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Tips for the bed under sloping roof in the youth and children’s room & 40 ideas

As cozy and appealing as attic apartments and rooms are, they can be a real challenge to furnish. And how big that challenge ultimately is depends mostly on the size of the room and how low the lowest wall actually is. The areas where you can easily stand upright are fewer in attic rooms. Therefore, you need to think practically. The highest wall is already reserved for the closet. But what to put under the slope? Many opt for a bed under the sloping roof.

Set up beds under sloping roof in L-shape - decoration and furnishings in subtle colors

Therefore, in addition to various custom built-in wardrobes, the bed is a good solution to the problem of lack of room height, because usually you do not stand upright on the bed. That is why beds prove to be a good option in the distribution of furniture even in the case of particularly low sloping ceilings. And especially in the children’s room, this is often the first choice. What to consider, as well as a few ideas for the bed under a sloping roof, you will receive from us today.

Bed under sloping roof – height

Built-in bed under sloping roof decorated with wallpaper for girls

From the height of the knee, that is, that vertical wall, which is located directly under the slope, depends on whether and what kind of bed you can put under the slope. It also determines the way the bed should be placed under it, that is, whether with the headboard, the footboard or on the side of the wall. Namely, the piece of furniture should have a certain distance from the wall. And the lower the knee, the greater this distance should be, otherwise there will be no room to lie down, turn and stand up.

Idea for double bedroom under roof for guys

It follows, of course, that a particularly low knee floor also requires a particularly large distance to be maintained. This is not only impractical because you lose so much valuable space, but also because it does not look very nice.

Furthermore, you should make sure that you place the bed so that you have enough room to sit at the head end. After all, you do not want to bump your head when you get up in the morning. Accordingly, the knee height also determines how exactly you place the bed.

How should you place the beds?

Scandinavian children's room with bed under sloping roof and green wall color

Traditionally, a bed is always placed with the headboard facing the wall. And this is no different with an existing sloping roof. Especially a double bed looks much more inviting this way. But like so many other traditions nowadays, this one is long gone. Especially if the bed is located in the children’s room under a sloping roof, sometimes you need to improvise and think differently.

Bed under sloping roof decorate with canopy and mirror for girls

But as already mentioned, the way you put the bed under sloping roof depends not least on the height of the slope and the bed. For example, if the bed is to be placed under low sloping roof, you would probably bump your head, put it with the headboard against the wall. In this case, a possible alternative would be to put the footboard against the wall instead. The piece of furniture also does not necessarily have to stand in the middle of the room, but can occupy a corner of the room.

Another variant would be again to put one of the two sides of the bed against the wall, so that it is, so to speak, parallel to the slope of the roof. This is a particularly space-saving option, and there may also be room for a bedside cabinet next to it.

Suggestion for the bed under sloping roof for girls - pink wallpaper, combined with blue-gray color.

Built-in beds are also very popular. Entire niches can be created in this way. Drawers and cabinets are also often integrated into the design. Thus, the area under the slope can also be used for additional storage space. If you want to install the bed under the slope, you have a wide variety of options, including even the popular loft beds for children. Constructions that imitate houses are also very popular and are super suitable for DIY projects.

Cool and modern teenage bedroom with bed under sloping roof, built-in shelf, swing and open closet

When it comes to DIY, we would also like to mention the trendy pallets, which are nowadays used to build various pieces of furniture for indoors and outdoors. Namely, they are perfectly suitable for a pallet bed under a sloping roof. In this way, you not only recycle, but you get the opportunity to play with the height of the bed. Thus, you get the best design for your knee height. Especially teenagers will like such a model in your four walls.

Bed under sloping roof – decoration

Romantic bed under sloping roof for girls with curtains in white

As if the coziness of the bed under the slope was not enough, you can even add a finishing touch to the sleeping area with the right decoration. Permitted is in principle everything that pleases. Fairy lights, garlands and, of course, night lamps that can be mounted directly on the wall if there is no room for a nightstand, are just a few ideas. Or how about a canopy for bed under sloping roof, which girls will especially enjoy?

Homemade loft bed with storage and fairy lights as decoration

Both for the boy’s and girl’s bed under sloping roof are suitable curtains that can be drawn when needed. This idea is very convenient if it is quite deep niche under the slope. Then you can even fix the curtain rod directly to the ceiling. But a framework for the bed is also suitable for this purpose.

Bed under sloping roof – ideas

Children's room for girls in ash pink, white and gray with cozy slope

A few inspiring ideas for freestanding and built-in, low and high beds we have compiled for you in the following photo gallery. Also, find a few ideas on how to add extra charm to a child’s or teenager’s room with canopies, fairy lights, curtains and drapes.

Playful bed design for the slope with window and curtain and guest bed

Built-in beds with partition

Beautifully decorated attic room for kids with built-in beds and dividers

Double bed under sloping roof for teenagers

Modern youth room under the roof in white and with blue accent wall

Built-in bed in a girl’s room

Making the most of sloping roofs for the bed in the children's and teenager's room

Cozy alcove with ballerina garland as decoration

Bed under sloping roof with built-in drawer for storage space

Simple furnishings in teenage room with sloping ceilings

Small room with slope furnish in light colors - idea for children, teenagers or guests

High beds separated by built-in wardrobe with drawers

Girl's bedroom with two beds under the slope, separated by built-in drawers

Raised bed under sloping roof on a platform with integrated pull-out desk

Multifunctional furnishings with raised bed on pedestal and pull-out desk

Turn slope into an alcove for sleeping

Use niche under slope to place bed

Cozy sleeping area in the children’s room

Sleeping area under the slope with metal bed and modern wall design

Combine raised bed and normal bed in a small double room

Small attic room practical furnishings with normal and built-in loft bed

Double room with sloping roof and metal beds for boys

Small sloping roof painted in blue with two beds made of metal

Beach style kids room with built in double bunk bed

Children's room idea in country style in white for boys

Wood paneling in the youth room under the roof

Idea for bed under sloping roof in youth room made of wood

Youth room idea with simple furniture and triangular shape

High attic room in triangular shape with skylights, beams and minimalist furnishings

Double bunk bed under the skylight

Use high sloping roof for loft bed in double bedroom

Large attic room for two children with separated sleeping area

Large attic room with sleeping area with two beds and modern accessories

Furnish attic for several children

Attic room in country style with many built-in beds and checkered bedding

Idea for bed under sloping roof with frame made of slats as a privacy screen

Frame the bed with a privacy screen made of wooden slats for teenagers

Bed in boys room with small distance from the wall

The bed under sloping roof sometimes need to have a distance from the wall

With built-in beds make the most of the room height

Built-in furniture under the sloping roof is space saving and functional

Maritime designed children’s room with curtain on the skylight

Furnishing idea for a small teenager's room with curtains on the skylight window

Baby room with sloping roof – later a larger bed will fit down there

Cozy corner under slant with curtains and tassels as decoration

Wooden children’s bed with headboard on the kneehole

Put bed under sloping roof and make space for other furniture

Bright children’s room under the roof with five beds

Bed under sloping roof parallel to the wall - children's room in the attic

Youth room with petrol as accent color and fairy lights as decoration

Suggestion for the room for teenagers - petrol as wall color and fairy lights on the slope

Beautifully designed sloping roof

Pleasant shades of blue and wood combined in a boy's room with slope

Small children’s room in the attic – idea for the sleeping area

Very small attic room transformed into a children's room with built-in shelves

Loft bed with foot end at the kneehigh and seating area underneath

Great loft bed under the sloping roof with ladder and sitting area under it