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Wall design in the bedroom: creative ideas to give the room more character!

For many of us, the bedroom is our personal oasis and is considered the most comfortable and important room in our home. It’s where we can relax after a long day, recharge our batteries and enjoy a little downtime. Even though most of the time we spend in the bedroom is probably sleeping, it doesn’t mean that the room can’t be beautifully designed. This is not only possible with the right furniture, but also the decoration plays a very crucial role. What is often forgotten are actually the walls – almost always kept simple in white, they do not exactly provide the wow effect. At the same time, the wall design in the bedroom can provide a cozy and soothing atmosphere. Whether with wallpaper, wall stickers or in boho style – give the room more character and be inspired by our ideas!

Wall design in the bedroom: wallpapers are totally hip again!

Wallpaper trends 2021 wall design in the bedroom

The start of the day is immediately much better when we wake up in a beautiful room. Which wall design in the bedroom you choose, of course, depends mainly on your own taste and the decor. However, it still does not hurt to familiarize yourself with the latest home trends. High-quality wallpaper in wall design is a real eye-catcher and has been very popular for several years. Colorful walls with beautiful motifs and cheerful colors can significantly change the atmosphere in the room. However, you should avoid patterns that are too wild for the bedroom and rather go for restrained designs.

Wallpaper trends 2021 wall design in the bedroom ideas

And if you do like it a bit more colorful, then you can apply the wallpaper as an accent only on one wall. How about, for example, elegant wall wallpaper in metal optics, which can be seen and exude an elegant touch? The selection of designs is now huge and there is guaranteed to be the right wallpaper for every living style and taste.

Posters and wall tattoos as decoration for the bedroom

Wall posters and stickers wall decor trends 2021 wall design in the bedroom

Wallpapering the apartment is too costly for you or your budget is tight right now? Posters and wall tattoos with sayings and simple motifs are ideal for a beautiful, modern and very affordable wall design in the bedroom. However, the same applies here: Less is more and so that the room does not look too cluttered, the wall decoration should always be used discreetly and rather as a highlight. The huge selection of motifs and designs goes from minimalist structures to retro floral patterns to motivational sayings and you are guaranteed to find something that suits your taste. In addition, with a little skill, you can also make effective murals yourself or have them designed according to your own designs. In order for the quote to have its effect, arrange the lettering directly above the bed or place it within sight.

Tapestries for the wall design in the bedroom

Boho wall decor ideas wall design in the bedroom

By now, it’s no longer a secret: rugs look just as beautiful and decorative on the wall as they do on the floor. Wild, cozy and calming, boho style has become a staple of the interior scene and is one of the most popular home trends of the year. Textiles bring color, patterns and textures into play and are essential for the boho look. Modern tapestries add coziness and warmth to a room, making them perfect for bedroom wall decor. Whether hand-knotted, machine-woven, macramé or fabric, wall tapestries are a timeless classic and always create an inviting home look.

Wall design in the bedroom ideas what color as wall paint for the bedroom area

If you want a bigger and drastic change for the bedroom wall design, then you can also paint the walls. Now what color fits as a wall color for the bedroom? Of course, tastes are always different and you can use any shade you feel like. To achieve a beautiful overall picture, the chosen wall color should be well thought out and harmonize with the existing furniture. Wall colors always have a specific effect on the indoor climate and can also influence our mood. Pastel colors like blue, green and purple or muted shades like cream and beige have a calming effect and would therefore be the best choice for bedroom wall design.

what wall colors to choose for the bedroom wall design trends 2021

It is generally known that strong shades like red and orange have a stimulating effect and are therefore less suitable for the sleeping area. But what if you think red is great and want to add more expressiveness to the room? In this case, we would recommend you to paint the wall behind the bed with the intense shade – this way, the color will become a real eye-catcher and you won’t have it directly in your field of vision while falling asleep.

what wall color to choose for the living room wall design ideas