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Combine concrete, tile and wood: A modern apartment in India

Concrete tiles wood living room purist furnishings home ideas

Tradition meets modernity in Ahmedabad, India. A two-bedroom apartment was completely renovated and transformed into an oasis in the middle of the big city. The open plan, functional furnishings and successful color palette allow for comfortable living even in limited living space. The combination of materials adds to the apartment’s rustic charm. Concrete, tiles and wood are abundantly used as flooring or wall cladding. Saransh Architects has succeeded in effectively showcasing niches and corners and using the selected materials to better accentuate the loft character of the apartment. We take you on a virtual tour and explain how you can implement the ideas into your own four walls.

Combine concrete, tiles and wood and furnish an apartment with loft character.

Concrete tiles wood living room gray furnishings

The small apartment with 67 square meters of living space was originally divided into several small rooms. However, the architects decided to demolish the interior walls and do without interior doors, except for the bathroom door. In this way, a spacious, light-filled living area was created, where the kitchen, dining area and living room are located. The architects wanted to visually separate each area while creating a seamless transition between the different zones. To this end, they decided to install new flooring in each area. Exposed concrete was chosen for the hallway and kitchen. The flooring is extremely easy to clean, can be cleaned several times a day without any problems and, unlike wood, does not absorb moisture. In the living room, patterned tiles add color accents, and in the reading corner, a plank floor invites you to relax.

Concrete, tiles and wood as interior accents

concrete tiles wood geometric pattern coffee table home accessories

At the same time, it’s precisely the combination of materials that at first glance don’t go together at all that makes the purist loft apartment so appealing. The concrete floor brings a minimalist touch to the interior, the tiles – a touch of exoticism, and the warm wood color loosens the otherwise strict living image. The end result is an eclectic interior that looks surprisingly harmonious.

Concrete tiles wood bookcase room divider modern art potted plants

This harmonious purist living image is even better accentuated by the furniture. In the kitchen, the kitchen counter was made of concrete, the cabinet doors and the wall shelves are made of solid wood, and the kitchen backsplash is covered with marble tiles.

Tile wood kitchen handleless cabinet door concrete countertop tile backsplash

The adjacent dining area, where a low dining table with marble top and Japanese Zaisu – floor chairs form a charming seating group, serves as a transition between the dining and reading areas. The cozy reading nook with several poufs and a daybed provides ample seating for the whole family. At the same time, it can serve as a guest room if needed.

Concrete tiles wood dining platy floor design india apartment

Concrete tiles wood flooring idea transition create

The all-wood reading nook can be separated from the dining area by curtains if needed. The furnishings are sparse. A shelving system made of wood and glass also acts as a room divider. Apart from the aforementioned poufs and minimalist daybed, there is no other furniture to be found. A futuristic pendant light gives the alcove a modern touch and an old radio brings a retro touch to the interior.

Concrete, tiles and wood create a purist ensemble

Concrete tiles wood wooden wall poufs seat cushions living room exotic furnishings

The insulating concrete and solid wood give the apartment its raw, minimalist look. The two materials score not only with an appealing look, but also with a pleasant feel. Especially in India, concrete provides cooling on hot summer days and its polished surface feels pleasantly cool.

Concrete tiles wood stripes floor design ideas

Flooring has become one of the most important architectural elements in modern architecture. The exposed concrete floor presents itself puristically in gray, a neutral color that conveys tranquility. In contrast, the plank floor looks warm and creates a cozy ambience.

Concrete tiles wood high ceiling low concrete table

A polished poured concrete floor leads from the spacious living area to the bedroom. The residents’ private area also has no door. In this way, the architects wanted to once again emphasize the loft character of the two-bedroom apartment.

The small loft apartment in India is modern, minimalist and yet exotic and homely. The combination of materials makes it look particularly bright and cozy.

concrete tiles wood chairs dining table pendant lights

Concrete tiles wood stairs living area multiple levels

The bedroom looks particularly maritime with the blue floor tiles and the yellowish-orange wall color. The sleeping area was furnished rather sparingly. A double bed with wooden frame, a small side table and several potted plants complete the living program.

concrete tiles wood hallway bedroom dining place wooden wall

concrete tiles wood bedroom india apartment

concrete tiles wood living room furnishings designer armchairs

Concrete tiles and wood combine hallway design ideas concrete base cabinet

Concrete tiles wood hallway modern minimalist design

Concrete tiles wood blue pattern sand color wall wooden bed frame

Concrete tiles wood modern furnishings decorate plants floor pattern

concrete tiles wood without doors loft apartment india

concrete tiles wood mirror wall

concrete tiles wood upholstered furniture wall murals ideas

Tile and wood combine bedroom floor blue concrete

Concrete tiles wood loft apartment decorating ideas

Concrete tiles and wood combine bedroom

Concrete tiles and wood combine entrance building plan

Concrete tiles and wood combine building plan floor plan

Concrete tiles wood building plan view above

A project by Saransh Architects .