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Optimal desk lighting for children – 6 rules you need to know.

The vacations are over, school will soon be starting again! Whether for first graders or for older children – the preparations for the new school year are always associated with a lot of excitement. Just in time for the start of school, it is also worthwhile to pay attention to the right design of the learning space for the schoolchild and to create the optimal atmosphere for better learning. In this regard, the desk lighting is an important factor in the completion of homework. The wrong light can cause your child to become tired and unfocused, and even contribute to poor posture and vision. We’ve compiled the top tips to consider when choosing the best desk lighting for kids.

1. place the lamp correctly on the child’s desk

optimal desk lighting lumen 400 to 1000

When placing the lamp on your child’s desk, remember that the desk light should be on the left side for right-handers and on the right side for left-handers. The distance between the lamp head and the illuminated surface should not exceed 35 cm. As for the type of lamp, you can choose between:

  • classic desk lamps, which are placed on the table top
  • the so-called architect lamps, which are fixed to the desk with clamping screws. They are stable, take up little space and can be moved to any place at any time.
  • Clip-on lamps – small, lightweight lamps that clip to the edge of a desk or shelf. It can also be stored away to save space when not needed.

desk lighting for kids for better learning

The most important design feature of a desk lamp is the ability to adjust the direction of light as needed. In stores you can find:

  • Lamps with movable head – it is possible to adjust the angle of light by turning the lamp head.
  • Lamps with flexible arm – these allow to direct the light very well by changing the height of the flex arm.

2. choose a desk lamp with an interesting design

optimal desk lighting for kids room

Of course, functionality is the most important thing, but you should not forget about the appearance! After all, the desk lamp is meant to help your child learn, so it’s good if it’s pleasing to the eye as well. For younger children or first graders, choose a lamp with a colorful design. An interesting idea for desk lighting are also lamps in the shape of animals – dinosaurs, giraffes, cats or dogs.

Older children and teenagers prefer architect lamps or slightly futuristic lamps with minimalist shapes. When choosing lighting together with your child, you should also take into account the style in which his room is decorated .

3. pay attention to the appropriate light intensity.

led desk lighting how many lumens

When choosing a desk lamp for the children’s room, pay attention to models with optimal brightness. A lamp with too low power makes the desk dark, so the child unnecessarily strains his eyes and bends over the books. A light that is too strong, in turn, damages their eyes.

Energy-saving lamps and LED lamps are the most common today. When choosing, you should primarily pay attention to value in lumens (lm), that is, the unit that determines the amount of light emitted. The more lumens, the brighter the lamp shines – for proper lighting of a child’s desk, a lamp with a brightness of 400 to 1000 lm is required. This corresponds to about 5-10 W.

4. choose the right light color

desk lighting position and light color

An equally important aspect is the color (temperature) of the light emitted by the lamp. In this case, the unit of measurement is Kelvin (K) – the more Kelvin, the cooler the light. In the case of LED lamps, you have a choice between:

  • warm light (2200-3500 K) – yellow light, which creates a cozy atmosphere and promotes relaxation
  • neutral light (3500-4500 K) – neutral white light, which is considered universal
  • cold light (4600-11000 K) – white or slightly blue light with stimulating effect

For good desk lighting, white light with a temperature of 4000-6000 K is required. Lamps and bulbs emitting yellow light below 4000 K can impair concentration and cause drowsiness, while blue light around 10 000 K tires the eyes. Modern LED lamps often have the function of changing the color of light, so they can be adjusted to the situation and individual needs.

5. pay attention to the color rendering index.

choose right desk lighting for kids

While learning, your child has to deal with textbooks with colorful illustrations. It is a small thing, but it can affect the joy of learning. Proper perception of the colors of illuminated objects is especially important if the student is interested in art and enjoys drawing.

When choosing a desk lamp, look for the CRI value , which ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the CRI value, the closer the color perception is to the actual appearance. The color rendering index should be at least 80. 6.

6. pay attention to high quality of light, without flickering effect.

best desk lamp for students

Flickering light is a phenomenon caused by voltage fluctuations in the power grid. It has a negative effect on the human body and can cause dizziness, lack of concentration and even epilepsy. Flickering occurs mainly with incandescent bulbs, which are now almost completely replaced by the much more stable LED lighting.

However, LED lamps and bulbs are not completely immune to voltage fluctuations – especially if they are cheap or come from unreliable sources. That’s why you should always choose desk lamps from reputable manufacturers with appropriate approvals and certificates.

proper desk lighting

We are confident that our guide has cleared all doubts about what kind of desk lighting would be optimal for your child. When choosing an LED lamp, pay attention to the parameters of brightness, color (temperature) and color rendering index. Go for lamps from reputable manufacturers that provide a uniform light without flickering effect. The shape and design of the lamp should be adapted to the available space on the desk and the preferences of the child.

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