothes rail mirror

Innovative home office solutions are on the rise right now. Many women (but also men) dream of having a dressing room in their own home, but don’t want to sacrifice their study. The “cloffice” offers itself as the perfect solution for those who want to have both. Need some more ideas for your own combination of office and dressing room? We have some great examples ready for you that offer plenty of inspiration for this functional room design.

Spacious dressing room with coat racks instead of a closet and a desk by the window

spacious dressing room with desk by the window

A narrow dressing room with a work area and walk-in closet without doors

Interior design idea dressing room office by window

Designer chandelier, floral wallpaper and upholstered stools add a stylish touch to this office dressing room combo

design desk in the middle of the dressing room

Elegant and minimalist – clothes rack for clothes and open shelves for shoes

dressing room tidy up clothes rail shelves for shoes handbags

Open closet with shelves up to the ceiling offers plenty of storage space

walk-in closet open with shelves and storage areas

Small dressing room with folding desk

practical dressing room furnishings with home office

Optimal use of space – dressing room, home office and guest room in one

Office dressing room and guest room combine idea small apartment

Combine clothes rails, drawers and open shoe racks with a small desk in the corner

optimal use of space small desk in the dressing room

The positioning of the desk by the window is optimal for the combination of office and dressing room

home office in dressing room furnished monochrome in white

A home office in your own dressing room is also possible for men

combine office and dressing room for men apartment

A combination of open shelves, drawers and classic closet characterizes this dressing room with work area

dressing room with desk at window home office

Fluffy rugs, upholstered stool and beautiful clothes racks turn this dressing room with office into a dream for every fashionista

furnishings dressing room clothes rail stool with storage space

A large mirror and elegant wall decor beautifully round out this office workroom

dressing room with shelves bench and large mirror

Stylish basket on the wall provides storage space for documents in the office/dressing room

dressing room combine with office tips storage space