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Vintage bathroom: How to get the nostalgic retro flair in the bathroom!

Vintage style is characterized by a timeless and noble character. At the same time, bathroom furniture and decoration in antique look not only exude the charm of bygone times, but also convey a sense of luxury. This makes this style perfect for bathroom design. Would you also like to give your bathroom a nostalgic retro flair? Then you’ve come to the right place! We will give you helpful tips on what elements are typical for vintage bathroom as well as ideas for romantic vintage bathroom decor.

Tiles in the vintage bathroom

nostalgic bathroom with floor in checkerboard look

Which flooring is best suited for a vintage bathroom? Here are some suggestions:

The black and white checkerboard look: everyone knows this classic floor design of square floor tiles laid in a checkerboard pattern. In a more modern version, the checkerboard pattern can also be achieved with larger tiles.

Bathroom vintage with bathtub

Patchwork tiles: Slightly “worn” patterns fit well into the mood of nostalgia for times gone by. But remember that this decor is very expressive and will play the leading role in your bathroom decor. Therefore, the walls and the equipment must be rather restrained.

bathroom vintage design with folding curtains and tiles in wood look

Tiles in wood look: wood tiles are currently absolutely on trend and fit a variety of interior styles. Dark wood tones are perfect for vintage styles such as Art Nouveau, Colonial and Mid Century Modern, while the light wood look wonderfully complements Shabby Chic, French and Scandinavian country house styles. Laying tiles in a herringbone pattern also looks very classy and nostalgic.

bathroom partly tiled with double washbasin

And what wall tiles are best suited? Metro tiles, the so-called subway tiles, are very popular in the vintage bathroom. You can use them to tile the whole wall or just part of it. Up to what height should be laid the tiles, you will learn in this article . Metro tiles have the advantage of being quite universal (especially if we choose white tiles). They go well with all colors of furniture and accessories.

retro bathroom with wall paneling

An alternative to wall tiles also offers wall cladding with panels. This stylish English classic is currently experiencing a real renaissance. The upper part of the wall can be painted or covered with wallpaper. A special decoration in the vintage bathroom are also stucco moldings made of plaster or styrofoam, which give walls and ceilings a charming touch.

Vintage style plumbing and furniture

bathroom vintage style with window and large mirror

If you dream of a vintage bathroom and plan a complete bathroom renovation, do not hesitate to adapt any type of plumbing such as toilets to this style. What should not be missing is undoubtedly a free-standing bathtub with rounded lines and legs. A bathtub with lion’s feet or eagle’s claws is a real eye-catcher that brings to life the charm of times gone by. These models were all the rage, especially in the 19th century, but still make the heart of any nostalgic person beat faster today. If you should choose a shower, do not use sliding doors, preferring a simple glass partition or doors with 90-degree opening angle.

bathroom vintage look dry grasses as decoration

The design of the faucets also plays an important role if you want to create an authentic atmosphere. Nowadays, it’s easy to find faucets with an antique look but with modern features, such as water saving, drain and overflow fitting, thermostat, etc. Designs made of stainless steel with porcelain or ceramic details or in a different color such as copper, brass or black also look very classy. For the bathtub, faucets that look like a telephone receiver are very popular.

bathroom in romantic vintage look with pink accents

Typical for the vintage bathroom is the harmonious combination of modern with classic elements in the furniture and fittings. The classic washbasin in the antique look typically has either a column or two pedestals. A good variant is to combine a countertop sink with an antique cabinet made of wood. This way, you also benefit from the extra storage space for towels, bathroom utensils and co.

The bathroom mirror as an eye-catcher

Vintage bathroom with patterned floor and wallpaper

The mirror is one of the most important elements of bathroom decoration and typically hangs above the sink. It should not only fulfill its actual, practical purpose, but can also be cleverly used as a decorative object.

The mirror must be large enough so that you can see your face completely. It should be hung at eye level, so that you do not have to bend down or lift your head every time you want to check your reflection. If people of different sizes live in the house, it is worth choosing a large vertical mirror so that everyone feels comfortable. If you want to make the mirror a highlight, go for a beautifully decorated frame.

Vintage bathroom with floor in black and white and wall paneling

Ceiling and wall lights will not only provide enough light, but their appearance will influence the atmosphere of any room. If you want an impressive chandelier as an eye-catcher above the bath, you can combine it with ceiling spotlights above the vanity. Matching wall sconces can also be placed horizontally above the bathroom mirror or to the right and left of the mirror.

What decoration for vintage bathroom?

Candy jars with soaps as decoration in vintage bathroom

The decoration gives the final finish to any room and can not be missing in the bathroom . Here are a few ways to beautify your vintage bathroom:

  • Vases with flowers
  • Wicker baskets for toilet paper, towels and co.
  • Towels with lace or crochet details
  • Free standing wooden towel rack or alternatively a wooden ladder leaning against the wall
  • Candy jars filled with colorful soaps or cotton balls
  • Folding curtains as window decoration
  • Soap dispenser in vintage look
  • a set of decorative candlesticks in different heights
  • unusual perfume bottles arranged on a tray or an etagere
  • pretty storage boxes with floral decorations

Vintage candlesticks, especially these for stick candles, fit perfectly with the vintage style

vintage bathroom deco with lots of candles

Empty bottles with fresh herbs also look great on the windowsill in the bathroom

Free standing towel rack and wicker basket for toilet paper.

A side table made of solid wood is very suitable to always have some magazines at hand

small solid wood side table next to bathtub

Green, brown and light yellow are a good color combination if you want a little more color

bathroom with vintage tiles on the floor

Black and white is a classic color duo that will never go out of style

bathroom elegant in black and white with vintage flair

A countertop sink can also be mounted on a vintage dresser

Bathroom in vntage style with wooden cabinet as washbasin

For a narrow bathroom without windows, it is recommended to use color sparingly

bathroom partially tiled in vintage style

When two mirrors hang opposite each other, it creates an interesting effect


The white sanitaryware and metro tiles look particularly good against the wall and floor design in gray tones


The lighting plays an essential role in the atmosphere

bathroom vintage style lamps and furniture

The furniture in the vintage bathroom can have intentionally worn spots

bathroom vanity in vintage style

A built-in bathtub with a glass wall is also a good solution

bathroom white gray in vintage style

The brass faucet harmonizes with the gold-colored decorations

Vintage bathroom decor in brass combined with green accents

A bathroom design in white and ecru looks fresh and airy

Vintage bathroom in white with built-in bathtub

Colorful towels and soap dispensers bring color accents to this retro bathroom

retro bathroom with vanity for two