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Bright wall decoration: neon signs are a real eye-catcher in the house – and fit into any room

Lighting is an essential part of any room. Whether it sets the mood or is just part of the decoration, with the right lighting you can get the most out of a room. In addition to the main lighting, which serves practical purposes among others , mood lighting also plays an important role in interior design. In recent years, neon lights are becoming increasingly popular in home decoration and not without reason. Such a luminous wall decoration creates playful accents in the room and makes it look modern and cool right away.

Wall decoration with neon lights – you should pay attention to that

Living room neon lettering above sofa

Neon lights are a classic for parties and in bars, but how about using them at home? Neon brings fun to plain interiors and creates a good mood in any living area. But what should we pay attention to, so that the apartment does not suddenly look like a bar?

Whether it’s elegant lettering or more classic imagery, there are a few tricks to help bring neon light into your interior design successfully.

  • Treat neon signs as art: Think of your neon sign as if it were art on the wall. You can mount it on the wall so that it is the main piece of art in the room, or use it as part of an art wall.
  • Less is more: rather stay away from large neon signs as they can stifle the room.
  • Fade in the glowing wall decor: Design your neon light to harmonize with your home’s interior design scheme. Consider the furniture, accessories and colors in the room and choose a neon picture that fits this scheme.
  • The right motif is what matters: To avoid an immature look, choose a sophisticated style for your neon decor. Neon signs with inspirational calligraphy-style quotes or simple symbols like a love heart look sophisticated and chic, but also add a cool element to the room.
  • Avoid competing light sources: Likewise, make sure your glowing wall decor doesn’t compete with other light sources. A neon sign next to a wall light is a definite no-go – you should choose only one lighting element for each room.

Neon signs as luminous wall decor for home

Bright wall decoration for home home neon sign

Well, if you already know how to successfully integrate neon lights into the interior, it only remains to find the right motif. There are numerous ideas you can try – from words and phrases to various pictures and animals. Would you also like to put a neon picture as a bright wall decoration at home, then look at the following ideas for any room in the apartment!

Bright wall decoration with a neon sign in the bedroom.

Neon sign as wall decoration in bedroom

Neon lights are very popular for the bedroom. They can be used instead of the usual wall lamps to create a playful atmosphere and make the bedroom more informal and inviting. Install neon lights of your choice on one side of the bed or over the whole bed instead of a headboard. Various cool words and phrases as well as motifs like hearts or clouds are perfect for this. Whether you use the neon image to make your bedroom fun or more romantic is up to you.

Neon lights as accents in the living room

Glowing wall decoration with neon sign in living room

Neon lights are great for beautifying the living room and its various areas. It can be used to give the room a modern, as well as a tropical or even boho flair. A neon picture can hang in the living room above the sofa, in the reading corner or above the house bar, and create a good mood. The choice is huge – from simple motifs and letters to whole words and sentences. You can also freely choose the color of the neon lights, so that your luminous wall decoration harmonizes with the rest of the interior.

The right neon sign for dining room and kitchen

Neon lights as a glowing wall decoration in the kitchen

You can also add a special touch to the kitchen and dining area with a neon sign. Usually, these are food and drink inspired neon lights reminiscent of retro cafes or funny quotes related to food and drink.

Bright wall decor to inspire

Upbeat neon decoration for home

Neon lights can also be used in other spaces, such as the office or home office. Add a fun and relaxing touch to your study by hanging a pink flamingo neon light above your desk, for example. Or motivate yourself for the workday with a bright, uplifting saying on the wall. You can also add a neon light to your entryway to make it more inviting.