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Vintage style bedroom design: Furnishing ideas with a nostalgic touch

Vintage style in interior design will probably never go out of fashion. The look of times gone by is on the rise right now and is increasingly being paired with elements of modern interior design style. One room where this nostalgic chic looks particularly good is the bedroom. The combination of vintage furniture and romantic decor creates a feel-good ambiance in the room, and invites you to linger. But how can you design the bedroom in vintage style? With our tips and interior design ideas, you can bring the nostalgic flair into your own bedroom!

Vintage style is more popular today than ever

Bedroom complete vintage design inspiration

The longing for the past is what makes vintage style furnishings so hip right now. People remember the times when everything was simpler and want to experience them for themselves. This feeling is reflected in our homes, where furniture with traces of use and old design classics are increasingly popular. Muted colors and playful patterns complete the overall picture.

What is the difference between vintage and retro?

Vintage vs retro decor for the bedroom

Vintage is often equated with the term retro. Although both styles seem very similar at first glance, there are some key differences. As far as furniture is concerned, anything made between 1920 and 1980 can be considered vintage. So, these are exactly the same pieces that adorned homes during this time period. Or in other words – originals. Such furniture is usually expensive, but you can also find them, for example, at flea markets, or in the homes of our grandparents. They have real signs of use and are loved precisely for that.

Bedroom decorating in vintage style mirror candle holder

Because of the high price of the original pieces, retro furniture came into being. So this is a new product based on the design of the originals. The retro furniture is good for those who are looking for an inexpensive alternative for the original vintage furniture. So in short – vintage furniture is old, and retro furniture is new, but picks up the shape and color scheme of old designs. Often furniture is also made with traces of use, that is, used look, to give them the feeling of old. In this case, we speak of vintage style.

Colors for nostalgic chic in the bedroom

Bedroom vintage style furniture in light tones and chandelier

Although there is no set vintage color scheme, you will generally find that the vintage palette is soft in intensity. A lot of creamy white is used, which becomes colorful with mint or moss green, pink, soft blue, pale lavender or butter yellow. This is not the interior style for dark colors, intense brightness, too much beige, brown or earth tones. The vintage style bedroom you prefer to design in muted tones, so that it exudes a certain lightness.

Vintage look decoration ideas textiles old furniture

Mixing patterns is another must in vintage bedroom decor. Especially flowers or other botanical motifs, birds and butterflies, as well as scenes from the idyllic life of the 1940s and 1950s are quite suitable for this purpose.

Design bedroom in vintage style: This furniture should not be missing

Vintage furniture in the bedroom dressing table couch upholstered bed

If you want to design and decorate your bedroom in vintage style, you should rely on furniture, fabrics, accessories and colors that were popular decades ago. Whether you implement the vintage style completely, or just integrate a few furnishings from this era into the interior, is up to you. We will now show you which elements will provide a nostalgic touch in the bedroom area and how you can best combine them.

In the bedrooms from the previous century, functionality was paramount. Simple furniture consisting of a bed, nightstand and closet was often all you could find in these rooms.

Vintage furniture for the bedroom: the bed

Vintage furniture in bedroom white metal bed nightstand

Regardless of the style of furnishing, the bed is undoubtedly the most important element in the bedroom and serves not only for sleeping. As the (probably) largest piece of furniture in the room, it can completely change the look of the room. So, if you want to furnish your bedroom in vintage style, then a bed that fits this style is fundamental. Vintage style beds are in right now and are perfect as a beautiful focal point for the vintage bedroom. Whether it’s a French country-style bed, a Victorian-style metal bed, or a bed with a used-look headboard, the variations are particularly varied.

small bench in front of the bed decorate nostalgic flair

However, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new (old) bed. Your own piece of furniture with a few decorative elements, such as pillows and blankets with beautiful patterns on it, can equally give the room a nostalgic touch. The only important thing is to avoid dark colors and geometric motifs, and rather go for the muted, light tones and floral patterns typical of this style.

DIY tip: You can give your own bed a vintage look by making a bed headboard yourself . For example, use old wood, shutters, picture frames, pallets, etc. for this purpose.

A small nightstand with a big effect

Picture frame decoration with nostalgic touch over bed

If the bed is positioned centrally in the bedroom, then nightstands are essential. They are not only functional, but also complete the design of the bed. Nightstands are also the perfect place to showcase vintage decor. For a chic, relaxed feel, you can swap out the nightstand for a sculptural and elegant vintage chair.

Nostalgia in the bedroom old Koffel as a bedside table

DIY tip: Unusual nightstands made from old items look especially good in a vintage bedroom. For example, you can transform an old chest or suitcase and place it by the bed instead of the classic nightstand. For more ideas for DIY enthusiasts, check out this article .

Dresser for the bedroom in vintage style

Paint dresser for bedroom in vintage style

A dresser with time-related traces of use should also not be missing in the vintage bedroom. In addition to the classic white, strong colors, such as yellow, red or blue, are also suitable for this purpose, which serve as accents in the interior. The classic bedroom dressers in vintage look often have very special design features, such as eye-catching feet and playful handles or knobs. The most common material used for them is wood, although some elements made of metal are equally effective.

Vintage look decor for the bedroom do it yourself

A good variant for the interior is offered by dressing tables, which were a symbol of the 60s and 70s. The dressing table was usually paired with an ornate, usually round mirror and richly decorated with jewelry. Paired with a matching upholstered stool or a simple vintage chair, such a dresser is one of the must-haves for a girly vintage style bedroom.

DIY tip: If you don’t have the space for a large dressing table, you can build one yourself out of an old suitcase.

Vintage bedroom ideas dressing table from suitcase

Vintage lamps and lights complete the interior

DIY bed headboard made from old shutters looks cool

Lighting is just as important a design element in the bedroom. Choosing a chic chandelier is one of the easiest ways to introduce an element of surprise without complicating the layout. If you let an oversized chandelier shine, then you can leave the rest of the bedroom as modest and unpretentious as possible.

small vintage bedroom wall design furniture lights

The chandelier isn’t the only option for vintage-style lighting. Flea market finds like stylish sconces and bedside lamps can be used just as well to set the scene and add some more charm to the room.

Textiles for the vintage bedroom

Bedroom vintage style floral pattern wallpaper textiles

When decorating a vintage-look bedroom, textiles play an important role. For example, you can start with bedding in the color scheme used and complement it with other textiles and fabrics. Both plain white, as well as soft pastel shades and romantic floral motifs create the popular nostalgic look. Bedding is, after all, fundamental for vintage bedroom, however, decorative pillows with lace covers, bed covers, delicate curtains or curtains with floral patterns are just as good as beautiful accents.

Decor and interior design ideas for a vintage look in the bedroom.

Bedside table with signs of use and black metal bed

Vintage pieces are unique, just like you. So when it comes to decorating your bedroom, get creative. This is not the style for coordinated furniture, predictable decor, or following rules. Instead, use a folding chair as a nightstand, lean an old shutter against the wall and decorate it with an old calendar, or put a pretty mirror on the floor. Or do something completely different – it’s up to you. The only rule when decorating with vintage furniture is to let your creativity run wild.

Would you also like to give your own bedroom a nostalgic flair? Take a look at the examples of vintage furniture and decoration and gather inspiration. Maybe you will find a similar piece during your next visit to a flea market?

In the vintage style bedroom, dark colors can be used only as accents

Black metal bed in white room with floral motifs as accent

Bedding with romantic floral motifs cuts a fine figure in a bright bedroom

Vintage bedding with floral pattern on white metal bed

Furniture with traces of use is welcome in the vintage bedroom

Implement flea market charm in bedroom

You can display your flea market finds on an old ladder

Bedroom vintage style decorate old ladder

The old chair also works perfectly as an original bedside table

Apply vintage chair instead of nightstand

Add accents to the vintage bedroom with colorful rugs and textiles

Bedroom vintage furnishings decorate colorful accents

An old white fireplace was set off by a dark wallpaper with a botanical pattern

Vintage wallpaper bedroom old fireplace set the scene

Decorate the bed in the bedroom with several decorative pillows in vintage style

Pillows and textiles with lace as a decoration for the bed