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What curtains in the bathroom? These solutions are best for the bathroom window!

Whether for body care or for relaxation after a busy day – we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Here we also pamper our body with a warm bath in the evening. Therefore, it is also important to protect your privacy if you have a window in the bathroom. Matching curtains will not only shield you from unwanted glances, but also create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. But which curtains really fit best in a bathroom, where the environment is often humid? Fortunately, there are smart curtain solutions so you can still enjoy the sun’s rays. Here, we give you our best tips for choosing curtains for the bathroom.

Choosing Curtains: How bright is your bathroom?

what curtains for bathroom

Curtains may not be the first thing that comes to mind when decorating a bathroom, but the fact is that they can create a very special atmosphere in the room. However, there are some factors that you should consider when choosing curtains in the bathroom.

blinds for bathroom waterproof for window

Before you buy new curtains, it is important to check how strong the lighting is in your bathroom. If there is a very strong light source on the ceiling and the window pane is transparent, the shadows and silhouettes will be clearly visible from the outside, even with a curtain. If your bathroom is very brightly lit, it would be a good idea to choose curtains made of a slightly thicker material or even blackout fabric. Blackout curtains have black threads in the cut and are 100 percent opaque.

bathroom with bathtub and aluj blinds

What compass direction is your bathroom facing? If your bathroom faces south, sun protection would be needed at certain times of the day to keep the room from getting too hot. All curtain fabrics have different densities and also provide different levels of heat protection. If your bathroom faces north and privacy is not such an important factor, then a lightweight curtain would be ideal.

Choose the best curtains for your specific needs

white curtain for bathroom window

In many homes, the bathroom window is not very large. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a curtain type that takes up as little space as possible when the curtain is rolled up. Blinds and shades are the best choice here.

pleated blinds in blue for modern bathroom

Pleated blinds are also a good solution if you want to protect yourself from prying eyes, but still get plenty of light from outside. This slightly more modern and flexible alternative to blinds is great for bathrooms.

There are many pleated models on the market, where the operation is possible in both directions. In this way, you can regulate the amount of light entering the room, for example, by screening the top of the window and leaving it open to light at the bottom. Pleated blinds are available in many different densities, but most of them are translucent, which means that this still creates a pleasant light incidence in the bathroom.

alu blinds provide optimal light regulation in the bathroom

Designers now also recommend the so-called double roller blind, which is relatively new on the market. Unlike the classic models of roller blinds, these are made of two sheets of fabric, one behind the other. The alternating transparent and opaque strips provide optimal light regulation.

Curtains in the bathroom must withstand moisture

bathroom curtain roller blind

The most important factor when choosing a curtain for the bathroom is that the material can withstand moisture. Of course, if you shower every day, a lot of moisture accumulates in the room, which settles in textiles. Therefore, sufficient ventilation is also very important.

blinds from aluminum in the bathroom

However, you should avoid accessories made of iron, as they can rust. Some roller blinds have iron fittings at the top of the cassette, as a clamp bracket or at the bottom as a weighting. If you have chosen a model with a weighting bar, check the material. Go for plastic or only metal elements made of aluminum and stainless steel to avoid rust stains caused by moisture.

Look for wood and natural materials

bathroom roller blind wood

If you choose wooden blinds for the bathroom window, they must be of good quality. Wooden blinds must have an extra layer of varnish, otherwise wood will absorb moisture. If the slats twist, they can not be closed.

bathroom curtains country linen curtains

Natural materials such as linen and cotton should preferably be avoided if the bathtub or shower stall is located near the window. These materials absorb moisture and quickly become moldy.

Focus on color and comfort

Curtains ideas bathroom folding curtain

The choice of curtain significantly affects the atmosphere of the room. If your bathroom window is protected from curious neighbors, you can use window decoration to make the bathroom inviting and give a sense of luxury.

The pink folding curtain will make you feel more comfortable.

country style bathroom with folding linen blind in pink

Above all, natural colors create a calm ambience. White, blue, gray and sand tones are typical. Note that light and cool colors make the room look bigger, while dark and warm colors make it visually smaller. This is very important especially for small bathrooms.

It is also recommended to match the curtain colors with selected elements in the bathroom, so that they do not stand out too much in the room, but form a harmonious whole.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are typical for the new buildings.

ceiling high aluminum blinds in bathroom

A roller blind curtain near the bathtub must be water repellent

bathroom curtain roller blind translucent

If you have a beautiful view, a semi-transparent curtain will be enough

roller blind in bathroom translucent

White roller blinds make the bathroom look spacious

roller blind bathroom waterproof for window next to shower

Roller blinds are also extremely space-saving

roller blind bathroom waterproof next to bathtub

White roller blinds fit any style

curtains roller blinds bathroom

With linen curtains you should avoid mold by good ventilation

bathroom curtain fabric