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High costs for small children: How to save on baby and toddler equipment

It’s a topic that hardly anyone likes to talk about, but it can’t be ignored: high costs that young parents face. Those who plan well will have less to worry about. We explain how you can save on baby and toddler equipment.

The first baby and toddler equipment

Second hand baby furniture saving tips

According to studies, young parents can expect to spend about 6,000 euros on their baby in the first year of life. This amount can be saved well in advance. Besides, it is easily possible to reduce it by at least half if the demands are lowered at the same time. The first baby room does not have to be furnished with completely new furniture and look like (sponsored) influencers on Instagram. Many young parents sell their own furnishings cheaply at baby flea markets when their own child moves into the nursery.

Baby clothes second hand buy yes or no

Baby clothes don’t always have to be new, either. Babies grow so fast in their first year that they outgrow one size within a few months. According to the clothing size chart, the contents of the closet change about six times during the first year of life. That’s when it’s smart to buy and wear clothes second-hand. You can also save money by buying baby clothes one or two sizes larger as the baby grows into them. Sleeves and legs are then turned inside out for a while.

Baby food prepare yourself tips

Savings can also be made on consumables. Washable, reusable diapers are not only easy on the budget, but also on the environment. If the baby is breastfed instead of bottle-fed, high expenses are also eliminated. Once it switches to porridge and other food, it can be prepared itself with a blender. In addition to lower costs, this has the advantage that parents have full control over the contents of the baby food.

High costs for small children: The child at kindergarten age

As the child grows older, the costs for the child continue to rise. For example, parents pay an average of 1,630 euros per year to care for a child between the ages of 3 and 6 in kindergartens, daycare centers or with child minders. After that, they drop sharply when the child enters (free) elementary school.

Nursery furnishings saving tips

After all, two-thirds of the childcare costs are tax-deductible. However, there are many other costs in addition to these. For example, second-hand clothes become more difficult to buy from kindergarten onwards, when the child comes into contact with peers (and the parents with other parents) and comparisons are automatically made. In addition, the child’s demands on toys increase.

Teenagers are the most expensive

Cost of teen smartphone buy yes or no

Instead of simple wooden blocks, it now has to be the first smartphone. Last but not least, a new nursery has to be planned, which will then accompany the offspring until they reach adolescence. And then it gets really expensive: teenagers cost their parents around 700 euros a month in clothing, school expenses, clubs, entertainment electronics and pocket money. At least they can now earn some extra money and cover certain expenses such as the cell phone contract themselves, and the state alleviates the costs with a current child benefit of around 220 euros per month.